This appears to be working in quite a spectacular manner.

There are a couple of seriously helpful side-effects that I hadn’t even considered.

For some strange reason close family members are being affected (probably by unintentional Subjective Communication) and I keep getting reports of a partner experiencing significant good-luck events.

Secondly there are now multiple reports of a sense of well-being and positive expectation upon wakening each morning. That is, the person wakes up not only feeling good about the day ahead but also with a sense of lucky expectation.

One client even commented that it was worth the purchase cost just to wake up feeling relaxed and great each morning for the past 2 weeks.

These two are an added bonus that I didn’t expect or plan for.

More details below............


(See the latest testimonials below and more at the bottom of this letter)

........ "James, my wife and I have been using the Luck program for 3 weeks now and one thing we've both noticed is that we both wake up feeling positive and cheery. My wife says she feels like good things are about to happen. We think that this alone was worth the small price we paid for your program. But here's the kicker: we won a third division prize in the lotto last night, just over $1000. We have never won anything significant on the lotto before, just the occasional $10 - $15. Also our son scored an unexpected promotion at his work. This is worth an extra $7000 a year to him. It has been interesting to read other program users comments whereby their immediate family also appear to share in the extra luck events. We personally think your years of research have finally paid off and are very impressed that you should share this with others instead of keeping it to yourself. No doubt your rewards will arrive in due course! Thanks mate. You're a bit of a genius!".........

The Stillwell family


.......... “Hi James, just a little feedback on your program!


I’ve been using it for over 10 days. It was a struggle at first to keep the mind on track - but much better now!

The additional advice has been very useful. 


Previously when I checked my lotto tickets. or played the pokies, I always expereinced a little disappointment when I didn’t win.

That has gone and - even if I don’t win - it doesn’t seem to matter. The "feeling more cheerful and positive tomorrow” addition really does work.

My wife says the same thing.

Luck is picking up as well. Yesterday we popped into the local club to test our luck.

Played for an hour - applying the techniques - and basically breaking even. We then decided to play the "Money Train” linked machines.

We both played a different machine. I was sitting quietly in the zone and playing slowly - then I stopped. My wife asked me what I was doing?

I said “I’m waiting for the Money Train!” - 10 seconds later down it came!!!!

The jackpot wasn’t huge - but it did make for a nice profitable day!


Great Program -Thank you! Keep up the good work.


Kind regards” .....................




.......... “Hi James, please don't publish my full name or email address.

I have read many of your other works. I am able to enter alpha, theta and split beta/delta at will. Rather than follow your suggested plan for luck, I took the basic ideas and instead tried direct affirmations whilst in split beta/delta.

The other thing that I have done which I don't think that you suggest, is to keep a daily record of any events that you might consider lucky. I have been doing this, and looking back at it, find that there are several lucky events that I had already forgotten about!

One odd thing that I have noticed is that members of my family have been experiencing good luck, and they don't even know that I doing this program! My son has won £50 in a supermarket promotion and has been given a guitar amplifier.

Here are some highlights from my journal:
A company that I did a quote for a few weeks ago, and who I though weren't interested have suddenly contacted me and wish to place the order.
Another company that I did a quote for have asked me for a price for additional work.
Every single time I park in town, I automatically find the perfect (free) parking space; previously I could consciously request one and usually got one, but now it happens automatically.
I sell jewellery online. Someone I don't know contacted me to ask if I wanted them to sponsor me. This meant that I would send them a few samples for free (very little cost to me because I make them), and they would publish pictures and recommendations to their 22,000 followers.
I find loose change on the floor almost every time I go out.
I've had a few small lottery wins”.................






Since then there have been some totally spectacular results reported.


Hi friends,

For the last 6 months I have been developing a new style luck inducing program which effectively "tricks" the subconscious mind into realigning the individual's psychokinetic resonance with the surroundings and environment. This is based on our discovery that the individual's subconscious mind has 100% control over that person's level of luck. If you haven't already seen it I wrote an eye-opening article about Luck -

An interesting development has arisen in this new Luck Program.

I recently gave three close friends here in Vanuatu copies of the program to experiment with. At a subsequent meeting they were obviously impressed because even the quietest of them was doing a bit of raving about it the results.

