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There are simple ways you can trick your mind into producing

seriously useful results that will make life easier and more fulfilling.

Here they are:



Let us suppose that you have woken up in the middle of the night and simply cannot get back to sleep. Here is a way to almost guarantee a deep sleep:

Firstly relax into your most comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths and let your muscles settle down. Then...... tense every muscle in your body. Your arms, legs, feet, face muscles, teeth, etc. Hold this highly tensed position as long as you can (usually around 30 seconds) then LET GO!

You will feel an instant relaxation and probably drop straight in Alpha. It is likely that the next thing you notice is that it is morning and you have just experienced a deep restful sleep.





For a long time I had this problem of waking up around 4am in the mornings and I couldn’t decide whether to get up and turn on my computer or just lay round in bed. So as an experiment one morning I gave my mind a choice: I said to it..... “I can either go back to sleep or get up.... the choice is yours.”

The first time I tried this I was pleasantly surprised to find myself waking up at 7am...... some 3 hours later. Since then I have found this to be consistently successful. Usually I drop off to sleep but occasionally I lie awake and decide to get up. I guess my mind has figured that I have had enough sleep. Basically you are instructing your mind to make a choice. Try it yourself and see what happens.





One of the most effective methods that I have discovered is to use the ball of energy light.

Lie back with eyes closed and relax. Take a few deep breaths while telling yourself to relax. If you can induce the Alpha or Theta state then this will be better still.

Now imagine a large round ball of intense energy (I use the Sun) descending on you and surrounding the part of your body that is causing pain. See this intense white energy interacting with your body and soothing it. If you can hold this visualisation for at least 5 minutes you will probably notice a difference once you let the energy go. Now if you do this 4-5 times in the day (or night) you will quite often find that the problem disappears. I used this method on a lazy arm. That is, my arm would not lift above shoulder level. Despite chiropractic manipulation the problem persisted for at least 2 months. I became totally fed up with the situation and decided to try the ball of light program. I ran this simple program 3 times in the afternoon and twice in bed that night. Sometime during the night I woke up to a sharp “crack” coming from my shoulder. I sat up in bed and tuned on the bedlight. To my very pleasant surprise my arm moved freely above my head. The problem was solved. Obviously something had jammed and thanks to the ball of light visualisation had suddenly freed itself after 2 months of inconvenience and minor pain.





Occasionally after weeks of waking up feeling either somewhat depressed or generally unhappy you find to your pleasant surprise that you wake up one morning feeling cheerful and happy. A big mystery? No, not really. What has happened is that you have had a very positive unremembered dream that has temporarily changed your outlook. It has now been fairly well proven that the content of dreams can often control your attitude the next day.

And happily enough there is a simple way to evoke these “happiness” dreams to make your daily life more pleasant.

It’s called Dream Control.


Here is how you do it:

As you are lying in bed at night waiting for sleep repeat to yourself over and over..... “I will have a dream tonight that makes me wake up feeling happy and contented.”


After a while you will start to lose focus on this as your consciousness fades in and out. Then you will probably fall asleep.

When you wake up it is likely that you will feel quite content and feel “at peace” with the world.

If it doesn’t succeed the first night then simply keep trying. After all this period between turning out the light and waiting for sleep is “dead time” so you may as well do something useful with it. Also you might notice that this conscious focus tends to bore the mind and you’ll probably drop off to sleep quicker than normal.

I introduced this dream control idea to my clients some years ago and have received many positive comments back. It appears to be a very useful mental process.




(Also known as Remote Viewing)


Here is a simple exercise which will give you an indication as to whether you have natural intuitive Remote Viewing abilities.

Pick a green leaf off a tree and while holding it in your hand sit down in a comfortable position. You might prefer to lie down. Now relax your body and mind by taking a few deep slow breaths. If you can use Alpha or Theta better still.

Initially make you mind as blank as you can then slowly start to think about the leaf in your hand. Attempt to project your consciousness inside this leaf. Try this for several minutes and if you don’t appear to generate any connection stop for a little while. Then try again. If you suddenly notice the unpleasant taste of chlorophyll in your mouth then you have succeeded!

You have mentally accessed the inside of the leaf.

If you can’t easily locate a leaf an ordinary biro pen will work just as well. In this case you will “taste” the unpleasant flavour of the biro ink.

This is quite a startling experiment and generates a deep feeling of personal satisfaction when the experimenter is successful. This is because the taste is quite real.

During some of my seminars I have given participants a lemon to hold. It is quite comical to watch the expression on their faces when they actually “taste” the raw lemon juice!





When I was a young child I was sent to a Catholic School where I was taught the basics of the Catholic Religion plus arithmetic and spelling. Every Sunday night my Dad took me to church where I was encouraged to visit the confessional box to repent my past week’s sins. The priest would typically give me 10 Hail Mary’s to say as penance. This was to absolve my sins which I thought was pretty neat as I could then start a fresh batch of sins 7am Monday morning. No worries!

(The Hail Mary’s are prayers, for those who didn’t know.)

The problem with this was that I would rattle off these 10 prayers which had absolutely no effect on me as they were done in the wide awake state of Beta with absolutely no emotion, intent or dedicated focus.


And this appears to be the same with most prayers.

People rattle them off with no deep conviction or intent.

Basically it is a waste of time.

However if the church leaders bothered to explain to their congregations that the meditative mind-states of Alpha and Theta would dramatically increase the effectiveness of these prayers then individuals would obtain worthwhile results.

The non-religious community use meditation to contact the universal forces.

The religious community attempt to use prayer to contact God.

Same thing.... just two different names.


If you are serious about using prayer to achieve worthwhile results then you will find it to your definite advantage to learn the Alpha and Theta mind states because that is where the impact with the universe really happens.


I have personally seen deep dedicated prayer work absolute miracles, particularly when done by a group of like-minded people. Likewise I have seen the universal forces supply exactly the same results.

The choice is yours!





Most of us are aware of the strange problem-solving ability of the subconscious mind.

Sometimes when you have a rather heavy serious problem and think about it non-stop you are often quite surprised to find that the correct solution simply pops into your mind..... when you are least expecting it. This is your subconscious operating in the background.

You can actually trigger off a solution in another way..... by asking for a dream to solve the problem. Many of my clients have had considerable success with this simple technique.


The process is as follows:

As you’re lying in bed at night waiting for sleep run your problem through your mind and say to yourself... over and over...... “I will have a dream tonight that will solve this problem”.

Keep repeating this until you lose conscious awareness and fall asleep.

If it doesn’t work the first night then keep trying until a solution pops into your head.

You may wake up in the morning with the problem solved or it may suddenly pop into your mind during the day, usually at the most unexpected moment.

Because you are asking your subconscious for specific help it takes you seriously and usually supplies an answer. Normally you dwell on your problems but don’t ask your mind for a satisfactory solution, so it doesn’t provide an answer.

Next time you have an annoying problem try this process and see what happens.

You might just be surprised!



Copyright James F. Coyle 2014





1                  -  How particle physics indicates that underlying everything is an ocean of consciousness from which all matter and energy springs.

2                  -  How an aerospace engineer set up his spoon bending psychokinetic parties to prove that consciousness can easily affect solid metal.

3                  -  How an Australian research group discovered exactly what “luck” was and evolved a stunning method to trigger it on demand.

(The author describes in detail a method he used to trigger a number of major slot jackpots and got himself banned from 2 Aussie casinos)



At the dawn of the twentieth century, scientists began looking into the world within the atomic nucleus, and they were shocked to discover that on the subatomic level, the physical world did not behave at all the way Newton said it should. In fact, the "atom" itself turned out to be a sort of illusion: The closer scientists looked, the less it really appeared to be there.

Quantum physics is the study of how the world works on the smallest scale, at a level far smaller than the atom. And as scientists studied the nature of reality on a smaller and smaller scale, something strange began to happen:

The deeper we went into reality, the more it seemed to dissolve from view. The search for the smallest known particle of matter had instead turned up separate but elusive little packets of energy, which physicists called quanta.

Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2  proves that matter and energy are interchangeable. One can be converted into the other.

The Einstein breakthrough comes down to this: Everything is energy. A stone, a plant, a glass of water, your body. Every single thing that you can touch or see is constructed of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of protons, electrons and neutrons, which evolve of nothing but vibrating packets of energy.


The Danish Quantum physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg discovered that thought appears to influence matter and the mere intention of measuring sub-atomic particles, even without carrying out the actual act itself, would still affect the particles in question.

The action of consciousness upon a piece of "matter" - had become an essential component in the actual nature of reality.


Some years ago two scientific individuals at Princeton University in the USA carried out psychokinetic experiments in which human subjects were asked to influence matter in a series of well designed tests. The results were quite outstanding. You can read all about this in their book titled MARGINS OF REALITY.

As scientists continued pursuing their explorations on staggeringly small scales, they eventually found themselves faced with a totally unexpected basic energy source. They termed it the zero-point field, because at this most infinitesimal of levels, some sort of force appears to be present even at a temperature of absolute zero, when all known forms of energy vanish.


Here, beneath the level of energy itself, exists a still more basic level. The field at this level does not appear to  be  exactly "energy" nor does it appear to be a field of empty space. Physicists feel it is best described as a field of pure information. Scientists who have experimented with psychokinetics (the ability of the mind to influence matter) consider that the experimenter is actually “sharing” information with the structures under test.

The field from which this energy arises appears to be an ocean of pure consciousness from which matter emerges in clusters here and there. Consciousness appears to be the basic structure of the universe and matter and energy are just two of the forms that consciousness takes.

Thought creates the physical world. Directed focused thought has a severe physical effect on our reality.

Einstein tied in matter and energy in his now famous equation.  And it looks like the next world-shattering equation might include consciousness.

This is the way things are progressing at the moment.


Now let us look at the practical application of focussed consciousness over matter:




One of the most fascinating situations I have ever come across was when I was invited to a psychokinetic spoon bending party in Silicon Valley in the USA. This was organised by Jack Houck, one of the senior engineers from a well known aerospace manufacturer. Jack taught aircraft structures at the University of Michigan. He then worked for a very large aerospace company in Southern California, managing an advanced research group prior to his recent death.

One of the aircraft manufacturing companies who produced a fighter jet had experienced a series of problems with the control surfaces of these “fly-by-wire” machines going unstable at a critical moment. In fact I had watched a documentary on the Australian SBS TV channel which showed one of these fighters at an air display. The pilot had been doing a loop-the-loop and had started from too low an altitude. He was descending at near the speed of sound and obviously doubted that he would pull out of this dive prior to colliding with the ground. At the last moment he was able to attain level flight less than 50 meters above the ground and the video clearly showed (in slow motion) the tail elevators suddenly oscillating up and down. The aircraft immediately crashed and blew apart. It was strongly suspected that mental pilot trauma had affected the control microchips in the fly-by-wire computer. This was not the first time this had happened. It was suspected that pilot psychokinetics was responsible.

Not long after that Jack Houck (aerospace engineer) started his PK research. I do not know if he was tasked to do this by the aerospace company but I strongly suspect there was a connection.

However some years later I was invited to one of Jack’s PK parties and as I would be in the USA at the time I accepted the invite. I was somewhat sceptical and my attitude was that I would believe it if I could see it with my own eyes and preferably make it work for myself!

So I arrived at the party venue in Silicon Valley and after a brief discussion with Jack joined the circle of participants.

The idea was to get all participants sitting in a semi circle facing the organiser. Then he would tell a few very clever one-liner jokes to get everyone laughing and on the same wavelength.  He had discovered that he needed to induce a state of  “shared consciousness” in the audience.  He then demonstrated how to visualise a ball of pure energy and slowly have it descend on the head of the person then down through the neck.... then down the arm into the hand holding the spoon to be bent. We were then told to shout out at the top of our voices... BEND, BEND, BEND!

And....... to my initial totally stunned amazement it worked. Around 20 of the 50 people present had the spoon suddenly “soften” in their hand and they could briefly manipulate it into any shape they wanted. This effect only lasted for 10-30 seconds. It even worked on the bowl of the spoon which some of them bent with their fingers. Normally you would need to put the bowl in a vice and use heavy duty pliers to bend it.

Even a couple of the total critics in the audience had success. You should have seen the look on their faces.

If this subject is of serious interest you might like to check out the two websites below -








and we experimented with many different mind disciplines.

One that always fascinated us was Luck. Nobody knew exactly what it was or why and when it would suddenly appear. Eventually we made two world-first discoveries which not only worked but have stood the test of time.

More about this shortly.

One of the luck enhancing methods we tried with limited (but occasional) success was the use of Jack Houck’s spoon bending procedure to trigger off jackpots on slot machines.

Here is what I tried:


I would sit in front of a slot machine and after closing my eyes visualize a ball of plasma energy

(in my case... the Sun) slowly descending from above into my head. Then I visualised it moving slowly down my shoulder and my arm and into my hand which was resting on the body of the slot machine. I would then visualise it transferring to the slot machine and at that point I would mentally (but silently) yell... WIN, WIN,WIN. I would visualize the slot machine shaking violently with the input of this energy. Occasionally within a few spins the machine would suddenly pay out. In fact I won my largest casino jackpot of $156,000 in this exact manner. Plus two others which upset the casinos who share information about “suspect” winners.

A couple of my staff had quite good success and one of them hit a $12,000 jackpot while another

Won $4200.  We also had a lot of smaller wins.

The only problem with doing this is that it appeared to drain a lot of our mental energy and after a burst of doing this in the casino I often couldn’t remember on which level I had parked my car.

On one occasion I spent nearly an hour wandering round until I located the car. So after that annoying experience I made a habit of writing the car park level and parking slot number on a piece of  paper.


Now back to our two major discoveries:


The first was the profound realisation that luck is actually a person’s psychokinetic resonance with either their environment or a personal situation.

The second..... which was even more startling....... was that an individual’s subconscious mind totally controls this level of psychokinetic resonance.

That is.... your subconscious is 100% in control of your level of “Luck”..... either good or bad.

You may have noticed at times if you are gambling that suddenly out of the blue you suddenly have a run of good luck which eventually dies away. What we have noticed is that just before this run the luck level drops to nearly zero. Then suddenly it bursts into life. When I notice this happening on the slot machines I normally take time off and go and have a coffee. Then maybe 30 minutes later I come back and try again. I’m often pleasantly surprised to find that the bank of machines that refused to pay me before have all suddenly “come to life”. Luck appears to run in cycles and I explained all this in detail in my book – BEYOND BELIEF:The Ultimate Mind Manual (Amazon). I gave explanations of how to determine your luck cycle so you could take full advantage of your natural cycles.

I used the slot machines to experiment with luck because these give an instant readout of my luck level. I don’t really want to wait around for a full day to see if the day in general has been lucky.

Gambling tends to give a rapid readout of the luck level.



I guess the bottom line here is that your luck level is totally controlled by your subconscious mind.

My attitude is that every single sane individual deserves some measure of happiness in their lives and this happiness is usually controlled by their bursts of good luck.

I am certainly working on improving mine!

So far nearly 60 people from my regular client email list have acquired this luck program.

Considering it has only been available for the past two weeks some of the early reported success are quite outstanding! An interesting side effect reported by a number of participants is that they wake up feeling more positive and cheerful with the expectation that good things are about to happen.


It’s an interesting world out there…. Isn’t it?







By James F. Coyle

Jim's Pic jpg.JPG


I started experimenting with self hypnosis when I was 13 and have been researching mind-power ever since then. Now at the age of 73 I have spent over 30 years (half my adult life) trying to help others achieve some sort of mental balance in their own lives.

What has really impacted on me is the general level of unhappiness and misery all around. I see this every way I turn. I would seriously like to generate a higher level of happiness in society and I guess I might be one of the few individuals who could possibly make this happen.

Even really wealthy individuals are under stress and many of them are not particularly happy. They struggle to maintain their wealth and are constantly fighting off scam merchants and bludgers.

I have concluded that true happiness is an inner sense of self-satisfaction.... a sort of feeling of serenity and resonance with the universe.

And what really creates this satisfaction feeling is the level of luck an individual has.

Think about this;  When good-luck events happen to you then you feel quite a sense of personal satisfaction, don't you? Good luck leads to a more peaceful serene existence.

The problem with luck is that it is so nebulous, which is why the scientific community don't attempt to research it. It is like trying to research a wisp of smoke.

Luck was one area we tried to research when I owned the Australian Mind-Power Research Foundation but in the end we settled on much easier mind-power disciplines such as Subjective Communication and psychokinetic applications.

But in the past 5 years while retired here in Vanuatu I have put a lot of thought into this nebulous luck area.

It is easily observable that lucky individuals tend to lead a more joyous life because things just seem to "go right" for them. No doubt you will have noticed this yourself.

Our research group initially discovered that luck was a person's individual psychokinetic resonance with the environment which was quite a monumental realisation at the time. Then we discovered that an individual's subconscious mind controlled this level of resonance. This was an even more monumental discovery.

In other words, the subconscious mind is totally and completely in control of an individual's level of luck...... either good or bad.

