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The ultimate mind-to-mind connection


Copyright James F. Coyle 2014


An extraordinary new concept - an unidentified mental force!


Mental gravity "sucks" compatible minds together like objects

in space so that complementary mind-sets attract each other.



How it was developed and how spectacularly successful the Beta testing has been!

It all started with a conversation I overheard between my wife and three of her girlfriends.

We were all sitting out on the veranda having a coffee and they were discussing a girl they knew who was apparently considered a really nasty piece of work. She was bad tempered, abusive and mistreated her staff. She owned a small shop which should have been quite successful as she stocked exclusive products but due to her poor attitude towards her customers found sales falling. She tried to get a loan from her bank but they turned her down as she was notorious for abusing the staff. She owed the staff several weeks back pay and had made no effort to correct this situation. Eventually she ran a closing down sale and dumped all her stock. She told the staff that Friday night that she would be in to clean up the premises on Monday morning and would pay them then. However over the weekend she caught a flight out of the county and disappeared. My wife’s friends were talking about how she had no friends at all so there was nobody around willing to help her. Apparently the business had great potential and if she had bothered to cultivate a few friends it could have been an outstanding success. You can probably relate this to people you know personally. The ones who do well in life usually have a lot of friends. Think about the local shops you visit. Do the "friendly" ones do better business than the others? I’ll bet they do!

Well, this got me thinking and I woke up around 3am the next morning with all this on my mind. It occurred to me that success depended on the number of friends a person has. Without friends an individual becomes an "Island" and is all alone. Then I considered all the genuinely successful people I know and realised that they all had a ton of friends. This got me thinking even more.

I dwelt on this over the next few days and slowly realised that a person’s happiness and success in life revolved around the number of friends and close contacts they had.... individuals they could call on in times of need. And I started to wonder if I could develop a program that would attract more friends to a person. This would be a totally different approach from any other program I had developed over the previous 30 years.

All human minds are connected together at a subconscious level which is generally known as the "collective unconscious" or "universal consciousness". This is a well established fact as is the effect of subjective communication which has been around for many years. I started to wonder if I could use this "collective unconscious" to draw people together in some way. Individuals drawn in this way would feel naturally friendly towards each other.

At the next meeting of our local mind-power enthusiasts here in Vanuatu I ran this idea past the team. They seemed pretty enthusiastic about the concept so I decided to start experimenting. One of the team suggested that this would be like gravity drawing planets together and this evolved into the idea of mental gravity.

After several months of fiddling with the concept I wrote what I thought would be a workable program and presented it to the team. It worked in a totally reverse way to anything I had tried before so I didn’t know how effective it would be. Then I started to receive comments from the team members who seemed highly delighted with it. We had another meeting some 2 weeks later and a few suggestions were made that would improve the method.

After about a month it became obvious that this was by far the best program I had ever come up with. The results were not only astounding but sometimes quite startling. One of the team members described his results as "scary". We all fiddled with the program for another month and made a few minor alterations. It turned out to be simpler to use than many of my other programs and better still the results tended to happen quite quickly..... not some weeks later.

I then presented the program for Beta testing to my mailing list and the feedback so far has been highly impressive. There has not been one single negative comment, only very positive testimonials. I guess it’s because this program has been developed from a totally new angle that nobody else has thought of before.

This seems to me to be the ultimate success program. I’ve been researching this type of material for over 30 years now and I don’t think that I could do any better!



Gravity is a force of attraction that acts between and on all physical objects with matter (mass) or energy which causes all physical bodies to attract each other. It is most commonly recognized and experienced as the agent that gives weight to physical objects and causes physical objects to fall toward the ground when dropped from a height. Gravity is the only force acting on all particles with mass; it has an infinite range; it is always attractive and never repulsive and it cannot be absorbed, transformed, or shielded against.

The force of  MENTAL GRAVITY appears to do exactly the same thing between certain mindsets particularly under the compelling situations of deep emotion and dedicated focus.

What we have discovered is the mental equivalent of this gravitational force.

The minds of  individuals connect at a basic universal subconscious level and certain complementary people are automatically attracted to each other, no matter what the physical distance between them. They tend to gravitate together, sometimes in the strangest of coincidental circumstances.


This Mental Gravity concept is akin to the "spooky" QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT experiments being carried out by the scientific community. It appears that under certain pre-established conditions subatomic particles such as photons and electrons interact with each other simultaneously over vast distances. It thus appears that one particle of an entangled pair "knows" what measurement has been performed on the other, and with what outcome, even though there is  no known means for such information to be communicated between the particles, which at the time of measurement may be separated by enormously large distances. Interestingly, this communication happens faster than the speed of light, hence the "spooky" part, according to the University of Washington.

What is important here is that these particles communicate with each other in a manner we don't understand. The Mental Gravity concept works in an equally mysterious manner. We know it works....... but we don't know why.

Let me give you a personal example of this:

Many years ago I was skydiving at the Lake Taupo airfield in New Zealand. There were three of us parachutists and we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves. I noticed a young couple watching us with considerable interest and the lady eventually walked over to me and asked if it were possible for her husband and her to come up with us on a jump run. We placed them in the back of the aircraft with a security bar clipped into place so they couldn't fall out. The empty aircraft would be descending rapidly while doing steep alternate turns so this precaution was necessary. Before we left the ground I noticed that the lady was wearing thin clothes so I loaned her my fur-lined leather jacket to wear. At our 8000 ft jump altitude it would be cold with the wind blowing in the open doorway.

They thoroughly enjoyed the trip and we parted company.