I then marketed it in a limited manner to a group of serious mind enthusiasts on the basis that they would supply me with feedback. I agreed to supply the program at half price based on the testing and resultant feedback. We have been treating the program as an experiment. I decided to form a short term "Club" of these enthusiasts where feedback and helpful information could be shared.

The results have rather exceeded my initial expectations with a common comment that the program makes people "feel better" and more positive. Two users have commented that they wake up in the mornings with a feeling of  "positive expectation".

As such I have now decided to release this program to my general client list and will continue running the "Club" idea for another month or so to get as much feedback as possible. As such I'll still offer the program at half pice during this extended experimental period. Comments and feedback will be passed on to users via email.

Incidentally the program is a 3 pronged one which you use in bed at night before you go to sleep. You can either use visualisation or mentally verbalise it and it usually leads you into a deep restful sleep. It is a simple but vey cunning program. You do not need to drop into Theta or Delta as the concept works best in Alpha which you automatically drop into before sleep.

The actual program is about 4 x A4 pages in size and I email it to you as a Word document.

I fully expect a handful of individuals to generate a ton of money from this program and I’m fairly certain that most users will create a significant “luck” advantage for themselves. This concept will be a definite life-changer for some.

I had intended to charge A$99 for this program but my small group of friends suggested I drop this to A$59 on the understanding that early users will give us feedback so we can improve it if possible.

So if you are prepared to keep in touch and let us know your results from time to time then I am happy to offer the initial program for this reduced price of $59. (I expect to increase the price after our combined research is completed).

Once again here is the background to the luck research........

As you probably know my mind-power research foundation discovered that luck was an individual’s personal psychokinetic resonance with either the environment or a specific situation. We further discovered that the subconscious mind of the individual totally controlled this resonance. That is, the subconscious mind controls your luck. This was quite a profound double discovery as I don’t think anyone else anywhere in the world had been aware of this. If they had then it had never been publicised.

What we have been searching for the past few years was a way to “trick” the mind into producing these luck bursts. Normally these bursts appear to be a random event so we wanted to see if we could “induce” them.

And..... I think we may have found the trigger mechanism! What is so surprising is that it is amazingly simple. I have been running this program at night before I go to sleep and the result is that in the past 2 months my personal luck has picked up dramatically.

Incidentally this is NOT a lengthy program........  it is concise and impacty.



Send your email order to  -  mindtech(at)

(Change the "at" into @ )


PAYMENT  - US$69  -



1 - Direct bank transfer (TT - Telegraphic Transfer)

2 - Cash payment at Western Union outlet

3 - Credit or Debit card payment via Western Union. (You do this online from home).


Paypal does not operate in our South Pacific Islands



Telegraphic Bank TT. (Can take several days to appear in my account and is expensive).

Copy the details below into your bank TT documents.



swift    WPACVUVX

BSB  039 033

Westpac  Lini Highway, Port Vila



For the account of James F. Coyle

A/C #  2000-425-716




You will find Western Union branches everywhere. Check your phone book for the closest branch. A lot of Post Offices now have a WU terminal.

Send payment to:

James Coyle

5 Bukura Estate

Port Vila



Once you transmit your payment please advise me immediately how you have sent it so I can track it down. Please advise senders name plus MTCN tracking number. This is most important.



If you want to pay by credit or Debit card you can use Western Union as an intermediary. This is a totally secure and safe transaction. WU never divulge the credit card numbers to the receiptant. You do this online (in the comfort of your own home) by accessing the WU website and selecting the county you live in.

The local website for WU is - - From this NZ site you can select any country you live in from the menu at the top. Register with them - this is quick, easy and free. Then simply follow instructions to pay by credit or debit card. This is also one of the cheapest ways to pay.

PLEASE NOTE: After you complete your WU online transaction it may take several hours before your official receipt arrives by email.

Almost all of my clients use the WU service as the bank TT involves a lot of paperwork and time spent in a queue at the bank. The WU transactions are generally simpler and quicker. Also if paying by credit card the transaction is about 30-40% cheaper than physically walking into a WU office.