So I set out to try and find a way to change the subconscious level of programming to increase the positive luck level. This has been an ongoing experiment for the past 5 years.

I have tried all sorts of mental programming without too much success but about 3 months ago hit upon a format that I had never tried before. In fact this idea came from a very vivid dream I had early one morning. It was so strong it woke me up and I immediately wrote several notes on the pad beside my bed.

I gathered a group of three local friends who were interested in mind-power and we started experimenting seriously. The result was our Universal Luck Program which, for the first time ever, appears to effectively manipulate the level of psychokinetic resonance an individual shares with their environment.

So I released this program to my mailing list and was highly impressed to find that it not only actually worked, but in some cases produced absolutely stunning results. In fact out of just over 50 programs sold so far only one single individual has reported zero results. (There was another one but after 3 weeks he suddenly had a burst of quite lucky events).

I find this result to be quite extraordinary and justifies all the years I have put into this research.








So you’ve recently retired around the age of 60 and now you have nothing much to do with your life.

All the pressure is off and you can stay around the house and annoy your wife!


And here is the unbalanced thing about the husband retiring:


The wife usually has many interests of her own and is normally reasonably occupied with her daily activities. If she has been a “stay at home” wife then retirement is not a personal issue for her.  She carries on as normal with her clubs, friends and general social activities.


Then everything suddenly changes.

Her husband retires from his high pressure job...... and........ is now at home all day with little to do.

The wife finds him constantly underfoot, trying to be helpful, but this is not really working.

The poor guy is at a perpetual loose end and is trying to invent activities to keep himself occupied.

The whole dynamic of their life together has changed.

The existing peace and serenity in the home has been disturbed.


They had planned to go on an extended holiday after his retirement but so far this has not been discussed.

So.... what to do?


The critical thing here is that the husband must start “stretching” himself and find worthwhile activities to fill in the blank spaces.

And this is where he might have to remove himself right out of his personal comfort zone.

Until recently he has been surrounded by workmates and fully involved with his work related affairs. During the workday he has had little time to himself as there were always urgent pressures placed upon him. Life was not peaceful, but at least it was fully active.

This is no longer the situation.


And here is where a lot of long-term relationships start to waver.


A couple of my older friends had found themselves in this very same situation and solved the problem by purchasing a caravan and 4WD vehicle. They rented their house out for 6 months and headed off for a caravanning trip around the northern parts of Australia. They visited interesting places and made a ton of new like-minded friends. Basically their lives were changed forever as they pushed their boundaries and developed new interests and contacts, many of which remained after they returned home.


But if this type of travelling activity does not appeal then you will need to search locally for inspiration.


One concept that will bring you a lot of prestige and new friends is to involve yourself with support groups that help the disadvantaged and needy in your local community.

This can be very rewarding and brings a sense of self-satisfaction. It can also be highly frustrating but at least it keeps your brain active and you’re out of your house “doing things”.


If this activity doesn’t appeal then you will probably need to look at solo or small-group activities that keep you feeling refreshed and useful.


Ask yourself........ “What is it I’ve always wanted to do?”


Have you ever wanted to scuba dive?

Learn to fly an aeroplane?

Rappel down a cliff face on a rope?

Go for a trip in a hot air balloon?

Ride on a jet ski?

Learn to ski?

Do an aerobatic aeroplane ride?

Do a bungy jump?

Climb a small mountain?

Ride a large motorcycle?


If some of the above seem rather alarming then you might be interested to know that these very same activities are currently being carried out by older individuals.... many of them over 80 years of age. In fact I just read about a great grandmother in the USA who did a tandem skydive for her 100th birthday. Apparently this was the third time she had done this.


I personally spent a lot of my younger years skydiving and flying small aircraft. But one thing I always wanted to do (but could never afford it while raising a family) was to learn to fly a helicopter. However at age 69 I finally attained my private helicopter licence. This involved 6 months of home study so I could pass the theory exam and about 6 months of  flight training. In actual fact it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life as helicopters are extremely obnoxious critters and are not easy to learn.


However if this concept is of interest you can usually find a local helicopter company who will give you a basic 45 minute instructional test flight at a reasonable price. During this flight you will be shown how the controls work and will actually get to handle them yourself. I’m told this is quite a self-satisfying experience, particularly when you produce the photos to show your friends!

(Many of whom will think you are quite mad. But ignore them.... it’s your life!)

If you have never done anything like this before I guarantee it will make your heart thump louder than the overhead helicopter rotors!


The whole point of all the above is to find an activity that will stretch your comfort zone and your boundaries. Most people by the time they retire have got themselves into quite a deep rut. They have been operating within their own personal comfort zone for a number of years and it can take quite a traumatic experience to yank them out of this mental state. Retiring is quite often one such experience. It can make one feel lost and confused.... an empty feeling.

You need to do something that gets you into real “living” again, maybe in conjunction with your partner.


In fact this feeling can occur at any time among older people, even before retirement.

It may be that you have reached a plateau in your existence and you don’t quite know what to do about it. Perhaps your daily activities are starting to feel mundane and pointless. They have lost their fizz and excitement.


If so, here is what you can do:


Sit down and think about your life. What have you done in the past that got you really revved up? There will be something there somewhere, maybe in your earlier teenage years. Dwell on this. Try and recapture the excitement of achievement. I am asking you here to re-live an exciting personal event in the past. Perhaps you can recall several of these events. If so, dwell on each one for several minutes. See them in your mind’s eye. Try to recall the emotion at the time. Then relate these to your immediate past few years. Have you done anything as exciting lately? Probably not.

At this point you probably fully realise that your life has become somewhat mundane and boring.


So....... what are you going to do about it?


Shock your wife by telling her that you have booked in for a tandem parachute jump this weekend. Or that you just joined a rappelling club and you will be sliding down cliff faces on a rope this weekend. Or tell her that you have booked a hot air balloon ride this weekend.... for  both of you.


This all sounds very dramatic, doesn’t it?

And it is....... because....... it is what you need to improve your overall happiness.

It is basically way outside your comfort zone.


Look at it this way: you have spent a lot of your life working and probably raising a family. This has caused you stress and sometimes financial pressure. But now this should all be behind you.

So isn’t it time you started looking after yourself? Doing things that are fulfilling and worthwhile? Activities you have only been able to dream about in the past? Don’t you owe it to yourself to end your time in this mortal coil in a reasonably blissful and happy state?


I have one acquaintance around my age who started writing books some years ago to fill in his time. Now that his material has been released on Amazon Books and is selling worldwide he was able to capture the attention of two movie companies and last I heard two of his war story type books were being made into full length films. I imagine this would be a very satisfying experience. I give this gentleman full marks for getting out there and doing something!!


In fact quite a few older folk that I know are experimenting with writing. It is so easy now to get published. Once you finish your book you can load it up on to Amazon books (The world’s largest bookstore) and publish it for free. Both in e-book format (for Kindle reader devices) and in hardcover.  Templates are supplied for the hardcover’s and when they finish preparing your book they do not actually hold any in stock, so it costs Amazon nothing. Instead when a client orders a copy of your book they hastily print a copy on an absolutely amazing photo-copy type machine. This is called print-on-demand. This takes the content of your book and not only prints it out to the correct size, but prints the colour covers also then glues the whole lot together. Then the final process is to trim the edges with a guillotine and the book is ready for sale. Takes less than 3 minutes from start to finish.

If you’d like to watch a U-Tube video clip of this extraordinary machine click on the link below -




I currently have 38 books published on Amazon. All of these are available on Kindle and three of them are also available in hardcover. The monthly royalty payments from these make for a nice extra income and pays most of our monthly household bills.

But the really impressive thing is that they cost me absolutely nothing to publish!

Does this give you any ideas?

And who knows, one of your publications might hit the big time by appearing on the Amazon Top 100. So suddenly you’re selling several thousand books a day worldwide and looking at an income of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


There are a multitude of activities you can become involved with. And just remember, at your age you have a vast amount of experience that younger people generally don’t have so you can view potentially new experiences from a mature point of view. As such you are less likely to make errors of judgement.


The only thing that might discourage you is the attitude of your friends, family and associates. Many of these will be stuck in a serious rut and there can be quite a lot of envy emerge if you are seen to be  doing activities that they would never consider.

So the best thing is to say nothing until you actually achieve something.


Your conversation at the local club on a Friday night would go like this....... “Hey guys, guess what? Been meaning to tell you but I forgot. Weekend before last I did a tandem parachute jump. And this last weekend I went on a hot air balloon ride”.


Well...... what a conversation stopper. Chances are you won’t be believed. So you pull out all the nice colour pics you took. Then tell them you’re trying to figure what adrenaline activity to do next. You will find it fascinating to study their reactions. Some will applaud your efforts while others (the lazy envious ones) will criticize you. Now pay close attention to this latter category because these are the ones who will attempt to hold you back. Quite personally I avoid these types and you may feel inclined to gently remove them from your social circle.

At your age you do not need this critical negativity around you.


Think about this: For the past 10-20 years you have been inadvertently compelled to associate with a variety of workmates you didn’t like, or didn’t relate to.

Now, because of the change in your circumstances, you  DO NOT have to accept this. You are free to choose your friends and associates.


At my current tender age of 74 I refuse flatly to associate with types I don’t feel comfortable with. Why should I? I’ve been stuck with dropkicks, drongos, deadbeats, dills and dopeheads

all my working life. These days I don’t feel any compulsion to mix with these various idiots and clowns. I guess this is why I am so keen on writing. I can lock myself in my office and avoid all the neurotic behaviour. At least my computer has no neurotic tendencies. On second thoughts...... I’m not sure about that. It’s fitted with Windows.


But getting back to the main theme of this mini-book......have you developed any ideas from what you have read so far? Is it making you think...... and helping you develop a happiness freedom plan?

If not then maybe you are happy where you are and you don’t feel inclined to make any changes.


As always.... the choice is yours!! But it is yours alone because you no longer have to suffer from peer pressure.


After all.... it’s YOUR future happiness at stake.





Copyright James F. Coyle 2014


Even if you are "stony broke" you can quickly trade invisible assets

such as time, talent, knowledge and experience up into cash.

Assets you never knew you had! This is simple and easy.

This report is all about opportunity.

It deals with the alternative method of creating wealth via wheeling and dealing.

The techniques for achieving this are valid during recessions or boom times.

However, there is more profit to be made during recessions, and this material is slanted accordingly!

When one is dealing purely with cash, the buyer normally holds all the advantages.

That is, he or she generally controls the terms of the transaction.

As such, the seller can end up rather unhappy with the results, while the buyer is normally quite happy.

However, in an exchange-type wheel-and-deal transaction, both parties normally end up fairly contented, sometimes for quite different reasons.


Bartering was in use long before money was invented.


It is only in comparatively recent times that the financial common denominator we call money has been used as a basis of settling transactions.

Paper currency had its origin in the form of a receipt which was issued by gold merchants, for gold bars and ingots deposited with them for safekeeping.

The owners of the gold found it convenient to transfer this bearer receipt when settling transactions, instead of the actual gold bullion. Hence, our complex paper money system was born.

(Some say hatched!) There is no real reason why money has to be used as an intermediate stepping stone in transactions.

Its main advantage is that it speeds up the transaction, as values on both sides are absolutely and impersonally specified. It, in effect, removes the haggling element, and becomes an

intermediate value store.

So too, does it remove the personal contact and the necessity to understand the other fellow’s reasons for selling. Quite simply, these days we don’t have time to get involved in someone

else’s problems, even if we wanted to!

For this very reason, bartering has fallen out of favour, and is considered old fashioned by our money-oriented society.

Understandably, the rare individual who is able to combine bartering techniques with everyday money transactions generally does fairly well in life, no matter what his intelligence or

educational level. This book will help you become one of these individuals!


A typical example of the cash mentality is the consumer-oriented individual who, wishing to purchase a motor vehicle, walks into a car yard and contracts to buy a $4000 car on hire

purchase. He pays a low cash deposit. The balance, with heavy interest, is spread over four years. If he sits down with his calculator and adds up the total amount of cash he is actually

paying out over the four years, he will be shocked to learn that it will probably be in the vicinity of $6500 - all this out of tax paid income.

If he is on an average 30 per cent tax bracket, he will have to earn nearly ten thousand dollars gross income to pay for his $4000 car.


Makes you shudder, doesn’t it?


Almost every adult will have been involved in a trade-in at some time in their life.

Whether it is trading-in a fridge or a car for the latest model, or trading time by participating in a babysitting club, it all involves bartering to some degree, even though the terms of

trade are pre-set and out of your control.

The idea, of course, is to be able to trade or wheel and deal on your terms.

This makes a vast difference to the final result, which will determine your profit, if any, out of the deal.

Obviously, the aim is to make a profit in some way, shape or form, as there is little point in trading at a loss. The actual profit will probably not be in cash, but in the form of goods,

services, or some other intangible, such as time or space.

For example, you may swap some of your home-grown vegetables for the use of a shed for storage purposes.

This storage space can then be swapped-on for the use of a motor vehicle, etc.

I wonder how many people have a spare room in their house or unit? This is spare space which can be swapped for some useful service.

It could be leased to a student or some other suitable person in exchange for housekeeping, gardening or some other service.

Alternatively, it could be used for storage purposes, or as an office.


The point is both space and time have a VALUE.

That is, it is worth the equivalent of money to you.


It is a potential income- producing asset which you can trade for virtually anything of comparable value that you need.

Likewise, you may have a garage or shed which could be utilized by someone else.

They may not wish to pay actual CASH for the use of these facilities, but may be willing to part with something in exchange.

There is absolutely no limit to what can be exchanged.


Another example of an unusual trade was the situation of the young couple who wanted to buy a house from a local builder but couldn’t afford the $5000 deposit. Obviously, in

these depressed times, the builder was very keen to sell this “spec” home, which was not too far off completion.

Our enterprising young couple suggested that the builder complete the house up to 80 per cent.

That is, he was to leave the painting, carpeting, landscaping, fencing and other small time-consuming sundries unfinished.


He agreed to sell the house to these young people at the fully finished price of $55,000 and paid their $5000 deposit himself, instead of spending this amount on the finished work.

In effect, he paid them $5000 for their labour to finish the house. The solicitor, who handled the documentation for their loan application, merely noted that a deposit of $5000 had

been paid (it is absolutely immaterial where the money comes from) and in due course a $50,000 bank loan was granted.

By capitalizing some of their Social Security allowances, they were able to collect another $4000 which covered legal costs, carpets and paint. After three months of part-time work,

the young couple had finished off the house and were extremely happy with the whole deal.


So was the builder!


In fact, his house had been presented so well that he arranged to use it as a demonstration home.

The wife, who agreed to stay home most afternoons, was quite happy to show the builder’s potential clients through her home.

In exchange, our builder constructed a carport for them, at no charge.

The house is now currently worth about $65,000 and is nearly one year old. As the mortgage is only $50,000, it means that the owners have developed an equity of $15,000 out of

nothing except some part-time effort!

This is equivalent to an income of $300 per week for the year that they have owned the house.


All this with absolutely no cash outlay, except a little time, enthusiasm and imagination.


(Incidentally the above example was based on prices in Australia some 25 years ago when I first wrote this material.  But the example still stands as a practical way to acquire a

house at almost no deposit.)



An acquaintance who is a self-employed freelance real estate exchange operator (a person who arranges deals for other people in exchange for commission) has developed a novel

way of collecting his commissions! Instead of asking for cash, he generally agrees to accept a service or facility.

For example, he has the free use of a three-bedroom canal unit on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, in which he lives.

It has been agreed that he can occupy this residence for 12 months, and he has rented out the third bedroom to a female flatmate for $70 per week, which nicely covers his

grocery bill.

In lieu of another commission, he has full and sole use of a four- wheel-drive vehicle, also for a 12-month period.

All he has to pay for is petrol, as insurance and maintenance are the responsibility of the owner.

His attitude is - why pay $15,000 for the dubious privilege of owning one of these vehicles, along with all the attendant associated expenses, such as insurance, maintenance and

depreciation costs (approximately $4000 for the year, plus the loss of interest on the $15,000 capital involved, say another $2500) when he can enjoy the total use of the vehicle

for no cost whatsoever, except petrol?


Our friend not only has free accommodation, but also free food and transport, and does not have his capital tied up in a vehicle.


The bottom line is - the whole package saves him something like $12,000 over the year, in COLD HARD cash!

Any way you look at it, over the period of 12 months, he is $12 000 better off. If he had to pay for all this in cash, he would need to gross around $16,000 before tax to

HAVE THE USE of the same facilities.

Sort of explains why some people set ahead faster than others, doesn’t it?




A seller  may be prepared to accept diamonds with an insurance replacement value of $100,000 as part payment against his $300,000 property. He knows he will have difficulty in

converting the diamonds into ready cash, and may have to wait three to five years to receive their full value.

(This is somewhat similar to supplying an interest-free vendor mortgage for three to five years.)

On the other hand, he knows that in the current tight cash climate he will have a very good chance of trading these on at the same value.

The same applies to stamps, butterfly collections, or any other collectable.