Some years later (about 10 years) I met up with a group of people over dinner in Australia and the conversation got round to parachuting. A lady mentioned that she had experienced a magic ride with a group of jumpers in Taupo many years before. I looked at her and asked if the jump-master had loaned her a leather jacket. She said he did. She was totally stunned when she realised I was that person.

That was coincidence #1.

Some 5 years later exactly the same thing happened. I met up with her again at another dinner function somewhere. Once again we identified each other.

Then, about 5 years after that..... we met again!

Three times in all.  There was clearly some mental attraction that kept us connected. I found all this very strange and put it down to a remarkable set of coincidences.

However I now realise it was caused by this Mental Gravity connection.


How and why people connect ....... complementary requirements.........

Let us suppose you have a deep emotional requirement. Possibly to move out of your accommodation and live in a more satisfactory environment. You have this emotional yearning and intense desire to move. You think non-stop about moving.

 Later that day you call into your local supermarket and while wheeling your trolley of food outside see an elderly gentleman who has fallen over on the footpath and tipped his own trolley on its side, spilling his purchases. You naturally help him restack his groceries and walk him to his car. He is extremely grateful and you both get talking. He tells you he has had a bad day as one of his tenants has skipped owing rent. Apparently he owns a number of rental units. You tell him you are looking for alternative accommodation and he immediately sparks up and offers to show you this unit. Well, it is exactly what you are looking for but you tell him you probably can't afford it. He asks what you pay now and he says he will match that price as he thinks you would make an ideal tenant.

Three days later you move. He tells you not to worry about paying a bond as he trusts you. So there you are...... in a vastly better situation for the same amount of rental money!

You both had complementary requirements that solved each other's problem and you met under the strangest of circumstances. Mental Gravity at work!

Another situation is where you may be totally fed up with your job. You don't like your boss or your workmates. You have this intense desire to move on to something less stressful and you have been focusing on this continually. A friend invites you to have drinks with them that Friday night after work and you reluctantly go along. You find yourself talking to an older woman who asks what you do for a living. You tell her. She immediately says.... "That's interesting. I'm looking for a girl with your experience for a similar position".....

You take a "sickie" from work on Monday and go and meet her. The job is not only exactly what you are looking for but she offers you the position there and then. At a slightly higher pay! You give 2 weeks’ notice at your old job and start the new one in a vastly superior environment.

Mental Gravity at work again. Complementary requirements being met and neutralised.

Another situation is where you find yourself in a critical financial position. (And most of us have experienced this mentally debilitating situation.) You are losing sleep and the whole thing is causing you a vast amount of worry. You are behind on your house mortgage payments and also your car loan. Likewise your credit card is at its limit.  You have approached your bank for a higher mortgage but they won't help as your payments have been unreliable. You don't know what to do.

In desperation you place a small advert in the local paper asking for someone to help you consolidate your debts. To your surprise you actually receive one phone call from an elderly gentleman who tells you he may be able to help. He arranges to visit you after work the next day.  He arrives about 6pm and you sit down and have a chat. You point out that you have a solid job but had to take 2 months off without pay for medical reasons. At the same time your old car blew up and you had to replace the engine. So you have ended up 2 months behind in all payments. He looks at your tax returns and asks permission to talk to your bank manager. Two days later he rings you and suggests a meeting. You are totally surprised to find that he has arranged for your bank to give you a new mortgage which will leave money over to pay your car repairs and your credit card. He tells you he has done this by guaranteeing your loan at the bank. This actually costs him nothing but he is using his good name to make the new loan secure. He said that your bank manager was quite positive about your situation but his hands were tied because of head office rules. So the new loan is settled and your debts are paid. You find out later that this "White Knight" had just sold a number of commercial properties and was wondering what to do with all the money that suddenly appeared in his bank account. He had decided to help others less fortunate where possible. He had a need to help people..... you needed help. On top of this he refused to accept any payment for his assistance.

Mental Gravity again!!


What is happening here is that there is a direct subconscious connection between those who want to give assistance....... and those who need help. It’s rather like two people falling in love..... they have an incredibly strong emotional need for each other. The trigger for this Mental Gravity appears to be total focus and a degree of desperation. That is...... a deep emotional yearning. I have actually noticed this all my life but never really paid much attention to it.

This is a mutual attraction process which is always highly beneficial to both parties.

I have recently concluded that it should be easily possible to trigger this connection by using a specific mind-inducement program.

Think back....... have people suddenly popped into your life and helped you...... for no apparent reason? Chances are that this event has happened more than once. These events appeared to happen accidently but in fact they were Mental Gravity at work! The trick is to try and recapture similar events in the future..... and that is what we are working on.

Following on from all the research I organised when I owned the Australian Mindpower Research Foundation I decided to start investigating this strange concept some 3 months ago. I have 5 other mindpower individuals here in Vanuatu who have been keen to help. These same individuals helped me develop the existing Luck Program also which has turned out to be a howling success, in fact, the most effective program I have ever developed.

What we are trying to achieve is a simple way to "glue" these complementary situations together by triggering off the minds of the individuals who can help each other and physically draw them into contact. So far we have experienced considerable success and have almost completed a mind program which should be able to achieve this. It just needs a little more testing and refinement. It looks like it might turn out to be quite a simple program to actually use and it will use protocols that are somewhat unusual.

If this type of program is of interest please click on the link below and add your email address to my free subscription list. I'll advise you when it's ready.

(If you're already on my mail list ignore the above.)

It looks like it will work hand-in-hand with our existing Luck Program and could be used on alternate weeks for maximum possible effect.


UPDATE SEPT 20th 2014

This program is now completed and tested.

It is available immediately.

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