...... "James, that luck program has turned into a little bit of magic. Been having a really bad luck run lately and was getting quite depressed about it and my wife has been losing her patience with my attitude. This morning after doing the program for 6 nights I went into the newsagency to buy a paper. As an afterthought I bought a $5 scratchit ticket. Bought it home as a peace offering for the wife. She scratched it and we couldn't believe it. We had won $5000 !!!!!!!!  I immediately took it back to the newsagent for verification and they told me that the cheque would be posed to us from the scratchit headquarters on Monday. What can I say?  You're a blasted genious! A million thanks from both of us because $5000 was exactly what we needed to solve a few financial problems.

In serious appeciation" ......... Jack and terry


.......... "Hi James. You asked for comment on the luck method so here goes: My wife and I were nervous about supplying our credit card numbers offshore after a recent scare but a friend of hers works for Western Union and she told my wife that the credit card payments via WU were not only totally secure but the receiver of the funds had to supply full identification before collection. Also the receiver never had access to the actual card numbers so they couldn't be misused. So we went ahead and ordered. We both used the system as instructed and after 3 nights started to wake up feeling very positive. My wife was beginning to feel quite lucky and this morning she woke up feeling like something extemely good was about to happen. Now she works for a large company in a citical division of four women. She is the junior member. The lady supervisor had been feeling unwell for some time and apparently was rushed to hospital last night in a serious condition. She is not expected back to work anytime soon. This caused some panic among the management as this small division is crucial to the operation of the business. About 9.30am my wife was called into the general manager's office and to her total surprise was offered the supervisors position with a salary increase of $12,000 per year. The boss told my wife that they were impressed with her wok ethic and efficiency. A very excited wife rang me at 10.30am to tell me this magic news. She said to email James and tell him that she turned his $59 program cost into an ongoing $12,000 per year! James, what more can I say? The program has worked brilliantly for us. I hope others have the same success"..........  Peter and Jill


Hi Jim,

As promised giving you some feedback on the luck program. Happy for you to use parts as you see fit but I'm sure you will maintain anonymity.

A week into this and have noticed increased luck in gambling (Blackjack). Higher incidence of blackjacks and doubling hands. Also have instinctively drawn when maybe not a high probability to do so and have been more right than wrong. Need to control greed to capitalise on this though :)
At work have noticed an increase in sales leads (some expected, some not). A particular incident today was the potential of lost sale due to delivery issues with our warehouse. At the eleventh hour, the warehouse manager called me to say (in his words) "it's your lucky day....your order was just shipped before we closed inventory". Nice. This sale BTW, earned me a $1000 travel voucher as a bonus.

Have noticed a greater sense of positivity and feeling that things will be alright.
Not quite where I want to be financially yet but feel this program will only compound over time so I'll keep working it.

Finally, perhaps unrelated, but my wife's home business has picked up by 30% from the previous month - more leads and higher conversions. She doesn't buy into mind training and doesn't know I'm doing this. Perhaps my subconscious is resonating "luck vibrations" to my environment?

Thanks for this Jim. Anything more and I'll let you know (hoping for the $30 million Oz Lotto tonight.

Just received a follow-up email from John -

Oh, forgot to mention.
A "lucky" bit of financial relief came when I had a $5000 bill I had to pay and had no idea how I was going to pay that. Credit Card company rang me out if the blue to say that, as I have been a loyal customer, they have extended my credit limit by $7500! Now I can pay the debt. I know I will still owe the c/c but this bought me time and subsequently reduced stress.



........ "James, for the first time in 15 years I actually had a slots jackpot down at the local golf club last night. I followed your luck system faithfully for 3 weeks and noticed my luck seemed to be improving. I was absolutely flabbergasted when the bells rang on the jackpot slot I was playing. I had won the $18,000 jackpot prize and that is a darned handy amount of money at the moment as my old car is dying and needs replacing. I'll use the balance to pay  my credit card right off. I think your system is a work of genious. I have scanned and attached a copy of the cheque to this email for your information only.  If you're sending this testimonial out to club members please don't send a copy of the cheque as it has my name on it"......

In total appreciation... Jack M........