What we really have, with all of these collectable items, is a BLACK BOX (to borrow a term used in the electronics industry) which has a certified retail value attached to it.

Electronically speaking, a black box is a common description for an unknown circuit which has wires going in and coming out.

It performs a specific function which is measurable on test equipment, but one can only guess at the nature of the circuitry inside. In reality, the circuitry is unimportant.

What really matters is that the box performs the job required satisfactorily!


We can consider collectibles in exactly the same light. Providing they have a retail value of some form attached to them......and this would normally be provided by an expert

in this particular subject.....then  they are perfectly valid as a trading item.


It is quite easy to establish a value.

Merely approach an insurance company and request a detailed valuation for the purpose of insurance cover.

They will direct you to someone who, for a fee, will supply a retail replacement insurance valuation.

As a trading item, this black box will probably pass from hand to hand, until it ends up with some enthusiast who elects to keep it rather than trade it on.

It’s rather like the children’s musical game called “pass the parcel”.


So it is with our black box.


Unless the recipient has a particular interest in the contents, he will want to pass it on instead of keeping it.

Historically, during depressions and recessions when money is tight, the black box is a generally accepted method of transferring equity. Obviously, during boom times,

virtually everything is cashable, so this trading of collectibles is unnecessary and, as such, not particularly popular.


Think about all this very carefully!


This black box phenomenon is the very crux of dealing one’s way out of strife (and into wealth) during a recession.

It is absolutely pointless trying to consider the cashable value because of inherent mark-ups from the manufacturer to the end user.


Let’s explain this mark-up business: Suppose you buy a packet of toothpaste from your local chemist, and it costs you $1.00.

It may come as a surprise to learn that if you wound your way back through the retailer to the wholesaler, to the State master distributor, to the National master distributor,

and thence to the manufacturer, you would probably be able to negotiate the purchase of one million or so tubes of toothpaste at around 20 cents each!


The reality of this is that to resell those one million tubes, you would have to set up a distribution network to handle them, and even if this were efficiently done, it would absorb

 between 70 and 80 per cent of the retail price. To put it another way, mark-up from the manufacturer to retailer can approach 500 per cent. This, by the way, is not exorbitant.

It is considered quite normal in the world of commerce!

So the cashable value of the black box may be nowhere near the retail figure mentioned on the valuation.




A musician client decided to clean out and sell all the unwanted musical gear he had collected over the years.

For a couple of weeks he placed advertisements in the local papers, but was disappointed to receive virtually a zero response.

What he obviously didn’t realize was that most of the struggling musicians who read the advertisements were poorly paid, and as much as they liked to collect and buy musical

equipment, they generally couldn’t afford to.

It was suggested to the client that as he was comparatively well off financially (i.e. his credit card wasn’t totally overdrawn) he market his musical equipment in a totally

different manner.

After a brief discussion, it transpired that the one thing he would really like to own was a campervan, but he didn’t really want to outlay the $10,000 required for a reasonable

second-hand one.

hE then ran a totally different style of advertisement for him in the Musical Instrument column of the local paper as follows:


A pocket full of dollars?????

Musician wants campervan in good condition up to $10,000.

Will trade ready cash plus musical equipment. No messing around - rapid decision.

Genuine sellers, please ring Joe Bloggs NOW on 432 1234.


As the advertisement started off with the letter “A” it appeared at the very top of the sale column, and the headline  “A pocket full of dollars” guaranteed it would be read by

every musician who looked at that particular column.

It also conveyed a sense of urgency, action and genuineness.

The result - over 30 phone calls were received.


My client traded his surplus equipment at $4000 for a very nice van around the $10 000 price, and the difference in cash was borrowed from his bank. However, the most

amazing fact was that he had been prepared to sell the equipment for under $2000 in cash, which means he made an extra $2000!

The bottom line is that he not only cashed up his spare musical equipment, but he also bought a $10,000 van for an effective price of $8000.





A lady I had close contact with many years ago grew exotic plants in her large backyard.

After 12 months they looked spectacular and after talking to a few local developers she traded them for a value of $7000 to a developer for one of his semi-rural blocks of

land priced at $29,000. She did this for her son who had a good income but no deposit. His bank was happy to loan him the balance. The developer needed the plants for

several of his new homes and also needed to sell off some of this cheap land. Both parties were happy!




The above excerpts are drawn from the author’s popular book – THE MILLIONAIRES MANUAL;Become a Millionaire in Freedom, Happiness and Wealth.


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Look at the amazing testimonials and referrals from some of the top magazines in the country.

This book was an absolute best seller in Australia, NZ and Singapore when it was first released.





Copyright  James F. Coyle 2013 - Author of The Freedom Book


When you were born you arrived without an instructional manual! You were expected to figure things out as you evolved. And everyone else was in the same boat. Very slowly you grasped an awareness of what was going on around you. Then you started to recognise spoken words and you learnt to speak these words by imitation.

We learnt initially by imitation. Repeating words that our parents taught us. By the time we were 4-5 years old we were starting to figure things out. We evolved a preset reaction to specific events and our individual personality began to develop.

Then we went to school and were moulded into a functioning individual. Rather like a bakery. The dough is placed into hundreds of bread moulds and when cooked all the loaves look the same. So it is with us by the end of our basic schooling. We have learnt to fit into society and have been taught the basic reading and writing skills that enable us to join the workforce. And here the pressure to conform really begins.  If we displease our boss our job is on the line. We felt compelled to follow other’s expectations of us. We tended to adopt our parent’s beliefs which they had adopted from their parents who got their beliefs from their parents. So the belief system we were exposed to was probably 60-70 years out of date.


Naturally in our social environment we didn’t really want to displease our church, family or members of our social groups.

Everything is a compromise because we have no real individual freedom.

That is, we are not free to do things the way we really want to because we are stuck in a belief-system rut.


And as we grow into adulthood and start a family the same pressures to conform are still with us. Society expects us to behave in an acceptable way... that is... acceptable to the society we live in. We realise that this is a mundane and boring existence but what else can we do? After all everyone else we know is living exactly the same way.

As we progress through life we slowly come to the realisation that we are not a free spirit and never have been. We are stuck with the traditional mortgage and possibly hire-purchase payments. After all everyone else has these debts so why not us?

We are in a freedom trap! We are following the rest of the sheep because that is what is expected of us.

It gets to the point where many individuals suddenly rebel and go off at a tangent. They might sell their family home, kiss their adult kids goodbye, and depart for points unknown in their new caravan and 4WD. And who can blame them?

They have suddenly woken up to the incredibly mediocre and manipulated life they have been leading.


This is why so many marriages fail these days. In the "good old days" unhappy marriage partners stuck together "for the sake of the family" and pressure from society. There used to be tremendous social pressures on married couples to "hang in there".  These days there is no such pressure. People who have been confined and restricted all their life suddenly break out.  There are plenty of alternatives available to unhappy individuals and a massive amount of information available thanks to the internet and a more open news media approach.


The point is... you have the right to be free and happy. If you are not then you are denying yourself this basic freedom.

The old attitude might have been acceptable 40 years ago but it now no longer applies.


Many of you reading this will recognise the truth of the above analysis and will be asking what you can do about it.

To pull yourself away from the personal traps you need to sit down and rethink your beliefs and attitudes.


Most of us have developed ingrained beliefs that are simply no longer valid and we pursue them merely from force of habit and mental inertia. We need to break these habits and reprogram our personal belief system so that we feel we are the master of our own destinies!


At any one point in time each and every sane individual is either doing that which makes them the happiest or doing that which makes them the least unhappy. 

Most individuals operate in the latter category.


Think about the things you have done so far today. Did they make you seriously happy or did you do them so that you wouldn't be unhappy? I'll bet that less than 5% of them actually made you happy! In fact think back over the past week and isolate one single event that made you blissfully happy and personally satisfied.

It has taken me many years to sort out my belief system to the point where I now feel almost totally free. And I made a ton of mistakes along the way because I didn't have an instruction manual to help me. I was issued without one! So were you!


But you are in a totally different position because you are currently reading this vital instructional material.


The vast majority of individuals get stuck in this rut all their lives but occasionally a traumatic event breaks them out of it. For example a person might become seriously ill and their doctor advises that they only have 6 months to live. Now some people will roll over and pretend to be dead the moment they hear this while others will suddenly realise that they haven't lived life at all and go hell-bent on catching up. These are the ones who get so involved in doing all those things they always wanted to do that their illness may suddenly disappear. There are many recorded instances of these miraculous cures, particularly in regard to cancer. Just stop for a moment and visualise what you would do in this situation.


You might be stuck with a time-wasting family situation of visiting Auntie Nellie and Uncle Erntwhistle every Sunday fortnight for dinner because that's what you have always done and it is expected of you. If you received sudden bad news like this would you continue to visit them or would you head off to do some jet-skiing or parasailing? 


Chances are you would mentally cut all the things out of your life that didn't matter and do only those things that did. And this is where you can sit down and make a list of all the important things you do each month. Take some time about it and make a complete list. Now imagine which items you would cross out if you knew you had limited time left. You would probably find that 80% of the so-called important items had been deleted. The critically important point here is that you do not know how much time you have left on this planet! You may be booked into the Pearly Gates tomorrow night. So isn’t it time you started living??

I personally became aware of this frailty many years ago after a couple of spectacular parachute accidents. I realised that at any point I might be sent up to the Pearly Gates to collect my harp. Or down the other way to collect my accordion. Who knows?


So having received a giant scare about my possible continued existence on this planet I sat down and seriously thought about where I was at in life.

The result was that I developed an exercise when I realised I was wasting my life on garbage non-productive events.


I crossed out all the things that didn't really matter, particularly those items that I felt obliged to participate in because of social or family pressure. I became somewhat unpopular initially but others soon realised I had taken a new lease on life and left me alone. I was somewhat ostracised by my various relatives who decided to “give up” on me. This did not worry me in the slightest.


Actually the first time this happened was when at the age of 19 I bought a motorbike. The relatives told me I would become a “temporary” New Zealander. Then I took up gliding and progressed into flying light aircraft. Of course the relatives knew I was going mad. But the real crunch came when I took up skydiving (parachuting). The relatives knew for certain that they were all about to die!


My thinking was that this life of mine was not a practice run and I'd better start living it otherwise I would go to my deathbed with a ton of regrets. So I ended up doing the jet-skiing, skydiving, scuba diving, helicopter and fixed wing flying activities plus a heap of other things like starting my own highly successful electronics business. And I don’t regret a moment of it!!


Just visualise lying in a hospital bed with all your family around you in the certain knowledge that you are dying and suddenly realising that there were many things in life that you hadn't done. You had "missed out" because of your inertia and were extremely sad about it. Do you want to spend the last few moments suffering from massive regrets? No... I don't think so!

It is over to you to correct this situation NOW...... because nobody else is going to do it for you!!



Plants Can Read Your Mind!

The extraordinary discovery of plant/human

consciousness interaction

Copyright James F. Coyle 2013


In 1966 something happened that shook the scientific world to its very foundations... and it was discovered, not in a famous laboratory, but in a small room in an office building in New York.

In 1966 a very strange event occurred. Cleve Backster, America's top polygraph (lie detector) expert was working late in his New York office. His secretary had installed a Dragon pot-plant to brighten the office.

Backster noticed that the plant needed water, and on impulse attached the leads of a lie detector to one of the leaves. The lie detector measures skin resistance and Backster knew that it would indicate when water reached the actual leaf. He poured water over the root system and waited to see how long before this moisture reached the leaves.

Nothing happened. In fact after a while the instrument appeared to indicate less moisture in the leaf. The pen-tracing equipment attached to the lie detector was trending downwards with a fair amount of "saw tooth" motion.

Backster was puzzled as this was exactly the same response expected from a human being experiencing an emotional stimulus of short duration. He wondered if the plant could be displaying emotion.

Backster knew from long experience that the best way to make a polygraph needle "jump" was to threaten the subject’s well-being so he dunked the plant leaf in his hot coffee. There was no reaction. He thought about this for a couple of minutes then conceived a worse threat. (He used to work for the CIA). He would light a match and burn the leaf. The instant he conceived this thought something dramatic happened - something that has had far reaching scientific implications all over the world...


The pen-traced graph moved off its centreline into a pronounced upward curve.

Backster was staggered. He was some distance from the plant and he wondered if it could possibly have been reading his thoughts.

As later events will prove... IT WAS!

This was the start of an incredible reaction from the scientific community. And the interesting fact is that thousands of people have been able to duplicate this experiment. All you need is a "Wheatstone Bridge" circuit and a sensitive multimeter which any competent electronics enthusiast can easily assemble. With this simple equipment you can carry out your own experiments.

Backster initially wondered if his equipment was faulty but thorough tests over the following weeks eliminated this as a coincidental effect.

Backster discovered a further vital fact. When he only "pretended" to burn the leaf there was no reaction. In other words the emotion and intent had to be genuine.

Backster advised associates around the country as to what he had discovered and they were able to replicate his results which proved that it was not a "one off" effect between Backster and his plant and quelled the sceptics who claimed he had faulty equipment.

That was the start of an amazing series of experiments on different types of plants, fruits and vegetables such as bananas, oranges and onions.

Backster named this strange new effect - Primary Perception.

At this point Backster realized he was on to something with enormous potential so he converted his offices into a full scale scientific laboratory.

Over the following months all sorts of plant matter was tested. In one instance a plant leaf was totally shredded but when reattached to the electrodes it still exhibited the same response.

It was discovered accidently that the plants also reacted to unexpected stimuli such as the sudden appearance of a dog in the room or a person who did not like plants.

It was also found that the plants reacted to the attempts of a spider attempting to escape from the close proximity of humans which it perceived as a threat. The plant reacted JUST BEFORE the spider made any movement - that is, it picked up the spider’s intentions.

Backster concluded that while plants may be in "tune" with each other they are more in tune with animal life which is mobile and may present a threat.

Another interesting observation was that when a plant was seriously threatened it tended to "pass out" from "emotional" overload. The plant appears to go into a "deep faint" for a while and then recovers. Backster discovered this while he was demonstrating his effect to a group of visiting scientists. The plants simply would not respond on this occasion and it was discovered that one of the scientists in the group roasted plants in an oven to get their dry weight for experiments.

Forty five minutes after this person left the building the plants came back to normal. This "fainting" effect has been replicated on many occasions.

A sceptical reporter was invited by Backster to assist in an experiment to see if a philodendron could "read his mind". The idea was to find the reporters year of birth by naming each of the 7 years between 1925 and 1931. The reporter was instructed to answer "no" to each question. Each year was read out and the plant responded strongly (via the polygraph) when the reporter answered no to the correct date. The resultant article created so much impact that it eventually appeared in the Readers Digest. Further tests indicated that plants could reliably indicate when a person was telling a lie, however this is fraught with legal dangers as the plant could easily be sabotaged by the subject mentally picturing the plant being burnt.

In another experiment a group of Backster's students drew a folded slip of paper out of a hat. The instructions on one of the slips told its bearer to totally destroy one of two plants placed in the laboratory. This was to be done in secret at some point during the day, without anyone else knowing. The surviving plant was attached to the polygraph and the students were paraded past it. When the culprit approached the plant reacted strongly, positively identifying the "murderer". The conclusion was that the plant could remember and identify the person who destroyed a sister plant.

Backster also noted that a bond appeared to develop between a plant and its owner. He used a synchronized stopwatch while he was making a trip out of town to New Jersey. The moment he made a conscious decision to return to his lab he triggered the stopwatch. When he returned he noted from the polygraph recording equipment that the plant had given a response at that critical instant he had pressed the stopwatch.

After years of testing Backster concluded that if a person genuinely liked a plant it would respond to him or her which might explain why some people have "green fingers" and others don't. It appeared that a communication "bond" developed which was totally unaffected by distance and there is now considerable evidence that this communication is not limited to the speed of light (as radio waves are) but is instantaneous.

Obviously segments of the scientific community are wondering if this could be used for deep-space communication where a radio signal takes years to reach us, even travelling at the speed of light. Even the signals from our deep space probes out beyond Mars can take hours to reach us and we haven't really started serious space probes yet! In a speech Backster made to the American Congress he indicated that it might be possible to modulate (overlay information) on signals between plant and human life.

His further experiments indicated that once a plant is "linked" to a particular person it seems to be able to maintain that link, no matter where that person is or how big a crowd of other people they are in.

Tests were carried out with the plant in a Faraday cage and a lead container. Both block out radio waves. The communication still went thru unchecked. Backster concluded that this primary perception was outside the usual electromagnetic spectrum.

On one occasion Backster cut his finger and as he applied iodine to the wound the polygraph attached to his plant reacted. It also reacted when somebody poured boiling water down the sink. After months of tests it was concluded that the plants were sensitive to the destruction of living cells and the bacteria in the sink plug-hole. This lead to lengthy experiments on single cells and simple cell structures including scrapings from a human mouth. When these scrapings were centrifuged and attached via fine gold electrodes to a polygraph it was found that they reacted to the emotions of their human donor - even when he was miles away! That is, human cells react in the same way that plants do!

