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Copyright James F. Coyle 2014


Author’s note: This is copyright material but I have no objection if you pass

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The world does not care how “nice” you are.

It does not care whether you live or die, are broke,

sick, suicidal or have AIDS.

It cares only about what you can do for it and how

valuable you are to others.

If you don’t play by these rules it makes you “invisible”.


Think about it. The nicest people you know are often those who get absolutely nowhere in life while sometimes the “bastards” do quite well.

Why is this?

Simple. Almost every normal individual requires inspirational or ego-enhancing input. People want to be led by the hand. They want and need input from others who are actually “doing things”. Individuals are perpetually searching for those they can “look up to” and use as a role model. Often they use this role-model person as free  “entertainment”  to add meaning to their otherwise dull lives.

Which is why top artists attract tens of thousands of followers on their social pages. These followers feel a “connection” with this successful artist and it gives them personal prestige to be associated, even in a minor way.

Look at what happens when you get a group of people together. The most charismac of the group will hold the attention of the others, even if he/she is talking total bullshit! This person may in fact be a total failure but their personality shines through.

In fact no individual is a complete total failure as far as the world is concerned. These unfortunate individuals  tend to serve as a horrible example to the rest of us.

It started when you were a baby crying for food, diaper change, etc. Your mother, who you found  useful would fulfil these duties.  Right from the start you were associating with others who supplied your needs.

And then as a 3-4 year old you found it helpful to cry or throw a tantrum to get attention. The world looked after you. Your Mother of course was delighted. She had found somebody who needed her. She was not alone in this world. You both fulfilled each other’s needs. And as you grew up you perpetually searched for someone to fulfil these requirements.


If you have a marvellous personality and an interesting lifestyle, have you often wondered why people hang around you waiting for your next profound utterance? Have you then wondered why they don’t do “stuff” for themselves instead of waiting to be entertained?  They want to be led. They regard you as some form of leader. They are subconsciously waiting for direction which is why they have made you the centre of attention.

You can’t help wondering why they don’t  “Get a Life” of their own instead of infesting everyone else’s like a human cockroach.

This sometimes makes you feel like you are alone in the world. But of course if you have a giant ego then you will probably lap it up.

Are you invisible? Do people actually notice you or

are you merely static in the background?


Do people tend to ignore you and act as though you weren’t there? You’ll notice this weird affect as you grow older because the world is geared to young active people, all interacting with each other. People are not being impolite.... they are simply not consciously aware of  you. It is under these circumstances that you realise you are often truly alone in a non-caring world.

You may feel that life is unfair and has not treated you with respect. The way out of this is to do things that make life more interesting..... FOR OTHERS!!  You may have had a ton of setbacks in your life but these are merely positive experiences disguised as lessons.


Life is not a prison. You can escape from your

Invisibility any time you seriously want to.


You may be the nicest person on the planet but this will not necessarily help you relate to society.

Develop a vision of how you want to appear to others. Focus on this vision day and night. Work towards it. Involve yourself in activities that would  be  of benefit to others.  If you have specific knowledge on a subject then search out like-minded types who would be interested. You become their guru!

When this happens you feel you are not alone!

Always be fair and reasonable. If you’re not then others will avoid your company. Research and listen to others who appear to be of value and most importantly treat others as you want to be treated yourself.

Each and every individual has value that will be helpful to the world. Even total bums sometimes have attributes that others need.

And here is the shocking truth......

“Nice” people seldom get anywhere in life unless

they have something extra to offer the world.


Let us suppose that you are a very attractive 18 year old girl. You look stunning. Guys have referred to you as a “10”. You are constantly asked out on dates. Friends of yours mention this really “nice” guy who wants to take you to dinner. You accept. The dinner goes well. The guy is genuinely nice but something is missing. There is no spark. At the end of the dinner you conclude that he is nice to the point of  boring. You thank him and go home. Alone.


A couple of night later you accept a dinner date with another “nice” guy. This one is a little rough around the edges and drops a few swearwords. This doesn’t worry you as you have been known to swear like a trouper anyway. During the course of the dinner you find that he works for himself as a guitar teacher. This immediately sparks your interest as you have just bought a guitar and have been wondering how to learn it. Then you find that he has got his private pilot’s licence which really gets you excited as one of your aims in life is to learn to fly. He suggests that you might be interested in going flying with him one weekend. You finish dinner and readily agree to meet him again. You give him your mobile phone number.


You are interested in a relationship because he can do things for

you as he has attributes that you consider valuable.


Whereas your date several days before had nothing to offer that you considered life enhancing.


No matter what age you are there will probably be times when you feel alone. And you will most certainly notice this as you grow older. The world just seems to pass you by and time appears to move more quickly.  The years flash past at a quicker rate. Christmases’ seem to roll together. And the feeling of “aloneness”  increases. The world no longer cares. When this happens you must develop techniques and processes that are of interest to others. If you don’t make this effort you will remain alone.

Not a nice feeling!


A genuinely nice person often feels that they are living on an Island.


No one cares for them because they have lost the ability to prove themselves useful.


If you are currently in this situation you are definitely NOT ALONE because there are thousands of others just like you. But you are not aware of them because like you, they have nothing to offer the world and have become invisible.


The trick is to do something about it!

Make yourself “visible” then the

world will pay attention to you.