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Copyright James F. Coyle 2014



There are simple ways you can trick your mind into producing

seriously useful results that will make life easier and more fulfilling.

Here they are:




Let us suppose that you have woken up in the middle of the night and simply cannot get back to sleep. Here is a way to almost guarantee a deep sleep:

Firstly relax into your most comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths and let your muscles settle down. Then...... tense every muscle in your body. Your arms, legs, feet, face muscles, teeth, etc. Hold this highly tensed position as long as you can (usually around 30 seconds) then LET GO!

You will feel an instant relaxation and probably drop straight in Alpha. It is likely that the next thing you notice is that it is morning and you have just experienced a deep restful sleep.





For a long time I had this problem of waking up around 4am in the mornings and I couldn’t decide whether to get up and turn on my computer or just lay round in bed. So as an experiment one morning I gave my mind a choice: I said to it..... “I can either go back to sleep or get up.... the choice is yours.”

The first time I tried this I was pleasantly surprised to find myself waking up at 7am...... some 3 hours later. Since then I have found this to be consistently successful. Usually I drop off to sleep but occasionally I lie awake and decide to get up. I guess my mind has figured that I have had enough sleep. Basically you are instructing your mind to make a choice. Try it yourself and see what happens.





One of the most effective methods that I have discovered is to use the ball of energy light.

Lie back with eyes closed and relax. Take a few deep breaths while telling yourself to relax. If you can induce the Alpha or Theta state then this will be better still.

Now imagine a large round ball of intense energy (I use the Sun) descending on you and surrounding the part of your body that is causing pain. See this intense white energy interacting with your body and soothing it. If you can hold this visualisation for at least 5 minutes you will probably notice a difference once you let the energy go. Now if you do this 4-5 times in the day (or night) you will quite often find that the problem disappears. I used this method on a lazy arm. That is, my arm would not lift above shoulder level. Despite chiropractic manipulation the problem persisted for at least 2 months. I became totally fed up with the situation and decided to try the ball of light program. I ran this simple program 3 times in the afternoon and twice in bed that night. Sometime during the night I woke up to a sharp “crack” coming from my shoulder. I sat up in bed and tuned on the bedlight. To my very pleasant surprise my arm moved freely above my head. The problem was solved. Obviously something had jammed and thanks to the ball of light visualisation had suddenly freed itself after 2 months of inconvenience and minor pain.





Occasionally after weeks of waking up feeling either somewhat depressed or generally unhappy you find to your pleasant surprise that you wake up one morning feeling cheerful and happy. A big mystery? No, not really. What has happened is that you have had a very positive unremembered dream that has temporarily changed your outlook. It has now been fairly well proven that the content of dreams can often control your attitude the next day.

And happily enough there is a simple way to evoke these “happiness” dreams to make your daily life more pleasant.

It’s called Dream Control.


Here is how you do it:

As you are lying in bed at night waiting for sleep repeat to yourself over and over..... “I will have a dream tonight that makes me wake up feeling happy and contented.”


After a while you will start to lose focus on this as your consciousness fades in and out. Then you will probably fall asleep.

When you wake up it is likely that you will feel quite content and feel “at peace” with the world.

If it doesn’t succeed the first night then simply keep trying. After all this period between turning out the light and waiting for sleep is “dead time” so you may as well do something useful with it. Also you might notice that this conscious focus tends to bore the mind and you’ll probably drop off to sleep quicker than normal.

I introduced this dream control idea to my clients some years ago and have received many positive comments back. It appears to be a very useful mental process.




(Also known as Remote Viewing)


Here is a simple exercise which will give you an indication as to whether you have natural intuitive Remote Viewing abilities.

Pick a green leaf off a tree and while holding it in your hand sit down in a comfortable position. You might prefer to lie down. Now relax your body and mind by taking a few deep slow breaths. If you can use Alpha or Theta better still.

Initially make you mind as blank as you can then slowly start to think about the leaf in your hand. Attempt to project your consciousness inside this leaf. Try this for several minutes and if you don’t appear to generate any connection stop for a little while. Then try again. If you suddenly notice the unpleasant taste of chlorophyll in your mouth then you have succeeded!

You have mentally accessed the inside of the leaf.

If you can’t easily locate a leaf an ordinary biro pen will work just as well. In this case you will “taste” the unpleasant flavour of the biro ink.

This is quite a startling experiment and generates a deep feeling of personal satisfaction when the experimenter is successful. This is because the taste is quite real.

During some of my seminars I have given participants a lemon to hold. It is quite comical to watch the expression on their faces when they actually “taste” the raw lemon juice!





When I was a young child I was sent to a Catholic School where I was taught the basics of the Catholic Religion plus arithmetic and spelling. Every Sunday night my Dad took me to church where I was encouraged to visit the confessional box to repent my past week’s sins. The priest would typically give me 10 Hail Mary’s to say as penance. This was to absolve my sins which I thought was pretty neat as I could then start a fresh batch of sins 7am Monday morning. No worries!

(The Hail Mary’s are prayers, for those who didn’t know.)

The problem with this was that I would rattle off these 10 prayers which had absolutely no effect on me as they were done in the wide awake state of Beta with absolutely no emotion, intent or dedicated focus.


And this appears to be the same with most prayers.

People rattle them off with no deep conviction or intent.

Basically it is a waste of time.

However if the church leaders bothered to explain to their congregations that the meditative mind-states of Alpha and Theta would dramatically increase the effectiveness of these prayers then individuals would obtain worthwhile results.

The non-religious community use meditation to contact the universal forces.

The religious community attempt to use prayer to contact God.

Same thing.... just two different names.


If you are serious about using prayer to achieve worthwhile results then you will find it to your definite advantage to learn the Alpha and Theta mind states because that is where the impact with the universe really happens.


I have personally seen deep dedicated prayer work absolute miracles, particularly when done by a group of like-minded people. Likewise I have seen the universal forces supply exactly the same results.

The choice is yours!





Most of us are aware of the strange problem-solving ability of the subconscious mind.

Sometimes when you have a rather heavy serious problem and think about it non-stop you are often quite surprised to find that the correct solution simply pops into your mind..... when you are least expecting it. This is your subconscious operating in the background.

You can actually trigger off a solution in another way..... by asking for a dream to solve the problem. Many of my clients have had considerable success with this simple technique.


The process is as follows:

As you’re lying in bed at night waiting for sleep run your problem through your mind and say to yourself... over and over...... “I will have a dream tonight that will solve this problem”.

Keep repeating this until you lose conscious awareness and fall asleep.

If it doesn’t work the first night then keep trying until a solution pops into your head.

You may wake up in the morning with the problem solved or it may suddenly pop into your mind during the day, usually at the most unexpected moment.

Because you are asking your subconscious for specific help it takes you seriously and usually supplies an answer. Normally you dwell on your problems but don’t ask your mind for a satisfactory solution, so it doesn’t provide an answer.

Next time you have an annoying problem try this process and see what happens.

You might just be surprised!



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