This was quite an astounding finding because it explained for the first time how a person’s emotions and thoughts might affect the individual body cells - and hence the functions and health of that body! In fact there is some doubt as to whether our body cells are individually controlled from the brain by electro-chemical impulses - it is considered a possibility that the cells receive "operating instructions" via this "primary perception" in a manner not yet understood. Which might explain why people who "know" that they don't catch colds... don't! And people who "know" that they are always sick... are!

In a well thought out scientific experiment, designed to quell the sceptics, Backster and his staff designed an automated device that dumped live, healthy Brine Shrimp into boiling water. At the instant the shrimp died in this boiling water, the three monitored plants reacted. The Brine were dumped automatically at random intervals so there was no human interference with the process. Light and temperature conditions were strictly controlled and a fourth polygraph (with a fixed value resistor in place of a plant leaf) was used as a control, to indicate possible fluctuations in power supplies or electromagnetic fields.

Backster's 1968 report in the International Journal of Parapsychology drew more than 7000 queries from scientists around the world, wanting more information. Most of the news media ignored Backster's work until the February 1969 edition of National Wildlife featured a story about this strange new effect.

This attracted worldwide attention and everywhere housewives started talking to their plants!

Another event led Backster onto a different path. One evening he was about to feed a raw egg to his dog. He cracked the egg in preparation and as he did this noticed that one of his plant/polygraph mechanisms reacted quite violently. He decided to attach a store-bought raw egg to his equipment and his chart recorder indicated that it was pulsing with the same rhythms as a chicken embryo, with a frequency between 160 and 170 beats per minute. However the egg was unfertilized and when it was broken open there was absolutely no sign of a circulatory system. Backster appeared to have discovered the same force which has been noticed in Kirlian Photography.

After some years of experimenting Backster's work indicated that when connected to polygraph equipment plants register pleasure, fear and relief. They respond to the threatening intentions of other life forms that they are attuned to. This is where the term PRIMARY PERCEPTION evolved in relation to the apparent interconnectedness between organic and other living matter.

Furthermore it has now been firmly established that human cells respond in the same manner to various emotions displayed by their "host' body, even when these cells are miles from their "host". Human brain neurons (made up of cells) share a common consciousness with other human brain neurons via this "primary perception" which would explain why mind-to-mind contact in the form of Subjective Communication works so well. Rupert Sheldrake calls this a morphogenic field.

There appears to be a common life-force here which has yet to be identified and explained. We have discovered it, but we don't know what it is or how to use it....yet! It is like the discovery of electricity and magnetic fields. We were able to manipulate and use them in the 19th century but didn't even come close to understanding them until well into the 20th century. And 18th century people knew about them in the form of static electricity and lodestones. (Natural magnetic rock). So it has taken around 200 years to get magnetism and electricity up and running properly.

It is likely to take a lot less time than this to commercially utilise primary perception because of the scientific protocols and equipment available. The speed of progress will be restricted only by the same human restrictions evident in the 18th and 19th century ..... "closed minds". It has been suggested that primary perception is a universal communication handshake in the same manner that gravity is a universal force field handshake.

The main problem with this primary perception business is that it only appears to work if the intent is genuine. It seems to be linked to survival and doesn't respond to play acting. Genuine sceptics also have a lot of trouble getting a response. In fact this applies to virtually all mind-power forces - if you believe in it .... it works!

The big problem with the investigation of primary perception is that it seems to work only when genuine emotional intent is involved or when there is a question of survival in living organisms. Scientists are having a hard time with it because results are not uniform and sometimes not even capable of being replicated. All other forces known to science can be reliably measured in any laboratory anywhere, which has the right equipment. Not so with the Backster Effect. So mainstream science understandably finds it hard to deal with.

If a scientist sets up a Backster style experiment in his laboratory and gets it running perfectly .... and then demonstrates it to a group of his fellow scientists only to find it doesn't work, he ends up with a certain amount of egg on his face.

This non-replicability is a serious problem for the scientific community. Science works on protocols - which can best be described as regulated pre-formatted procedures. When you approach a plant with this procedural protocol firmly fixed in your mind the plant perceives no serious emotional intent or genuine threat so it does not respond. And if the same test is applied repeatedly to the same plant its response quickly drops off. These are only some of the problems that will have to be overcome before plant life can be used for, say, interstellar communication.

There is one exception to this response-dropping factor .... and that is the death of human cells. The plants seem to respond consistently to the death of healthy human cells. At one point during Backster’s experiments he was noticing that the polygraph would give irregular emotional responses which didn't seem to tie in with any of the tests being done. It took some time to discover what it was. There was a men's urinal next door to the lab. Every time it was flushed, the plant reacted. It was finally concluded that the disinfectant in the cistern was destroying cells in the body's excretions. But the strangest thing was that when the person using the urinal was aware of this effect there was no reaction from the plant!

There have been a multitude of tests by different researchers in an attempt to ascertain the effects of love and hate on plant systems and almost without exception they report that feelings of love toward a plant enhance its growth and wellbeing, something that every "green thumb" already knows!

Experiments of this kind with plants started long before Backster made his amazing polygraph discovery but did not make any substantial public impact until America's top lie detector expert announced his findings.

Meanwhile research goes quietly on and it will be most interesting to see just where it ends up!




Double your business customers overnight..... at no extra cost!

Copyright James F. Coyle 2008, 2014



This is probably one of the most important concepts that can be used by a business to generate growth. It refers to the use of existing clients to increase sales. Many businesses advertise furiously for new customers and virtually ignore existing ones. Here is an example: In my home town there are 3 major supermarkets and many more smaller ones....all competing for my dollars. They are happy to spend vast sums of money in the local newspapers advertising their products and it is common to see 4 full pages of advertising at a probable cost of $10 - $30,000, depending on size and circulation of the paper. Yet not one of these free-spending supermarkets has tried to track me down and offer me a special deal......as a known existing customer!

I would feel somewhat "special" if they did!!

If one of these giant operators bothered to collect my name and address at the checkout counter for a raffle (the first prize could be $200 worth of free goods and who wouldn't give their name and address for that sort of prize?) and then follow that up by posting me a short 1 or 2 page semi-personalized letter offering me a 10% discount off my next checkout bill...then I'd give them my business.....wouldn't you?

This promotion would probably cost them less than what they're currently spending on advertising, because they're making a personal offer to a target market of known customers. Also on top of that, their turnover would soar. Yet I am not aware of any local supermarket currently doing this. This would be a classical example of BACKENDING. On top of this, word-of-mouth advertising would attract new customers ....and this is definitely the best sort of advertising any business can get! The names and addresses collected in this manner could be circularized for months to advise people of special deals, new products, exclusive short-buys, etc. A promotion used in this manner could also be used to invite customers to shop on the quietest day by offering a special deal. Maybe a giveaway with a high perceived value (but which actually cost the supermarket very little). By doing this the staff would be fully employed and it would make the working environment more pleasant as the staff would be dealing with happy customers.

Think about this concept carefully and see how it would apply to your business. Are you ignoring your existing customers (nearly 75% of regular businesses do)? It sometimes costs a fortune to gain new customers, but very little to sell to an existing one. If you have treated your clients fairly and given them good value they will be inclined to support you....all things else being equal.......IF ASKED !!!! It is human nature to want to deal with somebody you trust. And it is uncomfortable for many people to deal with strangers because it tends to place people outside their own "comfort zone". It is a fact that a lot of people are silently begging to be led....the churches know this........so do the astute business owners. Give the people what they want. Hold them by the hand. Give better service than your competitors. Do things differently. Make your business exciting and interesting. Make it an operation that people tend to talk about. And if you're hiring school leavers make sure you hire young people with personality. A friendly smile and natural attitude usually goes down well with customers. Too many of the young shop assistants these days appear to have gone to school mainly to eat their lunch. Choose carefully. In a retail outlet it is a fact that zero staff personality means zero(?) long-term repeat business. True?



In my home city there is an old established organisation who have been in business 60 years......and based on this it is the owners belief that he has the God-given right to expect the locals to deal exclusively with him. The fact that he carefully selects his staff by digging them up from graveyards in the middle of the night does not go down well with his customers. His staff have been carefully trained not to bargain, negotiate, be helpful....or smile.  In fact I get the impression that if one of them accidently broke into a smile.....you would hear the cobwebs twang from 50 feet away. In these days of severe competition, his trade is falling rapidly....because he is set in a business philosophy which is 30 years outdated. His Backending is....in effect....negative! And there are plenty of business operations run exactly like this. You will probably have had the misfortune to experience one or more in recent times.

By adding a positive backend component to a marginal or negative loss business you can actually turn it around to produce a positive return. If your operation is running at a loss give serious thought to this Backending. Some of the progressive businesses like the Tandy Corporation try to collect the names and addresses of all the customers who purchase off them. These people are then sent catalogues occasionally which must result in extra sales. People have money to spend. If they like your operation they will spend it with you.

An example of a variation of Backending worked well for an acquaintance of mine who owned an indoor cricket pavilion. He was complaining about the lack of players on Friday and Saturday nights. I wandered around his business one Friday night talking to people. It transpired that many players couldn't visit the pavilion at the weekends because they either couldn't afford baby-sitters or couldn't get reliable ones. I suggested to the owner that he convert an unused back area of his building into a temporary child-care centre on his two quiet nights. He put in a sandpit (at virtually no cost) and a video with cheap rental cartoons. He employed a schoolteacher who needed extra money at $45 per night. His overall turnover increased by over 40 %. And his opposition slowly went out of business.

A simple lateral solution to a serious problem!

He was actually Backending in that he used his existing customer base without advertising for new players....as his competition did. And it cost him nothing to advertise this new service. He simply placed a large hand written notice in the doorway and within a week all his regulars new about it. In effect he stopped advertising for new players and concentrated on his existing ones.

Mail-order operators rely almost 100% on Backending to make money. It costs so much thru advertising these days to attract a new customer that the logical thing to do is to keep making offers to your existing ones. Some new well financed mailing companies go a step further and actually sell a product at a loss merely to attract new clients to their mailing list. They expect to make up the loss by continued on-selling to this customer base.

During a recession anyone in business quite often has to go to extreme lengths to keep things afloat. Backending is the cheapest way to do this. Then as the economy improves you have a tremendous advantage over your competition as you are less cash-strapped and can take advantage of bargain buys which your opposition cannot afford to consider. Your business snowballs at the expense of your less astute competition.

I visited a restaurant recently which had a large round fish bowl on the counter and specialized in serving the business community. People dropped their business card in this bowl when leaving and once a month a card was drawn out and the winner given a free dinner for two. A good idea so far! I got talking to the owner and asked what he did with the business cards after the draw. He totally stunned me by saying that he threw them away!!! Here was a businessman (???) collecting 4-500 names and address of existing (presumably satisfied) customers every month.....and he was doing absolutely nothing with them. It would have cost him a small fortune to attract that many new customers via newspaper ads. So...what would you do with them if you owned this restaurant?

Simple! You would have all the names typed into a computer program in general categories of occupation. That is....you would put all the builders and construction people together. Then you would put all the doctors, lawyers and professional people in another category. And so on. Then....you would send a personal invitation out to, say, all the professionals telling them about your special "professionals only" dinner night (or dinner luncheon)....... and offer them a substantial discount in appreciation of their custom. They could also bring friends who would share in the discount. You would do this for each group in your computer customer base. The net result? A lot of NEW customers from the friends your regular clients introduced and a tremendous amount of goodwill. You could also arrange for a "mystery" speaker to address the group. Everyone loves a surprise mystery. You would be giving a discount but it is far better to have a full restaurant at reduced profits than an empty restaurant with no profits. And it adds a bit of excitement into their otherwise possibly dull lives. They will be mixing with like-minded people who share a common interest. The whole concept should be aimed at appealing to their "comfort zone" when you prepare the invitation.

Once again this is the use of Backending which will cost virtually nothing in advertising costs......but will produce a hefty increase in your cashflow. Also it is likely that many of the diners will return to your restaurant because they will have enjoyed themselves. And they'll tell their circle of friends what a great time they had. Word-of-mouth advertising....the best you can get!!

The critical thing is to collect the name and address of the majority of customers who walk in your door. And the easiest way to do this is by offering a windfall incentive such as a "lucky draw". It's even better still if you have regular weekly ongoing draws then you can tell your customers that they have a chance of winning several prizes. Everybody loves something for free. And when you hand the winner their prize take a photo of their happy smiling face and pin in on the wall by your cash register so that all your customers can see it. This will prove that your promotion is actually genuine and that the winners do in fact exist!




Many years ago I started a small electronic kitset shop in a back street in Wellington, New Zealand. I was an electronics designer and decided to start a business for myself as there appeared to be nobody else supplying kitsets. We used every last spare cent we had to open the shop. I had already developed a range of 25 kits and had pre-packaged about a dozen of each. We took a small ad in a local Wellington newspaper and slowly customers started to arrive, mainly by word-of-mouth. Over 6 months our business started to fire up but it was hard work. I approached

several electronics manufacturers (in those days they were referred to as Radio Factories) and asked if they had any surplus components left over from assembly line over-runs. To my pleasant surprise I was greeted with considerable enthusiasm as some of these factories had large warehouses overflowing with left–over components. I was able to negotiate useful components at less than half the price that I had been paying.

I designed a number of kitsets around these components and the business started to expand rapidly. I then took a batch of ads in other NZ papers and offered a mail-order service. We created a simple black and white brochure listing our kits.

In those days ham radio was very popular and we discovered that radio hams all over NZ were talking about us and ordering our brochure.

At that point we had to move to bigger premises in a better location.

We had a lot of walk-in visitors to our shop so we initiated a Friday night prize draw by capturing the name and address of all those customers who made a purchase (most were agreeable). We put their names on small bits of paper in a barrel and at 6pm each Friday night we would ask a random bystander to pull out 3 papers. The first one out would win a $100 voucher to use for purchases in our shop while the other two were for $20 vouchers.

Typically the $140 worth of goods we gave away cost us less than $40 so we were way ahead. The customers loved it! Our turnover increased dramatically and we had no need to advertise in the newspapers any more.

Meanwhile we had developed a mailing list of over 1000 customers countrywide and circularised these 8-9 times a year with our latest products.

We printed off a real cheap broadsheet on newsprint paper but it did the job. The customer base and turnover kept increasing.

After 7 years we ended up with a mailing list of over 4000 names and we were the largest kitset supplier in NZ. Quite a spectacular achievement! All brought about by various forms of Backending.


Backending is really business survival at its best.... and cheapest!!







Copyright James F. Coyle 1995, 2014



Lateral Thinking is the ability to arrive at an inspirational conclusion by using an "insight" switch in thinking to a different track!

It is the ability to add a slight "twist" to the pattern of logical thinking to produce an unexpected answer!

Lateral inspirational thinking is when you suddenly 'leap' from one line of logical thinking to another ..... unexpectedly! ..... as in the punch-line of a joke!


You're in a meeting brainstorming about a specific problem. Suddenly, as a result of something someone says, you have an inspiration. The answer flashes

into your mind!

Everyone in the room agrees that this is the answer! No doubt about it!

Great stuff but the problem is .... you're so impressed with your own cleverness in thinking of the answer, that you instantly "tunnel mind-vision" and

you can't see that any other answer is possible!

You have had an inspiration which was triggered by a comment made by one of your group!

But, by using a predetermined specific lateral thinking process, you may be able to come up with several of these "aha" solutions!

Basically your inspirational solution was triggered by an outside comment or influence.

And this is how lateral processing can be made to work at will ...... by an outside trigger!


Consider the computer! It consists of two sections ...... a memory section and a processing section. The memory section is equivalent to a giant

warehouse that stores stock.

The processing section is equivalent to the warehouse office foreman, who directs all the forklifts that manage the placement and retrieval of this stock.

The heart of it all is the memory (or storage) section. If the warehouse foreman tells a forklift driver to go down to row E, and check shelf 3, bay 18,

 for stock, then the driver can report back only one of two situations ...... either the stock is there in that position or it is not! There is no between

answer possible. And that is how a computer memory works!

It's either yes .... or .... no! Either the logic circuit is in the off mode (yes or no) at that particular storage position designated. It cannot be in a

"maybe" mode!

And the human mental logic processing system works along the same lines. When we follow a line of thought to a logical conclusion, we follow

 this yes/no process until we reach the conclusion we need.


It is an observable fact that schools are places where existing knowledge is passed on. Hence the end-of-year exams. If you get the schooling process

 right, you pass the exam. But brand new knowledge and the methods of mentally expanding and evolving the concepts implied by this knowledge,

 are beyond the curriculum of the general school system.

Universities used to be the place of ideas research. Now, apart from a few notable exceptions, this role has been taken over by private research

companies. Most quantum leaps in science and technology have taken place in private industry. Look at Silicon Valley in California. The electronic

revolution was born there! Among hundreds of privately owned firms.

The ability to look laterally at things is taught, as far as I can estimate, at less than 1% of schools.

