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1         -  How particle physics indicates that underlying everything is an ocean of consciousness from which all matter and energy springs.

2         -  How an aerospace engineer set up his spoon bending psychokinetic parties to prove that consciousness can easily affect solid metal.

3         -  How an Australian research group discovered exactly what “luck” was and evolved a stunning method to trigger it on demand.

(The author describes in detail a method he used to trigger a number of major slot jackpots and got himself banned from 2 Aussie casinos)



At the dawn of the twentieth century, scientists began looking into the world within the atomic nucleus, and they were shocked to discover that on the subatomic level, the physical world did not behave at all the way Newton said it should. In fact, the "atom" itself turned out to be a sort of illusion: The closer scientists looked, the less it really appeared to be there.

Quantum physics is the study of how the world works on the smallest scale, at a level far smaller than the atom. And as scientists studied the nature of reality on a smaller and smaller scale, something strange began to happen:

The deeper we went into reality, the more it seemed to dissolve from view. The search for the smallest known particle of matter had instead turned up separate but elusive little packets of energy, which physicists called quanta.

Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2  proves that matter and energy are interchangeable. One can be converted into the other.

The Einstein breakthrough comes down to this: Everything is energy. A stone, a plant, a glass of water, your body. Every single thing that you can touch or see is constructed of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of protons, electrons and neutrons, which evolve of nothing but vibrating packets of energy.


The Danish Quantum physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg discovered that thought appears to influence matter and the mere intention of measuring sub-atomic particles, even without carrying out the actual act itself, would still affect the particles in question.

The action of consciousness upon a piece of "matter" - had become an essential component in the actual nature of reality.


Some years ago two scientific individuals at Princeton University in the USA carried out psychokinetic experiments in which human subjects were asked to influence matter in a series of well designed tests. The results were quite outstanding. You can read all about this in their book titled MARGINS OF REALITY.

As scientists continued pursuing their explorations on staggeringly small scales, they eventually found themselves faced with a totally unexpected basic energy source. They termed it the zero-point field, because at this most infinitesimal of levels, some sort of force appears to be present even at a temperature of absolute zero, when all known forms of energy vanish.


Here, beneath the level of energy itself, exists a still more basic level. The field at this level does not appear to  be  exactly "energy" nor does it appear to be a field of empty space. Physicists feel it is best described as a field of pure information. Scientists who have experimented with psychokinetics (the ability of the mind to influence matter) consider that the experimenter is actually “sharing” information with the structures under test.

The field from which this energy arises appears to be an ocean of pure consciousness from which matter emerges in clusters here and there. Consciousness appears to be the basic structure of the universe and matter and energy are just two of the forms that consciousness takes.

Thought creates the physical world. Directed focused thought has a severe physical effect on our reality.

Einstein tied in matter and energy in his now famous equation.  And it looks like the next world-shattering equation might include consciousness.

This is the way things are progressing at the moment.


Now let us look at the practical application of focussed consciousness over matter:




One of the most fascinating situations I have ever come across was when I was invited to a psychokinetic spoon bending party in Silicon Valley in the USA. This was organised by Jack Houck, one of the senior engineers from a well known aerospace manufacturer. Jack taught aircraft structures at the University of Michigan. He then worked for a very large aerospace company in Southern California, managing an advanced research group prior to his recent death.

One of the aircraft manufacturing companies who produced a fighter jet had experienced a series of problems with the control surfaces of these “fly-by-wire” machines going unstable at a critical moment. In fact I had watched a documentary on the Australian SBS TV channel which showed one of these fighters at an air display. The pilot had been doing a loop-the-loop and had started from too low an altitude. He was descending at near the speed of sound and obviously doubted that he would pull out of this dive prior to colliding with the ground. At the last moment he was able to attain level flight less than 50 meters above the ground and the video clearly showed (in slow motion) the tail elevators suddenly oscillating up and down. The aircraft immediately crashed and blew apart. It was strongly suspected that mental pilot trauma had affected the control microchips in the fly-by-wire computer. This was not the first time this had happened. It was suspected that pilot psychokinetics was responsible.

Not long after that Jack Houck (aerospace engineer) started his PK research. I do not know if he was tasked to do this by the aerospace company but I strongly suspect there was a connection.

