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The vast majority of individuals become stuck in a rut at some point in their lives.

They ask themselves.... “Is this all there is to life? Every day is a struggle and I don’t understand why I am not getting anywhere. Why is it that everyone

else seems to be doing better than I am?” Why can't I be a winner in life too? is not a prison. You can escape from your current circumstances any time you seriously want to. However there may be a price to pay in

time, effort or money.

You may have found yourself in a mental prison and feel totally restricted. But there ARE ways to escape this depressing situation. This small book

explains the steps required and shows you how to join life's winners.

It is written in a simple easy-to-understand manner and is full of concepts that you may not have heard of before. The author was the founder and

CEO of the Australian Mindpower Research Foundation. This little book has helped thousands of Australians and New Zealanders join the winners.

Now for the first time it is available internationally.

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1 – Focus and get out of the rut

2 – Motivation

3 – Emotional preparation

4 – Stickability

5 – Adaptability

6 – Self awareness

7 – Procrastination

8 – Goal setting

9 – Negating negative influence

10 – Handling setbacks

11 – Winning with less effort

12 – Become a lazy winner.... not a busy loser

13 – Be realistic and know when to quit

14 – Develop a vision

15 – Research and listen to gain knowledge

16 – Self hypnotic restrictions

17 – Develop passion

18 – Your attitude and fairness to others

19 – Preparation and planning

20 – Your self- image

21 – Make a decision

22 – Your values and philosophy

23 – Dump excuses

24 – Sacrifice

25 – Your purpose in life

26 – Become a leader

27 - Manifesting your desires and synchronicity



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