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So you’ve recently retired around the age of 60 and now you have nothing much to do with your life.

All the pressure is off and you can stay around the house and annoy your wife!


And here is the unbalanced thing about the husband retiring:


The wife usually has many interests of her own and is normally reasonably occupied with her daily activities. If she has been a “stay at home” wife then retirement is not a personal issue for her.  She carries on as normal with her clubs, friends and general social activities.


Then everything suddenly changes.

Her husband retires from his high pressure job...... and........ is now at home all day with little to do.

The wife finds him constantly underfoot, trying to be helpful, but this is not really working.

The poor guy is at a perpetual loose end and is trying to invent activities to keep himself occupied.

The whole dynamic of their life together has changed.

The existing peace and serenity in the home has been disturbed.


They had planned to go on an extended holiday after his retirement but so far this has not been discussed.

So.... what to do?


The critical thing here is that the husband must start “stretching” himself and find worthwhile activities to fill in the blank spaces.

And this is where he might have to remove himself right out of his personal comfort zone.

Until recently he has been surrounded by workmates and fully involved with his work related affairs. During the workday he has had little time to himself as there were always urgent pressures placed upon him. Life was not peaceful, but at least it was fully active.

This is no longer the situation.


And here is where a lot of long-term relationships start to waver.


A couple of my older friends had found themselves in this very same situation and solved the problem by purchasing a caravan and 4WD vehicle. They rented their house out for 6 months and headed off for a caravanning trip around the northern parts of Australia. They visited interesting places and made a ton of new like-minded friends. Basically their lives were changed forever as they pushed their boundaries and developed new interests and contacts, many of which remained after they returned home.


But if this type of travelling activity does not appeal then you will need to search locally for inspiration.


One concept that will bring you a lot of prestige and new friends is to involve yourself with support groups that help the disadvantaged and needy in your local community.

This can be very rewarding and brings a sense of self-satisfaction. It can also be highly frustrating but at least it keeps your brain active and you’re out of your house “doing things”.


If this activity doesn’t appeal then you will probably need to look at solo or small-group activities that keep you feeling refreshed and useful.


Ask yourself........ “What is it I’ve always wanted to do?”


Have you ever wanted to scuba dive?

Learn to fly an aeroplane?

Rappel down a cliff face on a rope?

Go for a trip in a hot air balloon?

Ride on a jet ski?

Learn to ski?

Do an aerobatic aeroplane ride?

Do a bungy jump?

Climb a small mountain?

Ride a large motorcycle?


If some of the above seem rather alarming then you might be interested to know that these very same activities are currently being carried out by older individuals.... many of them over 80 years of age. In fact I just read about a great grandmother in the USA who did a tandem skydive for her 100th birthday. Apparently this was the third time she had done this.


I personally spent a lot of my younger years skydiving and flying small aircraft. But one thing I always wanted to do (but could never afford it while raising a family) was to learn to fly a helicopter. However at age 69 I finally attained my private helicopter licence. This involved 6 months of home study so I could pass the theory exam and about 6 months of  flight training. In actual fact it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life as helicopters are extremely obnoxious critters and are not easy to learn.


However if this concept is of interest you can usually find a local helicopter company who will give you a basic 45 minute instructional test flight at a reasonable price. During this flight you will be shown how the controls work and will actually get to handle them yourself. I’m told this is quite a self-satisfying experience, particularly when you produce the photos to show your friends!

(Many of whom will think you are quite mad. But ignore them.... it’s your life!)

If you have never done anything like this before I guarantee it will make your heart thump louder than the overhead helicopter rotors!


The whole point of all the above is to find an activity that will stretch your comfort zone and your boundaries. Most people by the time they retire have got themselves into quite a deep rut. They have been operating within their own personal comfort zone for a number of years and it can take quite a traumatic experience to yank them out of this mental state. Retiring is quite often one such experience. It can make one feel lost and confused.... an empty feeling.

You need to do something that gets you into real “living” again, maybe in conjunction with your partner.


In fact this feeling can occur at any time among older people, even before retirement.

It may be that you have reached a plateau in your existence and you don’t quite know what to do about it. Perhaps your daily activities are starting to feel mundane and pointless. They have lost their fizz and excitement.


If so, here is what you can do:


Sit down and think about your life. What have you done in the past that got you really revved up? There will be something there somewhere, maybe in your earlier teenage years. Dwell on this. Try and recapture the excitement of achievement. I am asking you here to re-live an exciting personal event in the past. Perhaps you can recall several of these events. If so, dwell on each one for several minutes. See them in your mind’s eye. Try to recall the emotion at the time. Then relate these to your immediate past few years. Have you done anything as exciting lately? Probably not.