However some years later I was invited to one of Jack’s PK parties and as I would be in the USA at the time I accepted the invite. I was somewhat sceptical and my attitude was that I would believe it if I could see it with my own eyes and preferably make it work for myself!

So I arrived at the party venue in Silicon Valley and after a brief discussion with Jack joined the circle of participants.

The idea was to get all participants sitting in a semi circle facing the organiser. Then he would tell a few very clever one-liner jokes to get everyone laughing and on the same wavelength.  He had discovered that he needed to induce a state of  “shared consciousness” in the audience.  He then demonstrated how to visualise a ball of pure energy and slowly have it descend on the head of the person then down through the neck.... then down the arm into the hand holding the spoon to be bent. We were then told to shout out at the top of our voices... BEND, BEND, BEND!

And....... to my initial totally stunned amazement it worked. Around 20 of the 50 people present had the spoon suddenly “soften” in their hand and they could briefly manipulate it into any shape they wanted. This effect only lasted for 10-30 seconds. It even worked on the bowl of the spoon which some of them bent with their fingers. Normally you would need to put the bowl in a vice and use heavy duty pliers to bend it.

Even a couple of the total critics in the audience had success. You should have seen the look on their faces.

If this subject is of serious interest you might like to check out the two websites below -






and we experimented with many different mind disciplines.

One that always fascinated us was Luck. Nobody knew exactly what it was or why and when it would suddenly appear. Eventually we made two world-first discoveries which not only worked but have stood the test of time.

More about this shortly.

One of the luck enhancing methods we tried with limited (but occasional) success was the use of Jack Houck’s spoon bending procedure to trigger off jackpots on slot machines.

Here is what I tried:


I would sit in front of a slot machine and after closing my eyes visualize a ball of plasma energy

(in my case... the Sun) slowly descending from above into my head. Then I visualised it moving slowly down my shoulder and my arm and into my hand which was resting on the body of the slot machine. I would then visualise it transferring to the slot machine and at that point I would mentally (but silently) yell... WIN, WIN,WIN. I would visualize the slot machine shaking violently with the input of this energy. Occasionally within a few spins the machine would suddenly pay out. In fact I won my largest casino jackpot of $156,000 in this exact manner. Plus two others which upset the casinos who share information about “suspect” winners.

A couple of my staff had quite good success and one of them hit a $12,000 jackpot while another

Won $4200.  We also had a lot of smaller wins.

The only problem with doing this is that it appeared to drain a lot of our mental energy and after a burst of doing this in the casino I often couldn’t remember on which level I had parked my car.

On one occasion I spent nearly an hour wandering round until I located the car. So after that annoying experience I made a habit of writing the car park level and parking slot number on a piece of  paper.


Now back to our two major discoveries:


The first was the profound realisation that luck is actually a person’s psychokinetic resonance with either their environment or a personal situation.

The second..... which was even more startling....... was that an individual’s subconscious mind totally controls this level of psychokinetic resonance.

That is.... your subconscious is 100% in control of your level of “Luck”..... either good or bad.

You may have noticed at times if you are gambling that suddenly out of the blue you suddenly have a run of good luck which eventually dies away. What we have noticed is that just before this run the luck level drops to nearly zero. Then suddenly it bursts into life. When I notice this happening on the slot machines I normally take time off and go and have a coffee. Then maybe 30 minutes later I come back and try again. I’m often pleasantly surprised to find that the bank of machines that refused to pay me before have all suddenly “come to life”. Luck appears to run in cycles and I explained all this in detail in my book – BEYOND BELIEF:The Ultimate Mind Manual (Amazon). I gave explanations of how to determine your luck cycle so you could take full advantage of your natural cycles.

I used the slot machines to experiment with luck because these give an instant readout of my luck level. I don’t really want to wait around for a full day to see if the day in general has been lucky.

Gambling tends to give a rapid readout of the luck level.




For the past 5 years I have been working on a way to “trick” the subconscious into creating a closer psychokinetic resonance with my immediate environment. I have experienced an increasing amount of success with this experiment to the point where I asked three close friends here in Vanuatu to join me in the research project. That was about a month ago. Two of them have had quite outstanding bursts of sudden small luck events while the third one is still testing the procedure.