Our everyday logical thinking has been the basis of our mental processing for over 2000 years, since the era of the ancient Greeks. While every other

form of science has evolved enormously since then ...... thinking has not! Until ...... Dr. Edward DeBono, one of the brightest analytical minds on the

planet, came up with a controlled and triggerable style of inspirational mental processing ...... LATERAL THINKING!

And it is a sad fact, that even today, education is not designed to teach people to think - it is designed to transfer existing knowledge!

In higher education these days, there seems to be no "thirst" for new knowledge ...... only a "thirst" to learn existing knowledge!

After 2000 odd years, it has become obvious that ordinary vertical thinking has an inherent restriction ...... because ...... you cannot always see

something in a new way by simply looking at it harder in the old way!


Let us look at what happens when a problem has to be solved.


There are a number of possible solutions. You start a logical vertical thought process which takes you so far ..... and then you get stuck!

Now at this point, by introducing, intentionally, a trigger situation, you find that your mind suddenly leaps to a new vertical path, and with a bit

 more logical thought, a solution materializes.

When you think laterally ...... you move your search for the solution sideways ...... so you can continue on a new vertical track!

Lateral sideways.jpg

As explained earlier, logical thinking is based on the yes/no process, but if we introduce a new component ...... a maybe ...... we can use it to

generate the required lateral shift to move ourselves over from that "stuck" position.

Now before we go any further, ask yourself if everything is clear so far. If not, go back to the diagram and study it again.

The secret to the whole process as Edward DeBono discovered, was this magic "maybe" trigger!

He evolved a new word for it ...... which he called ...... "PO"!

It is sometimes convenient to think of this as an abbreviated word for "suppose".

This "PO" concept acts like a reverse gear in a car. Without reverse, we can get stuck in any blind alley, but with reverse, you can back out!

It is a special gear used in addition to your normal forward gear. PO is a mental reverse gear! It enables you to reset your mind pattern so you

can think your way out of a dead-end situation and proceed in a forward direction.

PO acts to create a "sideways" leap into an alternative logical thought pattern ...... by introducing discontinuity!

Dr. DeBono found that by introducing this "PO" concept into our obsolete 2-3000 year old thinking process, we could jump past mental blocks and barriers.

At this point, I won't go into full details of the "PO" concept.  What I will do however, is show you how to use this "PO" concept.

Very briefly...... there are two ways to use "PO" ........

"PO" as a Storage Factor!

The "PO" factor can be used to instigate a temporary storage of a solution that looks, on the surface, ridiculous! You mentally maintain this concept

for a short period of time to use it as a "stepping stone" to more logical solutions.

"PO" as a Triggering Factor!

"PO" can be used to set up an extraneous factor by introducing outside or fringe trigger words to evolve a way past a block in your logical processing


Now let's look at the first concept ...... using "PO" as a storage / ridiculous factor -

I used this very same concept many years ago to solve the problem of how to double the turnover of a local supermarket without increasing advertising


My thinking went like this .....

"PO" - give the food away free (Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? But stick with me ......)

What would happen if the food were free? Logical answer ...... everyone in town would rush in to get their free food at the supermarket .....

word-of-mouth advertising!

Result ...... no profit ...... end of supermarket !!!

"PO " - give some food away free! Logical thought .... how could this be done in a manner which ensured financial survival of the business?

"PO" - give the food away to selected customers only! And by following logical thinking from here, the result was not only inspirational but

highly effective!

We gave food away to random customers ...... selected at random electronically when they paid their bill at the check-out. Every so often, a bell

would ring ...... lights would flash and the customer who was selected at random by the electronics attached to the cash registers, would find they

 got their groceries for free! This was triggered to happen on an average once every 30-50 customers, which on a busy day was every 15-20 minutes,

so virtually everyone who walked into that supermarket, saw some lucky customer get a "win"!

The newspapers thought this was fantastic! So did the customers!

The supermarket was able to cut its newspaper advertising bill by over 80%. Word-of-mouth did the rest! The free groceries and the reduced

advertising bill still meant that the owner was paying about the same "promotional" costs every month ...... but ...... his customers doubled!!!


Now, let's look at the second "PO" ..... the triggering factor!

Many years ago when I first attended lateral thinking seminars run by Edward DeBono, he gave quite a graphic demonstration on how much

to use this "trigger"! He handed one of the seminar attendees a dictionary and told her to shut her eyes and open the dictionary at any page.

He then told her to run her finger down the page and stop anywhere she liked. She was then told to open her eyes and tell us the main heading word

nearest her finger. (It turned out that any word at all will do, providing it is not deliberately selected).

The word she picked out was ..... incubate!

Now to the problem DeBono set us, which was solved with the use of this "trigger" word ......

The problem was given as follows ......

You are driving down town in your car and you suddenly realize that you are out of cigarettes.

You see a corner store up ahead so you pull up in front of this shop and whip inside to buy a packet. You leave your car running and the keys in

the ignition. You are in the shop less than 60 seconds but as you come out, you see your car disappearing down the road. It has been stolen! You

report this to the Police but realize you may never see your car again!

However, a week later, you are walking down a side street in another part of town and amazingly you see your car, parked in front of a sleazy bar.

You hastily glance into your car and you see that it is locked. You are in an isolated part of town and you are naturally reluctant to go into the bar

in search of the thief. You figure that by the time you find a phone and the Police arrive, the car could have gone again. So, what to do?

Now this is the problem Dr. DeBono gave us. And we had selected the trigger word ...... incubate!

We were then invited to develop concepts around this word. We came up with the following ......

§  To hatch

§  To grow from nothing

§  Egg - round object - stationary

§  Inert object - capable of later life

§  To nurture under controlled conditions

§  Addition of special conditions to make it function as intended

§  etc. etc.

There were about 40 such suggestions but the ones above were selected as the most likely "key" trigger concepts. So we worked around them.

We kept coming back to ...... inert object - capable of later life.

This evolved into the statement that the car was inert until the key was inserted and the engine started. Someone else suggested that if the

incubator was not switched on, the process could not complete itself. A logical train of thought from here suggested the fact that if the key

could not be inserted into the ignition, the engine could not be started.

Then someone suggested that if the door key were prevented from opening the door from the outside, the same effect could be achieved.

Bingo! It was suggested that the door locks be jammed ..... with bits of slit matchsticks in the keyholes, so that the key couldn't be inserted

into the car door.

Simultaneously, someone suggested that to further make the "incubator" inert that two tires be let down. With only one spare tire available,

the car couldn't be made mobile quickly!

Do you see how it works?

Now, obviously all this is not very practical if you're standing in front of your stolen car, but as you get more and more into the use of lateral

thinking, then these "lateral" solutions pop into your mind spontaneously!

I was personally most impressed with this example. I could see how a "random" word could trigger a lateral sideways movement in ordinary

thinking. In fact, I remember thinking that this is so simple ..... it's stupid! But over the years, I've found that it not only works, but usually

 works without fail!

I have developed, however, 10 random words that seem to give me the best results. Each word has a strong implication and meaning attached

to it. By attaching one of these to your problem, a lateral influence is exerted by forcing you to think along a totally different track ..... a track

which you would normally not consider! A bit like the reverse gear in the car.

Here are the words I use ......

1. Ridiculous
2. Invert
3. Reverse
4. Escape
5. Kamikaze
6. Deity
7. Impossible
8. Container
9. Window
10. Time

Each word has a number attached to it. I keep 10 little squares of cardboard in a glass tumbler.

Each piece has a number on it. When I need a word I close my eyes, shake the tumbler and pick out one piece at random. If it has on it, for

 example, the number 8, I use the associated word "container".


In logical vertical thinking, we concentrate on what is relevant and ignore the rest.

In lateral thinking, by the use of "PO", we concentrate temporarily on something which is irrelevant and ignore the rest in the meantime!

Other events may also trigger a sideways lateral movement in your thinking pattern.

You may, for example, wander into a hardware shop or some other place where you don't normally go, and because of your mental absorption

with the products on display, your subconscious may trigger a lateral shift in a problem that has been bothering you. In fact, any external events

at all which absorb your concentration, may trigger this intuitive “leap”!

After you use these intentional triggering devices for a while, they tend to become ingrained into your thought processes and become automatic.





The ultimate mind-to-mind connection

Copyright James F. Coyle 2014

An extraordinary new concept - an unidentified mental force!

Mental gravity "sucks" compatible minds together like objects

in space so that complementary mind-sets attract each other.



How it was developed and how spectacularly successful the Beta testing has been!

It all started with a conversation I overheard between my wife and three of her girlfriends.

We were all sitting out on the veranda having a coffee and they were discussing a girl they knew who was apparently considered a really nasty piece of work. She was bad tempered, abusive and mistreated her staff. She owned a small shop which should have been quite successful as she stocked exclusive products but due to her poor attitude towards her customers found sales falling. She tried to get a loan from her bank but they turned her down as she was notorious for abusing the staff. She owed the staff several weeks back pay and had made no effort to correct this situation. Eventually she ran a closing down sale and dumped all her stock. She told the staff that Friday night that she would be in to clean up the premises on Monday morning and would pay them then. However over the weekend she caught a flight out of the county and disappeared. My wife’s friends were talking about how she had no friends at all so there was nobody around willing to help her. Apparently the business had great potential and if she had bothered to cultivate a few friends it could have been an outstanding success. You can probably relate this to people you know personally. The ones who do well in life usually have a lot of friends. Think about the local shops you visit. Do the "friendly" ones do better business than the others? I’ll bet they do!

Well, this got me thinking and I woke up around 3am the next morning with all this on my mind. It occurred to me that success depended on the number of friends a person has. Without friends an individual becomes an "Island" and is all alone. Then I considered all the genuinely successful people I know and realised that they all had a ton of friends. This got me thinking even more.

I dwelt on this over the next few days and slowly realised that a person’s happiness and success in life revolved around the number of friends and close contacts they had.... individuals they could call on in times of need. And I started to wonder if I could develop a program that would attract more friends to a person. This would be a totally different approach from any other program I had developed over the previous 30 years.

All human minds are connected together at a subconscious level which is generally known as the "collective unconscious" or "universal consciousness". This is a well established fact as is the effect of subjective communication which has been around for many years. I started to wonder if I could use this "collective unconscious" to draw people together in some way. Individuals drawn in this way would feel naturally friendly towards each other.

At the next meeting of our local mind-power enthusiasts here in Vanuatu I ran this idea past the team. They seemed pretty enthusiastic about the concept so I decided to start experimenting. One of the team suggested that this would be like gravity drawing planets together and this evolved into the idea of mental gravity.

After several months of fiddling with the concept I wrote what I thought would be a workable program and presented it to the team. It worked in a totally reverse way to anything I had tried before so I didn’t know how effective it would be. Then I started to receive comments from the team members who seemed highly delighted with it. We had another meeting some 2 weeks later and a few suggestions were made that would improve the method.

After about a month it became obvious that this was by far the best program I had ever come up with. The results were not only astounding but sometimes quite startling. One of the team members described his results as "scary". We all fiddled with the program for another month and made a few minor alterations. It turned out to be simpler to use than many of my other programs and better still the results tended to happen quite quickly..... not some weeks later.

I then presented the program for Beta testing to my mailing list and the feedback so far has been highly impressive. There has not been one single negative comment, only very positive testimonials. I guess it’s because this program has been developed from a totally new angle that nobody else has thought of before.

This seems to me to be the ultimate success program. I’ve been researching this type of material for over 30 years now and I don’t think that I could do any better!



Gravity is a force of attraction that acts between and on all physical objects with matter (mass) or energy which causes all physical bodies to attract each other. It is most commonly recognized and experienced as the agent that gives weight to physical objects and causes physical objects to fall toward the ground when dropped from a height. Gravity is the only force acting on all particles with mass; it has an infinite range; it is always attractive and never repulsive and it cannot be absorbed, transformed, or shielded against.

The force of  MENTAL GRAVITY appears to do exactly the same thing between certain mindsets particularly under the compelling situations of deep emotion and dedicated focus.

What we have discovered is the mental equivalent of this gravitational force.

The minds of  individuals connect at a basic universal subconscious level and certain complementary people are automatically attracted to each other, no matter what the physical distance between them. They tend to gravitate together, sometimes in the strangest of coincidental circumstances.


This Mental Gravity concept is akin to the "spooky" QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT experiments being carried out by the scientific community. It appears that under certain pre-established conditions subatomic particles such as photons and electrons interact with each other simultaneously over vast distances. It thus appears that one particle of an entangled pair "knows" what measurement has been performed on the other, and with what outcome, even though there is  no known means for such information to be communicated between the particles, which at the time of measurement may be separated by enormously large distances. Interestingly, this communication happens faster than the speed of light, hence the "spooky" part, according to the University of Washington.

What is important here is that these particles communicate with each other in a manner we don't understand. The Mental Gravity concept works in an equally mysterious manner. We know it works....... but we don't know why.

Let me give you a personal example of this:

Many years ago I was skydiving at the Lake Taupo airfield in New Zealand. There were three of us parachutists and we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves. I noticed a young couple watching us with considerable interest and the lady eventually walked over to me and asked if it were possible for her husband and her to come up with us on a jump run. We placed them in the back of the aircraft with a security bar clipped into place so they couldn't fall out. The empty aircraft would be descending rapidly while doing steep alternate turns so this precaution was necessary. Before we left the ground I noticed that the lady was wearing thin clothes so I loaned her my fur-lined leather jacket to wear. At our 8000 ft jump altitude it would be cold with the wind blowing in the open doorway.

They thoroughly enjoyed the trip and we parted company.

Some years later (about 10 years) I met up with a group of people over dinner in Australia and the conversation got round to parachuting. A lady mentioned that she had experienced a magic ride with a group of jumpers in Taupo many years before. I looked at her and asked if the jump-master had loaned her a leather jacket. She said he did. She was totally stunned when she realised I was that person.

That was coincidence #1.

Some 5 years later exactly the same thing happened. I met up with her again at another dinner function somewhere. Once again we identified each other.

Then, about 5 years after that..... we met again!

Three times in all.  There was clearly some mental attraction that kept us connected. I found all this very strange and put it down to a remarkable set of coincidences.

However I now realise it was caused by this Mental Gravity connection.


How and why people connect ....... complementary requirements.........

Let us suppose you have a deep emotional requirement. Possibly to move out of your accommodation and live in a more satisfactory environment. You have this emotional yearning and intense desire to move. You think non-stop about moving.

 Later that day you call into your local supermarket and while wheeling your trolley of food outside see an elderly gentleman who has fallen over on the footpath and tipped his own trolley on its side, spilling his purchases. You naturally help him restack his groceries and walk him to his car. He is extremely grateful and you both get talking. He tells you he has had a bad day as one of his tenants has skipped owing rent. Apparently he owns a number of rental units. You tell him you are looking for alternative accommodation and he immediately sparks up and offers to show you this unit. Well, it is exactly what you are looking for but you tell him you probably can't afford it. He asks what you pay now and he says he will match that price as he thinks you would make an ideal tenant.

Three days later you move. He tells you not to worry about paying a bond as he trusts you. So there you are...... in a vastly better situation for the same amount of rental money!

You both had complementary requirements that solved each other's problem and you met under the strangest of circumstances. Mental Gravity at work!

Another situation is where you may be totally fed up with your job. You don't like your boss or your workmates. You have this intense desire to move on to something less stressful and you have been focusing on this continually. A friend invites you to have drinks with them that Friday night after work and you reluctantly go along. You find yourself talking to an older woman who asks what you do for a living. You tell her. She immediately says.... "That's interesting. I'm looking for a girl with your experience for a similar position".....

You take a "sickie" from work on Monday and go and meet her. The job is not only exactly what you are looking for but she offers you the position there and then. At a slightly higher pay! You give 2 weeks’ notice at your old job and start the new one in a vastly superior environment.

Mental Gravity at work again. Complementary requirements being met and neutralised.

Another situation is where you find yourself in a critical financial position. (And most of us have experienced this mentally debilitating situation.) You are losing sleep and the whole thing is causing you a vast amount of worry. You are behind on your house mortgage payments and also your car loan. Likewise your credit card is at its limit.  You have approached your bank for a higher mortgage but they won't help as your payments have been unreliable. You don't know what to do.

In desperation you place a small advert in the local paper asking for someone to help you consolidate your debts. To your surprise you actually receive one phone call from an elderly gentleman who tells you he may be able to help. He arranges to visit you after work the next day.  He arrives about 6pm and you sit down and have a chat. You point out that you have a solid job but had to take 2 months off without pay for medical reasons. At the same time your old car blew up and you had to replace the engine. So you have ended up 2 months behind in all payments. He looks at your tax returns and asks permission to talk to your bank manager. Two days later he rings you and suggests a meeting. You are totally surprised to find that he has arranged for your bank to give you a new mortgage which will leave money over to pay your car repairs and your credit card. He tells you he has done this by guaranteeing your loan at the bank. This actually costs him nothing but he is using his good name to make the new loan secure. He said that your bank manager was quite positive about your situation but his hands were tied because of head office rules. So the new loan is settled and your debts are paid. You find out later that this "White Knight" had just sold a number of commercial properties and was wondering what to do with all the money that suddenly appeared in his bank account. He had decided to help others less fortunate where possible. He had a need to help people..... you needed help. On top of this he refused to accept any payment for his assistance.