At this point you probably fully realise that your life has become somewhat mundane and boring.


So....... what are you going to do about it?


Shock your wife by telling her that you have booked in for a tandem parachute jump this weekend. Or that you just joined a rappelling club and you will be sliding down cliff faces on a rope this weekend. Or tell her that you have booked a hot air balloon ride this weekend.... for  both of you.


This all sounds very dramatic, doesn’t it?

And it is....... because....... it is what you need to improve your overall happiness.

It is basically way outside your comfort zone.


Look at it this way: you have spent a lot of your life working and probably raising a family. This has caused you stress and sometimes financial pressure. But now this should all be behind you.

So isn’t it time you started looking after yourself? Doing things that are fulfilling and worthwhile? Activities you have only been able to dream about in the past? Don’t you owe it to yourself to end your time in this mortal coil in a reasonably blissful and happy state?


I have one acquaintance around my age who started writing books some years ago to fill in his time. Now that his material has been released on Amazon Books and is selling worldwide he was able to capture the attention of two movie companies and last I heard two of his war story type books were being made into full length films. I imagine this would be a very satisfying experience. I give this gentleman full marks for getting out there and doing something!!


In fact quite a few older folk that I know are experimenting with writing. It is so easy now to get published. Once you finish your book you can load it up on to Amazon books (The world’s largest bookstore) and publish it for free. Both in e-book format (for Kindle reader devices) and in hardcover.  Templates are supplied for the hardcover’s and when they finish preparing your book they do not actually hold any in stock, so it costs Amazon nothing. Instead when a client orders a copy of your book they hastily print a copy on an absolutely amazing photo-copy type machine. This is called print-on-demand. This takes the content of your book and not only prints it out to the correct size, but prints the colour covers also then glues the whole lot together. Then the final process is to trim the edges with a guillotine and the book is ready for sale. Takes less than 3 minutes from start to finish.

If you’d like to watch a U-Tube video clip of this extraordinary machine click on the link below -


I currently have 38 books published on Amazon. All of these are available on Kindle and three of them are also available in hardcover. The monthly royalty payments from these make for a nice extra income and pays most of our monthly household bills.

But the really impressive thing is that they cost me absolutely nothing to publish!

Does this give you any ideas?

And who knows, one of your publications might hit the big time by appearing on the Amazon Top 100. So suddenly you’re selling several thousand books a day worldwide and looking at an income of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


There are a multitude of activities you can become involved with. And just remember, at your age you have a vast amount of experience that younger people generally don’t have so you can view potentially new experiences from a mature point of view. As such you are less likely to make errors of judgement.


The only thing that might discourage you is the attitude of your friends, family and associates. Many of these will be stuck in a serious rut and there can be quite a lot of envy emerge if you are seen to be  doing activities that they would never consider.

So the best thing is to say nothing until you actually achieve something.


Your conversation at the local club on a Friday night would go like this....... “Hey guys, guess what? Been meaning to tell you but I forgot. Weekend before last I did a tandem parachute jump. And this last weekend I went on a hot air balloon ride”.


Well...... what a conversation stopper. Chances are you won’t be believed. So you pull out all the nice colour pics you took. Then tell them you’re trying to figure what adrenaline activity to do next. You will find it fascinating to study their reactions. Some will applaud your efforts while others (the lazy envious ones) will criticize you. Now pay close attention to this latter category because these are the ones who will attempt to hold you back. Quite personally I avoid these types and you may feel inclined to gently remove them from your social circle.

At your age you do not need this critical negativity around you.


Think about this: For the past 10-20 years you have been inadvertently compelled to associate with a variety of workmates you didn’t like, or didn’t relate to.

Now, because of the change in your circumstances, you  DO NOT have to accept this. You are free to choose your friends and associates.


At my current tender age of 74 I refuse flatly to associate with types I don’t feel comfortable with. Why should I? I’ve been stuck with dropkicks, drongos, deadbeats, dills and dopeheads

all my working life. These days I don’t feel any compulsion to mix with these various idiots and clowns. I guess this is why I am so keen on writing. I can lock myself in my office and avoid all the neurotic behaviour. At least my computer has no neurotic tendencies. On second thoughts...... I’m not sure about that. It’s fitted with Windows.


But getting back to the main theme of this mini-book......have you developed any ideas from what you have read so far? Is it making you think...... and helping you develop a happiness freedom plan?

If not then maybe you are happy where you are and you don’t feel inclined to make any changes.


As always.... the choice is yours!! But it is yours alone because you no longer have to suffer from peer pressure.


After all.... it’s YOUR future happiness at stake.