The method I evolved is to use a rather cunning and special mind training program which you use in bed at night before you fall asleep. It is a 3 pronged approach and has a most unusual format. I would think that the process is highly original. It is easy to follow and uses the “dead” time between when you turn out the bedside light at night and when you actually fall asleep. In fact the process also helps you fall asleep at the end of the 10-15 minute program.


If this is of interest to any reader you can either email me at  mindtech(at) (replace the “at” with “@”) and request details of the luck program or go to my main web homepage at 

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I guess the bottom line here is that your luck level is totally controlled by your subconscious mind.

My attitude is that every single sane individual deserves some measure of happiness in their lives and this happiness is usually controlled by their bursts of good luck.

I am certainly working on improving mine!

So far nearly 60 people from my regular client email list have acquired this luck program.

Considering it has only been available for the past two weeks some of the early reported success are quite outstanding! An interesting side effect reported by a number of participants is that they wake up feeling more positive and cheerful with the expectation that good things are about to happen.


It’s an interesting world out there…. Isn’t it?


James F. Coyle

Author of 38 Amazon books






By James F. Coyle


I started experimenting with self hypnosis when I was 13 and have been researching mind-power ever since then. Now at the age of 73 I have spent over 30 years (half my adult life) trying to help others achieve some sort of mental balance in their own lives.

What has really impacted on me is the general level of unhappiness and misery all around. I see this every way I turn. I would seriously like to generate a higher level of happiness in society and I guess I might be one of the few individuals who could possibly make this happen.

Even really wealthy individuals are under stress and many of them are not particularly happy. They struggle to maintain their wealth and are constantly fighting off scam merchants and bludgers.

I have concluded that true happiness is an inner sense of self-satisfaction.... a sort of feeling of serenity and resonance with the universe.

And what really creates this satisfaction feeling is the level of luck an individual has.

Think about this;  When good-luck events happen to you then you feel quite a sense of personal satisfaction, don't you? Good luck leads to a more peaceful serene existence.

The problem with luck is that it is so nebulous, which is why the scientific community don't attempt to research it. It is like trying to research a wisp of smoke.

Luck was one area we tried to research when I owned the Australian Mind-Power Research Foundation but in the end we settled on much easier mind-power disciplines such as Subjective Communication and psychokinetic applications.

But in the past 5 years while retired here in Vanuatu I have put a lot of thought into this nebulous luck area.

It is easily observable that lucky individuals tend to lead a more joyous life because things just seem to "go right" for them. No doubt you will have noticed this yourself.

Our research group initially discovered that luck was a person's individual psychokinetic resonance with the environment which was quite a monumental realisation at the time. Then we discovered that an individual's subconscious mind controlled this level of resonance. This was an even more monumental discovery.

In other words, the subconscious mind is totally and completely in control of an individual's level of luck...... either good or bad.

So I set out to try and find a way to change the subconscious level of programming to increase the positive luck level. This has been an ongoing experiment for the past 5 years.

I have tried all sorts of mental programming without too much success but about 3 months ago hit upon a format that I had never tried before. In fact this idea came from a very vivid dream I had early one morning. It was so strong it woke me up and I immediately wrote several notes on the pad beside my bed.

I gathered a group of three local friends who were interested in mind-power and we started experimenting seriously. The result was our Universal Luck Program which, for the first time ever, appears to effectively manipulate the level of psychokinetic resonance an individual shares with their environment.

So I released this program to my mailing list and was highly impressed to find that it not only actually worked, but in some cases produced absolutely stunning results. In fact out of just over 50 programs sold so far only one single individual has reported zero results. (There was another one but after 3 weeks he suddenly had a burst of quite lucky events).

I find this result to be quite extraordinary and justifies all the years I have put into this research.

I am still fine-tuning this new program which is why I formed a short term “Luck Club” so that participants can share feedback. This has worked out well as there have been a few new ideas that I’ve been able to incorporate into the program.


James F. Coyle was the founder and CEO of the AUSTRALIAN MINDPOWER RESEARCH FOUNDATION.

Prior to that he was the founder and editor of the AUSTRALASIAN LATERAL THINKING NEWSLETTER.


He has written 30+ of  the most innovative self-help & motivational books available. All his books contain solutions that are outside the box.

They are unique, different and thought-provoking and are regarded as the best of the kind on the market today.


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