Mental Gravity again!!


What is happening here is that there is a direct subconscious connection between those who want to give assistance....... and those who need help. It’s rather like two people falling in love..... they have an incredibly strong emotional need for each other. The trigger for this Mental Gravity appears to be total focus and a degree of desperation. That is...... a deep emotional yearning. I have actually noticed this all my life but never really paid much attention to it.

This is a mutual attraction process which is always highly beneficial to both parties.

I have recently concluded that it should be easily possible to trigger this connection by using a specific mind-inducement program.

Think back....... have people suddenly popped into your life and helped you...... for no apparent reason? Chances are that this event has happened more than once. These events appeared to happen accidently but in fact they were Mental Gravity at work! The trick is to try and recapture similar events in the future..... and that is what we are working on.





Copyright  James F. Coyle  2012


This is a personal story of how I used a unique alpha

and a combined visualization process to save myself

 from bankruptcy and an emotional breakdown. 

It worked magnificently. A handful of close contacts

subsequently used the process with generally very

spectacular and significant results.

This is the first time I have disclosed this method.


Alpha is the relaxed mental state you experience just before sleep; just after you wake up and during the daydream condition. By training yourself to go to alpha on demand you can keep your wide awake conscious mind ticking while your body goes to alpha. This is sometimes known as the mind-awake body-asleep state.

There are 5 main methods of intentionally experiencing the alpha state:

1 – Buy a copy of the original Silva Mind Course book (Silva was the first westerner to identify this dual condition) and learn the process over 90 days.

2 – Go on the 3 day Silva (or equivalent) course and learn the process quickly, but then you will need to constantly practice it for 2 weeks to get the process “locked in.”

3 – Use the alpha instructions in my book BEYOND BELIEF to make a cassette tape and learn the process in 14 days.

4 – You can use a “mind machine” which uses pulsing tones and flashing lights. This will induce alpha but will not teach you the process.

5 – Use the same technique described below as I did and couple it with an extremely powerful visualization exercise which literally “saved” me. I have not written about this process before as it is highly personal and only a handful of my acquaintances are aware of it. However a couple of my daughters have used it with considerable success.

The alpha meditation process described in this small booklet uses the 5th technique.

This Alpha program literally saved me from bankruptcy and an emotional breakdown.


Let me explain exactly what happened:

I had been fiddling with the alpha business for some months and had looked at various methods including the live 3 day alpha seminar. I decided in the finish to develop my own alpha program coupled with what I thought would be a very powerful visualization method. I had used the visualization by itself and I gained the impression it was very powerful.

I decided to combine both methods together and faithfully carried out the program for around 2 months. I started to feel better about myself but still had all these financial worries. I had been losing sleep at night and was generally not feeling very healthy.

I had recently become divorced and was struggling with a business that was failing rapidly. In fact my business was so bad that I had taken up selling real estate for a local realty company. The problem was the recession had hit that market badly and the agents weren’t making many sales. One agent had had no sales for 6 months and as the agents get paid only by commission then he was really hurting. Over the past 6 months I had only made 3 sales and as these were cheap properties the commission was fairly small. Not enough to live on.

The crunch came when the bank which I had been dealing with for years bounced a cheque of mine for a lousy $3. To say that I was distressed was an understatement.

I can recall lying in bed that night “screaming” at the universe...... “What is the matter with you? Why aren’t you helping me? I’ve faithfully followed the alpha and visualization process for months so what is your problem?”

I was totally brassed off and felt thoroughly let down. I was in a highly emotional state and really let the “universe” have it!

Well, the very next morning a potential client called in to see me at the real estate office. He had been thinking about making an offer on one of the listed houses but could never make up his mind and I regarded him as a waste of time. I couldn’t believe it when he sat down at my desk and produced a written offer on that property. I told him I would visit the owner immediately and if he returned to my office in an hour or so he would have an answer. The owner agreed immediately to the price and I suggested to him we make the contract binding by insisting that the buyer sign a clause making the 10% deposit immediately releasable. That is, instead of the deposit being held in trust until settlement for a month it was released to the vendor straight away. Out of this came my commission so it meant that I would receive my payment within a day or so. The vendor was totally agreeable so when the buyer arrived back in my office I told him the conditions of sale. To my surprise he was agreeable so we drew up the contract with the extra clause which he signed then wrote out the 10% deposit cheque. The office manager banked this immediately and 2 days later I received my commission of $800. Now this was a long time ago so that would probably be worth $3000 or more in today’s money.

And to my utter amazement I sold 2 more properties that week for a total commission of $2,800. This happened in the first week of that month and by the end of the month I had sold 7 properties, one of which was a higher priced motel so my overall commissions for the month were around $7000 which was a lot of money in those days. By the end of the month I had paid up all outstanding debts and changed banks after giving the manager of my old bank one of the biggest verbal “serves” he had ever had. This really wasn’t a very bright thing to do but it made me feel better and oddly enough we became quite good friends down the line. He actually regarded the episode as quite funny.

Meanwhile none of the other 5 agents in the office were making any significant sales and they were very puzzled as to how I was achieving this. I said nothing! I kept the alpha visualization process secret.

What had happened was that I had “hit” the universe with a highly emotional and intensive message that it responded to. It wasn’t until much later in my mind-power research I realised that this highly charged emotional state was the key to outstanding results. Focussed intent coupled with deep emotion basically triggers off the results you are looking for. The more emotional you become the greater the results which is quite often why the “universe” saves you at the last critical moment..... your emotion has become increasingly intense as things worsen.

This is probably why individuals who are totally desperate become highly emotional and suddenly achieve quite spectacular results. Some individuals however mentally picture all the bad things that will happen and sure enough...... they get the results they expect.

Here is the exact method that I used:

Firstly I relaxed and closed my eyes and pictured myself slowly walking down 10 concrete steps to a nice beach. At every step I would say to myself..... “I am relaxing more and more and entering the alpha state.” When I reached the 3rd step down I “pictured” a nice house on the hillock to the right of the steps. I also pictured a very attractive cabin cruiser on a large trailer in my backyard. As I walked down the steps I kept picturing this house and boat. When I reached the bottom of the steps I pictured myself  lying back in a recliner beach chair with a small table alongside. On this table was a pitcher of cool drink. I poured a glass and as I drank it I gazed out over this magnificent beach and ocean in the small bay in front of me.

Then I pictured myself getting up and slowly walking 10 steps to a large log at the water’s edge. At every step I gave myself the same suggestion as above..... “I am relaxing more and more and entering the alpha state.” I then pictured myself sitting on this log for a few minutes admiring the view then standing up and walking into the water. I “saw” myself swimming 10 slow breast-strokes to a buoy moored just off the beach.

At each slow swimming stroke I would repeat the above relaxation suggestion. I rested there briefly then swam back to the beach and walked the final 10 steps back over to the recliner beach chair, giving myself the above alpha suggestions all the way. I then pictured myself reclining back in the chair once again visualizing the house and boat on the hillock above me.  I then let go and saw myself dropping into a light sleep. Of course all this was happening while I was lying on a settee in my lounge.

At each “step” it is important you say to yourself........ ..... “I am relaxing more and more and entering the alpha state.”

I wasn’t just doing the alpha training program....... I was firing my requirements into the universe in an alpha state which is vastly more potent than doing visualization in the wide-awake beta state.

And guess what?  Within 3 years I owned both a beachfront house and a nice boat! I could have bought these earlier if I had been prepared to borrow money but opted to wait until I could pay cash.

My business had picked up to the point where I sold it but still sold real estate as a sideline because the sales kept happening. In fact everything I touched seemed to work out very well indeed. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that all this success was caused by my alpha-visualization program. Most of the other real estate agents in the office had left the occupation because they simply weren’t making sales and couldn’t survive on the minimal commissions they were making. There was also a degree of jealousy based on the fact that I was making consistent sales and they weren’t.

The end result of this particular method caused ongoing personal successes and since then I have never really had to worry about money again. Also I was single at that time but had too many worries to think about getting a girlfriend. However shortly after this I found myself meeting a number of eligible women sometimes in the strangest of circumstances and I eventually ended up in a very satisfactory relationship.

It seemed that I was able to attract exactly the right type of ladies into my life thanks to my Alpha visualization program. And the strange thing was that when I first met these ladies we related immediately to each other..... as if we were old friends.

As the years passed I continued with my alpha and visualization practice and eventually taught myself how to drop deeper into the theta range, then eventually into delta. I uploaded to Kindle two small books called Teach Yourself Theta and also Teach Yourself Delta...... for those interested in pursuing these deeper mind states.

This potent visualization process is vitally important to any individual who feels locked in and out of direct control. The problem I initially had with visualization was that I couldn’t easily generate a mental picture. It took several weeks of practice to achieve this and I suspect a lot of others will be in this position. I started practicing by holding a lemon in my hand and after gazing at it would close my eyes and try to picture it. This process eventually worked and I have no trouble at all now mentally picturing almost anything I wish. In fact I can “mentally’ cut the lemon in half and visualize myself tasting it. Yech!!

As far as I can tell virtually every human success has been caused by the result of visualization or an extremely strong emotional urge for a desired result. They are the result of an absolute emotional “yearning” playing non-stop in an individual’s mind.

As I grow older I notice the difference between people who have a plan in mind and those that don’t. The ones that don’t merely shuffle through life in an erratic manner accepting whatever is thrown at them...... and achieving very little.

On the other hand those with a definite plan seem to progress further and quicker. I have noticed this particularly among younger people who subconsciously recognize that they need to become emotionally involved with their plan for their future. Some of them are not even familiar with the concept of  “asking” the universe for help but they just get on with their plan anyway and sometimes achieve wondrous results, without ever realizing why good things happened.


The beauty about learning alpha is that you can drop into it at any convenient time and relax your whole body. An acquaintance does this at work every day just after lunch. He disappears into a back storeroom and relaxes on a couple of cartons and drops to alpha for 15 minutes. He wakes up refreshed and eager to work while his workmates have lost their energy and don’t do much to impress the boss. My acquaintance has been promoted twice in the past 6 months over the heads of others who have been there longer, much to their annoyance. But his boss considers him to be an energetic and alert worker which is why he got the promotions. All because of his alpha training. As he said ..... “It wouldn’t have happened without the alpha!”

I have used this same technique many times late in the afternoon when I am expected to take my wife out to a gathering. At least I arrive there fresh and alert. I also use it when I am playing slot machines in the local casino. I can sometimes feel myself on the verge of winning something worthwhile but it isn’t quite happening, usually because I feel tired. I retire to the men’s room and lock myself in a cubicle where I sit down and rest my head on my hands while my elbows are resting on my legs.

There is a trick to this:  Cross your knees and rest your elbows in between your thighs. This will lock your elbows in place so they don’t fall off. Then lock your hands together by interlacing your fingers. Place your chin on your locked hands so your head can’t fall to one side. If you’re sitting down while reading this you might like to briefly try this simple exercise. You will be surprised to note that it is quite a stable position and also reasonably comfortable and simply prevents you from sliding sideways off your seat. You can then drop to Alpha or Theta in reasonable comfort. It is quite an easy position to maintain for 15 minutes or so.

 I can drop to alpha (and sometimes theta) quite effectively doing this and if I start to fall asleep an elbow is likely to fall off a knee which wakes me up. I have often arrived back in the casino after only 10 minutes of alpha and pulled off some worthwhile wins as my mind has been relaxed and my natural luck works better.

Try this for yourself if you are a gambler. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

Quite often while playing slots I find myself in a daydream state thinking of something else and snap out of it when I suddenly notice a substantial win. This is a frequent event in my life. I have no doubt others have noticed the same thing.

You can often solve a vexing problem if you lie back in a relaxed position and drop to alpha, while thinking about your problem. Quite often a solution will just pop into your head not long after the alpha session ends. This is an extremely handy ability to possess as it enables you to solve problems while others struggle and perhaps never come up with the right solution.

Alpha training puts you ahead of the pack. There are NO disadvantages to it.

It is a natural human state anyway but what you are doing is focussing and directing the process.

The visualization process is part of giving the universe your “order.” The trick is to pack as much emotion into this as possible. One way to do this is to tie it in with an existing emotional event that has recently affected you. Perhaps someone has done something totally stupid or vindictive and really upset you. Bring this to mind when you are doing your visualization so that you have some emotion packed into the equation.

So you will be doing your visuals while in an angry emotional state of mind. It doesn’t seem to matter what causes the emotion....... only that it is present while visualizing and if you are doing this as part of the alpha exercise then you are really feeding your desires solidly into the universe.

Emotional content is the absolute secret.

 The deeper and more powerful the emotion, the quicker and more effective the results. I suspect that this is how many reported “miracles” have been caused...... by the overpowering emotion of necessity. I haven’t actually created any instant miracles myself but on several occasions I have come close to it, which has always made me shake my head in wonder! I’m certain some of you will have had the same spectacular results. Personally I just accept these results as due to me but always make a point of “thanking” the universe when next in a meditative state.

I have also noticed over the years that a deep emotion fires up the slot machines. Many times I have given a machine a “last spin” in disgust and as I stand up to walk away it suddenly produces a decent win. I suspect this is to do with a sudden release of angry theta waves based on my increasing frustration. I have lost count of the times I have emptied my coin bucket and placed the last coin in a machine, only to find it gives me a decent “hit” on this final spin. My wife and her friends are always highly amused when this happens which is frequently.

The strange thing about alpha is that time gets distorted. If you arrange to have a watch or clock suspended above your head so that you can watch the seconds hand you will often notice that time appears to slow down.  Sometimes it appears that 4-5 seconds have passed while the second’s hand of the watch only moves 1 second. That is, the seconds hand appears to be moving infinitely slowly. When you observe this happening you have achieved quite a relaxed alpha state. Now I have never figured what practical use this could ever be but it’s an interesting phenomenon and indicates that your alpha state is working well. I guess this is why we can have a dream that appears to last for hours but in real time actually only lasts for minutes. This is usually regarded as “subjective” time. The first time you successfully try this experiment you will be quite bemused but it is a good guide to let you know that you are having success with your meditation techniques. As you learn to drop further into the lower state of theta you will notice this effect more pronounced and feel that 20-30 seconds have passed while the seconds hand has only moved 2 seconds. It almost appears at times as if the seconds hand has seized up and won’t move. If you are relaxing for 10 minutes in this alpha state your body appears to believe that you’ve had a good hour’s sleep and wakes up feeling refreshed.

As you are coming out of alpha you say to yourself..... “ I’m waking up on the count of 3 and will feel wide awake and refreshed.”

Repeat this several times as you count up. If you don’t do this you may wake up feeling tired and lethargic.

During an alpha exercise you can sometimes feel a shift in consciousness as both sides of your brain start to work together. This can be quite a strange feeling until you become used to it. You are inducing your right hand creative brain to operate simultaneously with your left hand logical brain. This can be an extremely powerful combination if you are trying to solve problems mentally.

Those who practice alpha regularly often report that they are more intuitively “aware” during their waking hours.

There is absolutely no downside to alpha meditation. We drop into alpha many times per day anyway....without any conscious control over this mind state. With our controlled and programmed alpha practice we exercise full control. That is the difference!!


An interesting thing happens when you learn to enhance your brain's natural Alpha waves .........a whole new world opens up! Because you are adding intuitive activity to your usual logical neural activity you become more creative and aware. The Alpha frequency ticks along between 7-14 cycles per second.

And this makes you feel different…..almost like a shift in consciousness at times.

Nothing bothers you so much! You sleep better!  In fact you can go to sleep any time you wish, even in the most uncomfortable noisy situation. You can quietly slip out to the washroom and after only 10 minutes of alpha relaxation come out mentally and physically re-charged. Your intuition increases out of sight ...... you tend to sense what people are thinking and learn to read them like a book. Strange events happen. For example, you think about getting a parking space in a busy spot down town - and you get one. Virtually every time! You mentally focus on completing your journey as quickly as possible and for some strange reason all the traffic lights seem to stay green for you. You find that you tend to stay stress-free all day and when you get home at night, instead of collapsing into a chair you feel quite energetic. Your increased alpha wave activity causes you to radiate a sense of serenity which others notice. They tend to relax in your presence and find you easy to be with. You get "urges" to do things for no apparent reason - and this turns out to your benefit, like buying a scratch-it ticket on the spur of the moment and finding you've won $500. Or the phone rings and you suddenly "know" who it is before you pick it up.

The list goes on and on. There is absolutely no "downside" to alpha that I've ever heard about. In fact quite the reverse. People who learn to use alpha all make the same comments. They feel different. They feel more in control. They sleep better. They feel healthier. They don't seem to catch colds as often as the rest of us do.

For many years the scientific community assumed that once a person dropped into alpha they would tend to fall asleep. The creator of the Silva Mind Course, Jose Silva, proved otherwise. In a test in a major medical institution an electroencephalograph (EEG machine) was connected to his head via electrode sensors and he was able to demonstrate that he could drop into the alpha range and still maintain conscious control. That is, he had both brain hemispheres working simultaneously. These days there are plenty of people who can go one better and drop to theta while maintaining conscious thought. There are even individuals who have been able to train themselves to drop down to the delta range while maintaining a simultaneous beta rhythm.

On rare occasions while lying on my back and intentionally reducing my brain frequencies I have noticed that my mouth drops open and I start to snore ..... but I am fully aware of this. It is actually quite an uncanny feeling and gives one the sense of supreme confidence in ones abilities. When you reach this stage of control you become aware that nothing in life can really hassle you. That is .... you are in control!  (It took me about 24 months of constant practice to reach this level of expertise). Some readers will be able to achieve this state much quicker than I did as I had no experienced person to guide me and I did not know what was possible or attainable. Now I know and I'm happy to pass the knowledge on.

Basically what happens when you start practicing alpha is that you open up your right-brain faculties, which haven't had too much use since the days of your childhood, when you were free to use your imagination a lot. Once you reactivate these channels they tend to remain open ..... all day long!

It is rather like doing a workout in the gymnasium. While you are working-out you burn off calories and the strange thing is you keep burning them off for some hours after you've finished the workout.

Alpha training seems to work the same way. Once you get this disused mental ability working again it stays up and running!

Alpha and theta are natural brain rhythms and you naturally pass in and out of these over a normal 24 hour period so there is no harm at all in bringing them on more often. It's when you get down to low theta ranges that you should start exercising a little more caution as you can tend to over-ride your subconscious control over the natural body rhythms. But you won't need to worry about this for a couple of years, even if you do practice it every day.

When I first started learning the alpha technique I was so fascinated with it (and most people are) that I grossly overdid it. I was going into alpha 7-8 times a day - akin to starting a physical exercise regime and overdoing it - your muscles hurt. You've got to give them recovery time. The same applies to the right alpha/theta brain - give yourself time out from intensive alpha occasionally, at least till this under- used "muscle" gets back into shape. If you're going to do heavy alpha practice, say with a mind machine, for a week or so then take a couple of days break occasionally, especially if you're practicing Remote Viewing or Out-Of-Body experiences. These two exercises get to the very core of your being and tend to drain you mentally if you overdo them. They might have been natural to the human race 10-20,000 years ago but thousands of years of mental neglect have put us back to square one.

Some American mind-power practitioners have even been able to maintain a constant body temperature in freezing conditions such as during military manoeuvres in New Zealand in mid winter.

Actually none of this should be too surprising because your subconscious mind controls absolutely all your automatic body functions. What you are doing is giving your subconscious new instructions. If you want to change the speed of your breathing or slow your heart right down you can by temporarily modifying your mind-program controlling these vital functions.

Likewise you can change the local temperature of any part of your body and block out pain such as migraines. But you've got to be careful here that you don't override some serious medical condition.

About all that is left over from our original natural mental prowess are the strange abilities to daydream and experience Deja-vue. These appear to be closely related to RVing and OBEing and are probably a diffused leftover. When you really think about it daydreaming is a total anomaly. There is no logical reason for us to have this ability unless it is a left-over from something much more profound and useful. Deja-vue is another strange anomaly ..... it is almost as if we are remembering our future which is what a number of experienced mind-power professionals believe.

The Australian Aboriginals use a trance-like Alpha state to effectively Remote View distant events. If one of their important chiefs dies maybe 100 miles away the local tribes suddenly “know” this and start their 2-3 day trek to the burial site. This is well known among the Australian European community who are generally well aware that these indigenous people have strange mental powers.

My personal feeling is that with the technical advancement of society we westerners have lost these natural abilities whereas the Aboriginals with their less sophisticated society have retained this natural ability.

Thank you for reading this small Alpha manual. It tells you exactly how I used the process and as such is short and “punchy” without all the usual waffle and filler that other authors tend to insert into their books.





Copyright James F. Coyle 2014





The world does not care how “nice” you are. It does not care whether you live or die, are broke,

sick, suicidal or have AIDS or Covid. It cares only about what you can do for it and how

valuable you are to others. If you don’t play by these rules it makes you “invisible”.


Think about it. The nicest people you know are often those who get absolutely nowhere in life while sometimes the “bastards” do quite well.

Why is this?

Simple. Almost every normal individual requires inspirational or ego-enhancing input. People want to be led by the hand. They want and need input from others who are actually “doing things”. Individuals are perpetually searching for those they can “look up to” and use as a role model. Often they use this role-model person as free  “entertainment”  to add meaning to their otherwise dull lives.

Which is why top artists attract tens of thousands of followers on their social pages. These followers feel a “connection” with this successful artist and it gives them personal prestige to be associated, even in a minor way.

Look at what happens when you get a group of people together. The most charismac of the group will hold the attention of the others, even if he/she is talking total bullshit! This person may in fact be a total failure but their personality shines through.

In fact no individual is a complete total failure as far as the world is concerned. These unfortunate individuals  tend to serve as a horrible example to the rest of us.

It started when you were a baby crying for food, diaper change, etc. Your mother, who you found  useful would fulfil these duties.  Right from the start you were associating with others who supplied your needs.

And then as a 3-4 year old you found it helpful to cry or throw a tantrum to get attention. The world looked after you. Your Mother of course was delighted. She had found somebody who needed her. She was not alone in this world. You both fulfilled each other’s needs. And as you grew up you perpetually searched for someone to fulfil these requirements.


If you have a marvellous personality and an interesting lifestyle, have you often wondered why people hang around you waiting for your next profound utterance? Have you then wondered why they don’t do “stuff” for themselves instead of waiting to be entertained?  They want to be led. They regard you as some form of leader. They are subconsciously waiting for direction which is why they have made you the centre of attention.

You can’t help wondering why they don’t  “Get a Life” of their own instead of infesting everyone else’s like a human cockroach.

This sometimes makes you feel like you are alone in the world. But of course if you have a giant ego then you will probably lap it up.

Are you invisible? Do people actually notice you or

are you merely static in the background?


Do people tend to ignore you and act as though you weren’t there? You’ll notice this weird affect as you grow older because the world is geared to young active people, all interacting with each other. People are not being impolite.... they are simply not consciously aware of  you. It is under these circumstances that you realise you are often truly alone in a non-caring world.

You may feel that life is unfair and has not treated you with respect. The way out of this is to do things that make life more interesting..... FOR OTHERS!!  You may have had a ton of setbacks in your life but these are merely positive experiences disguised as lessons.


Life is not a prison. You can escape from your

Invisibility any time you seriously want to.


You may be the nicest person on the planet but this will not necessarily help you relate to society.

Develop a vision of how you want to appear to others. Focus on this vision day and night. Work towards it. Involve yourself in activities that would  be  of benefit to others.  If you have specific knowledge on a subject then search out like-minded types who would be interested. You become their guru!

When this happens you feel you are not alone!

Always be fair and reasonable. If you’re not then others will avoid your company. Research and listen to others who appear to be of value and most importantly treat others as you want to be treated yourself.

Each and every individual has value that will be helpful to the world. Even total bums sometimes have attributes that others need.

And here is the shocking truth......

“Nice” people seldom get anywhere in life unless

they have something extra to offer the world.


Let us suppose that you are a very attractive 18 year old girl. You look stunning. Guys have referred to you as a “10”. You are constantly asked out on dates. Friends of yours mention this really “nice” guy who wants to take you to dinner. You accept. The dinner goes well. The guy is genuinely nice but something is missing. There is no spark. At the end of the dinner you conclude that he is nice to the point of  boring. You thank him and go home. Alone.


A couple of night later you accept a dinner date with another “nice” guy. This one is a little rough around the edges and drops a few swearwords. This doesn’t worry you as you have been known to swear like a trouper anyway. During the course of the dinner you find that he works for himself as a guitar teacher. This immediately sparks your interest as you have just bought a guitar and have been wondering how to learn it. Then you find that he has got his private pilot’s licence which really gets you excited as one of your aims in life is to learn to fly. He suggests that you might be interested in going flying with him one weekend. You finish dinner and readily agree to meet him again. You give him your mobile phone number.


You are interested in a relationship because he can do things for

you as he has attributes that you consider valuable.


Whereas your date several days before had nothing to offer that you considered life enhancing.


No matter what age you are there will probably be times when you feel alone. And you will most certainly notice this as you grow older. The world just seems to pass you by and time appears to move more quickly.  The years flash past at a quicker rate. Christmases’ seem to roll together. And the feeling of “aloneness”  increases. The world no longer cares. When this happens you must develop techniques and processes that are of interest to others. If you don’t make this effort you will remain alone.

Not a nice feeling!


A genuinely nice person often feels that they are living on an Island.


No one cares for them because they have lost the ability to prove themselves useful.


If you are currently in this situation you are definitely NOT ALONE because there are thousands of others just like you. But you are not aware of them because like you, they have nothing to offer the world and have become invisible.


The trick is to do something about it!

Make yourself “visible” then the

world will pay attention to you.





The force that drives the universe


Copyright -  James F. Coyle 2014


Here is a scenario that explains the importance of consciousness coupled with intent and expectation.  I’d suggest you find a quiet place to relax while you read it:


Imagine yourself walking into a pitch black aircraft hanger in the middle of the night. The hanger is huge and you know that it is absolutely empty. You walk for several minutes until you estimate you are in the centre of this vast space. Everything around you is absolutely black. You mentally compare this to the known universe made up of matter.  Every single thing in the known universe consists of matter (which springs from “solidified” energy). You stand there for several minutes with this analogy running through your mind. Then.....you light a candle and hold it above your head. You realise that this candle flame represents consciousness, the only known condition apart from “matter” in the universe.

The candle flame is throwing a weak light in all directions....it has little impact upon the impenetrable darkness around you. Finally, you detach a high powered focussed spotlight from your belt and turn it on. It cuts through the blackness and focuses on the rear wall of the hanger. You realise that this is the equivalent of focussed consciousness in a mind boggling sea of matter. You swing the spotlight over this wall until it impinges on a doorway in the distance. You have become rather disorientated in this hanger and you are very happy to find this doorway. . It is your intent to exit via this door and you expect to be able to do so. Eventually due to the intent and expectation of your focussed consciousness you find yourself outside the hanger looking at the stars. You realise then that the only thing more important than general consciousness is focussed consciousness coupled with intent and expectation.  You sit down on the grass and realise for the first time ever that consciousness is a vastly more significant event than mere matter.........and that focussed consciousness in the form of expectation and intent is vastly more significant again.


From this simple exercise you have been forced to realise that expectation and intent are mankind’s driving force in an otherwise sea of mundane matter.

Expectation and intent drive your natural psychokinetic abilities to create results.

It has been said that nothing can stop a determined human mind. When you look at what the word “determined” really means you realise that it embraces focussed intent and expectation.

This is the reason that success in all its forms comes to people who utilise these great universal concepts in an intelligent and dedicated manner. And this does not require superior intelligence. Intelligence in an individual has nothing to do with him or her using focussed intent and expectation to achieve an end result. In fact some of the most intelligent individuals on this planet are totally unsuccessful in life, due to their inability to understand and apply the above concept.


Intent and expectation can be used in a number of ways:

For example, your “intent” before you enter the alpha or theta states will largely determine the experience you have while in these states. That is, if you dwell intently on a specific subject as you enter these states, your subconscious mind will assume that you wish to explore that particular subject in depth and will automatically focus its attention in that specific area.

On the other hand you may have no specific subject to explore when you enter the alpha/theta state but you may elect to instruct your subconscious to “dwell” on a subject that is of importance to you....without initially knowing what it is. When you are actually in your meditative state you may find yourself thinking automatically about a specific subject and you can assume that your subconscious considers this important....even though consciously you may not previously have attached much significance to it.

Often when you have a serious problem to solve you go to sleep thinking about it....it is playing on your mind. And you are sometimes amazed to find that when you wake up in the morning the correct solution just pops into your head. The reason for this is that you expect to solve this particular problem and because you keep dwelling on it your mind assumes that you intend to sole it....so it obliges.

This is rather similar to the  situation where a certain musical “tune” keeps running through your head. This is quite often your subconscious giving you a message that you should “pay attention”.  Perhaps the words of the tune or the message in it are significant to you at this particular point in time. Or perhaps you first heard this tune under rather dramatic or unusual circumstances and your subconscious is suggesting you recall those circumstances and dwell on them. Whatever the reason, there is usually a message for you to decode.

You can also use a dream to materialise your intent and expectation. At one point I was running a simple program to improve my financial position. Just before I went to sleep at night I would repeat to myself (20 times or more) ...”I will have a dream that solves my current financial woes”. I ran this program on and off for about 10 days....at the end of which I had a sudden unexpected financial windfall. It was only a few thousand dollars but in those days this meant a lot to me. I have no idea what the dreams were about, but whatever they were....they worked!



Individual thoughts do not remain within the boundaries of the individual, a fact which has been proven over and over by the communication mode of telepathy, which most individuals have experienced at least once in their lives.  A thought is usually regarded as a personal intimate possession belonging to the individual who created it.  Because of the constant subconscious communication going on between all individuals at any given time.....this thought cannot remain private. And if you should be standing in front of another individual, whereby your concentration is focussed on them, then your “personal” thought has a far greater chance of impinging on their subconscious. This may cause confusion in their minds as you are verbally saying one thing, your body language is saying another and your subconscious message is conveying something totally different yet again.


This can be proven conclusively by using a mental projection technique that a world famous psychic identified.

Next time you are talking to someone who you don’t particularly care for and who is annoying you project mentally at them “Danger, Danger, Danger....Look out, Look out, Look out....Run, Run, Run”. You have to mentally ‘scream” at them as if your were a castaway on a deserted Island and you were trying to attract the attention of a nearby passing ship. You might be quite amazed as the other individual suddenly looks alarmed and you will usually see their eyes quickly search your body for weapons. It will usually stop their conversation in its tracks. You can add to this by mentally screaming “Freeze, Freeze, Freeze”. The two concepts together can mentally overload the individuals mind temporarily. I sometimes add  “Confusion, Confusion, Confusion”.

At this point the other persons’ eyes usually develop a dazed look while their brain attempts to make sense of the incoming conflicting information. This is the principal behind “instant” hypnosis.

If at this point you walk 10-15 feet away from the person then when they become “undazed” they will perceive you as suddenly having “jumped” some distance away. Their brain has even more trouble with this and don’t be surprised if they suddenly run from the room in panic.

Women can use this principal for self protection, particularly if being accosted on the street.


What this exercise proves is that you are in constant communication with other people on a deep down level and you can accentuate this by evoking a fight or flight response to a perceived danger.

Following from this it is obvious that it is difficult to hide from another person your true intent. Other people will sense your intent to a greater or lesser degree.  The point here is that it is really very difficult to retain a “mental secret”. Your thoughts do not circularise only within your physical body and stop at your skin.....they emanate outwards.


You may have read one or more of the SETH books. The character Seth appears to be an individual from the future who spoke via a medium named Jane Roberts. You may totally rubbish this concept but for the past 40 years the Seth predictions have generally been accurate. Even a couple of well known present day scientists have acknowledged the accuracy of his scientific information.


SETH states that telepathy accounts for the usefulness of the spoken language and says that without telepathy no language would be intelligible.  When you speak verbally your personal thoughts are projected outward to anyone within earshot......the same applies to your unspoken thoughts. So if you are talking to someone who does not particularly impress you it is important to think rather generous thoughts about them, otherwise they are likely to pick up on your true feelings.


You will have had several experiences with this subconscious communication when you are desperately searching for a car park on a busy street. Suddenly, for no reason, a car backs out just in front of you and you grab that car space. In fact you can pre-program for this by focussing on a car park as you drive into town. I do this constantly.

What happens is this:  Out of all the dozens of drivers who own cars parked in the area you wish to park in, one will receive your “mental desire” for a park and will decide on the spur of the moment that they have had enough of shopping. Their subconscious mind can judge exactly when you will arrive and they subconsciously time their actions so that their car pulls out of the parking space just as you drive up. In fact there may be several motorists ahead of you who could leap into this space but they don’t! This whole process happens because of your dedicated intent and expectation.


The core of individuality is the individual’s expectations and if a person wants to change their fate mere desire is not enough....it must be coupled with the absolute belief that the desired event will happen. This is why programming for your desires in the alpha/theta state is so important. The mental “picturing” of the required outcome in these deep meditative states will provide the subconscious belief system necessary and trigger the universal mechanisms required for the event to materialise.

SETH states that without this expectation no physical construction will result.

An expectation of danger will create danger while an expectation of success will create success.


Expectation is the force that triggers psychic realities into physical construction.


Expectations are formed by the emotions so you must manipulate your basic emotions to set up a “success” mindstate.  This is easiest done in the meditative states.

The subconscious represents a tremendous raw power that triggers forth into construction in accordance with the expectations that you have formed. Many of your expectations are formed in childhood from parent and peer pressure and they might be quite restrictive ones. All you have to do to overcome this is to look at successful people that you know and consider what their expectations are. How are they different from yours? Have they got superior intelligence to you? If you do deep analysis you will probably find that they are no different from you, but through life have developed higher expectations than you have currently got. They build on their small success (of which you will have had plenty also) and gone on from there.

It would be a great personal exercise if you sat down in some quiet place and wrote down exactly what your current expectations are....in the field of business, personal and emotional. When you have completed this list look hard at it......are your expectations high enough? Or are you aiming too low.

Probably the most important thing to you is your personal life.....you personal success and happiness. Ask yourself.....”What do I really expect from life? What are my real aims and desires? Have I achieved the aims and desires I planned 5 years ago?  If so, am I just cruising with no replacement aims planned?”  Once you have identified where you’re at you might like to consider “raising your game” a little, by setting aims and desires that are currently slightly out of your reach. If you write down clearly what you want then work on your mind to produce the necessary expectation level, you will find that these objectives will materialise in due course, in the same manner that you previous batch of objectives materialised. The point here is that if you don’t keep stressing your comfort level slightly, you will be unlikely to make further progress.

Once you set your new objectives you will have to fully intend to pursue them.....and you will have to modify your mind-state to expect them.

There is a vast difference in “wishing” for something.........and planning for it via intent and expectation.



Your subconscious psychic powers will only materialise constructions that you believe you are currently capable of.


If you limit your expectations you limit your results and no amount of mere “desire” will overcome this basic belief limitation.


It has been said that sometimes an individuals’ expectations are too high for their abilities but it is an observable fact that expectations form abilities.  If your expectations are higher then your abilities will flourish.




Lie back and relax. Close your eyes. Go into alpha or theta if you can.  Now imagine yourself as a portion of the total universe.  Imagine this universe to be alive with throbbing, pulsing energy. You can think of this universe as having the form of a body. See the suns and planets as your cells...realise that they are part of you...and you, them.  See incredible energy everywhere, just waiting for you to unleash it.  Now see this energy exploding into your consciousness. It is incredibly bright. Feel the throbbing of this energy as it enters your consciousness and body.  Direct this energy to any point in your body that needs it. If instead there is an event that you wish to materialise then use that burst of energy to imagine its occurrence as clearly as you can. See the event taking place....filled with this magic energy.  Maintain this image for as long as you can without strain....then let go and relax. Know for certain that this energy filled event will take place.




At dawn or dusk go for a walk among some trees. Stop and sense the colours and smells. Close your eyes and repeat this exercise. Breathe in the vitality and fragrance of the surroundings. Take deep breaths and imagine yourself breathing in goodness and vitality. Touch some of the leaves with eyes open then closed. Immerse yourself in the environment. Amble along and repeat the above exercises a few times.  Forget all personal, emotion or business considerations....simply be at one with your environment. Feel the psychic relaxation sweep over you. When you have had enough, go home.

You might be amazed at the effect this simple exercise has on you for the rest of the day.

Prior to doing the above you can also mention your current desires and expectations to your subconscious.....then the act of immersing yourself in the environment will cause your inherent psychic abilities to flourish, with sometimes quite stunning outcomes. Do not dwell on these expectations while you are actually involved in the exercise.....program them in before the exercise.

Another simpler exercise is to merely lie on a grassy patch among bushes, maybe in your garden. In this case close your eyes and “sense” you environment. Become aware of smells and sounds.


Most importantly, if you are looking for inspiration takes frequent breaks away from your everyday environment. Visit some place that is the opposite of your normal situation.


Expect to be psychically recharged....and you will be!!








Energy is the basis of the universe.

Ideas are mental transformations of energy by an entity into physical reality.

Idea constructions are transformations of ideas into physical reality.

Space is where our own idea constructions do not exist in the physical universe.

The physical body is the material construction of the entity’s idea of itself under the properties of matter.

The individual is the part of the entity or whole self of which we are conscious in daily life. It is that part of the whole self which we are able to express or make “real” through our idea constructions on a physical level.

The subconscious is the threshold of an idea’s emergence into the individual conscious mind. It connects the entity and the individual.

Personality is the individual’s overall responses to ideas received and constructed. It represents the emotional coloration of the individual’s ideas and constructions at any given “time”.

Emotions are the driving force that propel ideas into constructions.

Instinct is the minimum ability for idea constructions necessary for physical survival.

Learning is the potential for constructing new idea complexes from existing ideas.

Idea complexes are groups of ideas formed together like building blocks to form more complicated constructions in physical reality.

Communication is the interchange of ideas by entities on the energy nonphysical level.

Action is idea in motion. The senses are channels of projection by which ideas are projected outward to create the world of appearances.

Environment is the overall idea constructions with which an individual surrounds himself.

Physical time is the apparent lapse between the emergence of an idea in the physical universe (as a construction) and its replacement by another.

The past is the memory of ideas that were but are no longer physical constructions.

The present is the apparent point of any idea’s emergence into physical reality.

The future is the apparent lapse between the disappearance of one idea construction and its replacement by another in physical reality.

Psychological time is the apparent lapse between the conception of ideas.

Aging is the effect upon an idea construction of the properties of matter of which the construction is composed.

Growth is the formation of an idea construction toward its fullest possible materialisation following the properties of matter.

Sleep is the entity’s relative rest from idea construction except the minimum necessary for physical survival.

The physical universe is the sum of individual idea constructions.

Memory is the ghost image of “past” idea constructions.



The Magic of


Copyright -  James F. Coyle  2014



** Save a dying marriage

** Get a successful job interview

** Sell your house at the price you want

** Make people notice your ad in the Yellow Pages

** Attract a suitable partner in life

** Sell your car quickly and profitably

** Real Estate agents can easily double their sales

** Double and triple your business customer numbers

** Correct your child’s behaviour

** Plus multiple other uses



In the 50's an electronic expert by the name of Jose Silva was deeply involved with experiments in hypnosis. Jose was the creator of the Silver Mind Course. He was trying to raise his children's "intelligence" and grades at school by teaching their homework while they were in a light trance state.

After years of experimenting he found that this "remote hypnosis" not only worked between close family members but also between total strangers! 

In the world of psychology this was quite a profound discovery!

It has long been suspected that your right cerebral hemisphere, when in the alpha state, operates in a realm where time and space are of no consequence. What you think affects others...... and what others think affects you!

It is rather like the invisible connection between the earth's magnetic field and every magnetic compass on earth. They are interconnected. If the earth's magnetic field were to suddenly shift then every compass in existence would swing in unison. Likewise, if you suddenly move a magnetic compass, or any magnet for that matter, this movement will have a slight effect on the earth's entire magnetic field. Admittedly this would be so small as to be immeasurable but it would still be there.

Similarly, when you have a thought it  "twitches"  the entire human consciousness "thought field".

Rupert Sheldrake calls this the MORPHOGENETIC FIELD. Karl Jung called it COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUSNESS.

Jose Silva found a practical method of evoking and controlling this marvelous human ability at will.

The technique, which is amazingly simple, has been developed over the years but to this day more than 99% of the population is unaware of it.

And it is a strange thing that most people are using it continually without being aware of it. Unfortunately they are also conveying mentally their fears and apprehensions. So it can work against them. But used properly and with the correct protocol it can (and does) produce quite astounding results. Sometimes the results leave the practitioner somewhat startled. They almost seem too good to be true!  Some beginners have had such amazing success that the result has literally left them "awe-struck!


Imagine this scenario:  you have your house on the market at $160,000 and you just can't seem to get any nibbles. You've advertised it for the past 6 months and while everyone agrees that the price is fair nobody has actually bought it. Worse still, you aren't even getting anyone to look at it. Things are looking rather dismal but for some reason you decide to attend a commercial mind course which is giving a seminar in your town that weekend and for the first time in your life you hear about Subjective Communication.  Not only that, the instructor tells you exactly what to do, not only to sell your house, but to actually get the price you want. One week later it is sold, at $158,000. You can't quite believe it!  You tell all your friends what has happened.......and......you guessed it....... you receive looks of pity. After all your friends know that you were "just lucky". But you know differently!

You then decide to apply this magical mental technique to other areas of your life ......and things suddenly become much more interesting. You seem to be able to achieve anything you set out to and for some "strange" reason even total strangers fall over backwards trying to help you.

Welcome to the world of direct mental influence ...Subjective Communication!

It is an interesting fact that people who learn Subjective Communication usually always realise how "magical" it is but never actually get round to doing anything with it in the future. I'd guess that about 90% of all commercial mind-course graduates don't bother to follow it up. Strange isn't it?

In reality Subjective Communication is extremely easy and you do not have to have any experience whatsoever in alpha techniques, but it will help if you do. The reason for this is that Subjective Communication is usually done in the small hours of the morning for reasons explained later and unless you've had alpha training you tend to drop off to sleep halfway through your program. However there are simple ways to overcome this so that even a rank beginner can use Subjective Communication successfully on their first try!

In fact the moment you finish reading this course you will have sufficient knowledge to make it work successfully and things will only get better as you gain more experience and practice.

If you have a genuine need then by using Subjective Communication you will be able to contact the right people to assist you in achieving your goal, simply by utilizing the knowledge you are about to read.

At my office the staff simply refers to it as the magic process!

And it is!

So…. how is this extraordinary process achieved?

Actually it is extremely simple. Following is the process by which you can learn this magical mental technique.


The only practical time when you will be able to contact another person mentally is when their brain is operating at the universal communication frequency of alpha. 

This occurs during the day while they are day-dreaming or otherwise meditating but it is well known that people go through various cycles while they are asleep. One of these cycles is the alpha-stage whereby they might slide up from a deep theta/delta sleep into a period of alpha. It is at this brain frequency that they dream and this is when you are most liable to make reliable mental contact with them.

The simple trick is to program your mind as you go to sleep at night to wake you up when your brain neurons are resonating with their brain neurons. That is, when your minds have established communication. This is a lot simpler to do than it sounds.

It was rather like making an international telephone call in the old days before direct dialing.

You had to book your call in advance and when the operator finally raised the other party she would  ring you and connect you both together. Subjective communication works the same way. Also if you want to mentally communicate with a group of people rather than just an individual you connect in the same way as the above telephone operator would set up a conference call.

Except that when you're using subjective communication the multiple connection is established instantaneously. All you really need to do is visualize the person or group you want to contact and your automatic right-brain neuron switching network will do the rest. And amazingly enough it never makes a mistake!  It never gets the wrong connection!

(The remote viewers refer to this as acquiring the signal line).



As you go to sleep at night you keep repeating to yourself:


............"I will wake up when I am in mental contact with (whomever) and I will remember why I have woken up"..........


You repeat this a dozen or more times until you fall asleep. This is the programming that I mentioned earlier. If you have trouble with this you can always pre-record it onto a cassette and let it play as you fall asleep. Except the wording is slightly different. You will record:


............."you will wake up when you are in mental contact with (whomever) & remember why you have woken up"............


This is because you are talking to yourself as if you were a hypnotist.... hypnotizing somebody.

The reason for reminding yourself why you have woken up is because if you don't pre-program this you are likely to wake up and wonder what disturbed you! This has happened to me more times than I care to remember.

You can also program to wake up to talk to a group of people. In this case you say:


..........."I will wake up when I am in contact with the greatest number of my targeted group & will remember why I have woken up"..........


When you do awaken it is fairly important to arrange things so that you don't fade away and drift off to sleep while in the middle of your "alpha transmission".

The best way to organize this is to get out of bed and freshen up by splashing cold water over your face .....visiting the bathroom, etc.

Then when you climb back into bed .......make sure you are not too comfortable.

Prop yourself up in a slightly uncomfortable position and leave a light on. This will tend to keep you awake for the duration of your alpha exercise.

Now at this point it will help considerably if you have had alpha training but if you haven't, don't worry. The idea is to relax your mind and let yourself drift down into that dreamy state, while all the time telling yourself this :  ….I will remain awake until after I have finished communicating with (the subject's name)

Keep repeating this over and over. When you feel yourself totally relaxed start "talking" with the person (or group) in a positive friendly way.


Mentally see yourself talking to the other person and explaining the problem to them. See them nodding their head in agreement. Visualize clearly a happy and positive outcome to the "meeting".

Thank them for listening to you and visualize the meeting closed. Let yourself drift off to sleep.

If you keep thinking about them as you're going to sleep control your thoughts very carefully. Any negative mental projection may get through and undo the good work you've just done. The best way is to drift off while seeing all concerned celebrating a happy outcome.

Now as soon as possible contact that person in real life and run your problem past them. You will probably be pleasantly surprised to find that you receive a very cordial reception and things go the way you want.

Here is a typical example:

Let us suppose that you are going for a job interview tomorrow and you're somewhat apprehensive. You know that a Mr. Bloggs will be interviewing you.

As you go to sleep you instruct your subconscious as follows:


..........."I will wake up when I am in contact with Mr. Blogg's mind and I will remember why I have woken up"...............


You repeat this 10-20 times to make sure your subconscious gets the message. When you wake up sit up in bed (so you don't drop back to sleep) and relax so that you're in that daydream alpha state. You repeat the following slowly and clearly in your mind:

........."Mr. Bloggs, you know I am the best person for the job....... I have all the qualifications and by employing me you will make life easier for yourself........I am exactly the right person for this job and you will find me very efficient, reliable and easy to get along with....... etc"..............

Convey the entire message as if you were sitting there in front of him. Finally see him shaking your hand and congratulating you on getting the job. Then go back to sleep.

When you meet Mr. Bloggs the next day you might be somewhat amazed at the friendly reception you get.

When you do this for the first time....you will probably react the way most Subjective Communication beginners do .......you will shake your head in wonderment...... because....... it works!


Here are examples of situations where you can use the subjective process to advantage:

You have a wayward child who is getting in with the wrong crowd and is rapidly heading off the rails. You subjectively communicate and explain why it would be to their advantage to "straighten up". See them agreeing and visualize their attitude improving. But whatever you do, don't preach at them.

You have a toddler who is wetting the bed at night. Communicate to them that it would be more comfortable if they got out of bed and went to the toilet. Explain this in a loving manner.

You are a minister and your congregations are getting smaller and smaller. (Possibly because your sermons are uninspiring). Subjectively communicate with your church group and suggest they attend on Sunday. Then you could suggest also that they give a bigger donation, which is fair enough because you're personally saving them from the twilight zone!

Somebody is hassling/bullying/intimidating you. Communicate with the person concerned and explain that life would be a lot better for both of you if he or she changed their attitude. See them agreeing. And if they don't modify their behavior visualize them being very uncomfortable or very unsettled whenever they think of you. This tends to get through to them subconsciously and they may feel inclined to leave you alone.

Somebody owes you or your business money. Communicate and explain how much better they would feel if they paid. See them nodding in agreement and writing out a cheque. Debt collectors who use subjective programming in this manner report quite spectacular results in some cases.

Your business is short of customers and it is becoming financially stressed. Subjectively communicate with a broad band of potential customers in your vicinity. Mention the name and address of your business at least 3 times and point out that you have exactly what they need. See them purchasing then walking out of your shop totally satisfied.

Suppose you have to give a public speech and you are extremely nervous. Simply visualize yourself standing on a stage in front of a microphone with your audience listening intently and giving you wild applause at the end. Subjectively communicate an outline of the speech to your "imaginary" audience and see yourself getting a standing ovation. 

Maybe your marriage is breaking down and you would like to correct this situation. You can use Subjective Communication to convey to your partner the strong emotional feelings of love and affection that you both shared at the beginning. Visualize both of you holding hands and gazing fondly into each other's eyes. Visualize total happiness and contentment.

Perhaps you aren't married and would like to find a suitable partner. Subjectively "advertise" for someone. Picture the general appearance of the person you are looking for. Project your own general appearance and your requirements. Avoid all sexual overtones and project friendship instead.


There is one important point to remember here:  the left-brain is usually the analytical one which handles all the complex "nitty-gritty" but the right-brain usually only deals with "overall concepts". When doing Subjective Communication do not try to "transmit" facts and figures. That is left-brain material. If you do, you will probably break the "neural connection". Merely project win/win concepts. You must treat the "receiver" as your equal .....do not criticize in any way .....merely offer mutually beneficial suggestions, which you clearly visualize the "receiving party" agreeing with.

 Some readers may perceive all this as controlling others, but you control others all day long anyway.  When you smile or frown you affect the emotions of others. When you drive slowly along a one-lane road you "control" the speed of the drivers behind you. And the fact that you are broadcasting subjectively all the time has a constant effect on others. It is just that in this case you are controlling and directing your subjective broadcasts. You were given this natural talent as a birthright .....why not learn to use it?

CAUTION:   Like any other talent you can also use it to "bore people to tears". Don't overdo it. Use it for a few days then give it a rest. Don't hammer others with consistent subjective broadcasts. If you do, it may work against you.

You will usually find that this communication works almost instantaneously and that you won't need to keep repeating it.

Welcome to the world of direct mental influence ..... Subjective Communication!

Use it wisely .... it is a potent force!


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