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MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHOR:  Most older people have learnt how to handle pests but younger people have usually not learnt this skill. So to get through to the young ones I have used fairly expressive language to impact their consciousness. This is not intended to offend more mature adults.


The world is full of pests….. and they mentally drain you.

They leave you feeling confused, irritable and at a loss as to what to do.

We have all had contact with this type of person.

Many of them simply refuse to develop a life of their own….. they want to infest your life…. like a human cockroach!

They are continually hanging around wanting this….. and wanting that…. and no matter how much annoyance you display they simply don’t get the message.

They try to encroach on your circle of friends and go on to annoy them also. For which you get the blame for ‘introducing’ this character into your circle.

Do you know anyone like this?  Of course you do!

I regard these individuals as professional bludgers and will have nothing to do with them.

They add absolutely nothing to your life….. except large doses of frustration and annoyance.

So, what can you do?

Simple! Gently ease them out of your life and one of the best ways to do this is by becoming unreliable (as far as they are concerned).

So you tell them you will meet them at a specific time at a coffee shop (or whatever) downtown and simply fail to turn up. You’ll probably need to turn your mobile phone off for a couple of hours so they can’t ring and pester you.

When they confront you about it you can easily say “I forgot” or better still tell them you thought the meeting was tomorrow….. not today.

Do this to them half a dozen times and guess what?  They’ll consider you too unreliable to bother with and wander off to pester someone else.

It works! I’ve been doing it for years.

Also, if you can catch them out telling you an untruth (a lie) you can confront them and tell them straight out that you don’t appreciate dishonest people. From that point on you will become extremely “cool” towards them and hopefully they will get the message.

Absolutely stop inviting them around to your place and if they should turn up uninvited tell them you are too busy to see them. Tell them to come back tomorrow at midday when you will be free. Except of course at 11.30am tomorrow you will disappear downtown for a lunch with genuine friends.

If they later ask where you were tell them some close friends rang you and invited you to lunch so you went. Unfortunately you forgot your mobile phone and left it at home. (Well, that’s your story anyway).

Even the thickest of bludgers will get the message after a while and go elsewhere, which is what you want to happen anyway.

Of course you could sidestep all this by simply confronting them and telling them quite clearly that they are not your kind of person and you can’t see any value of having a social relationship with them, but most individuals don’t feel comfortable with this type of confrontation.

Believe me, when you reach my age (76 last June) you will have no hesitation at all in telling these characters to “piss off”. 

Many of these mentally draining situations will occur among extended family members where you will find it hard to ignore these types. In this case by far the best way to discourage them is to become totally unreliable. If they still persist you can always ask them politely …… “excuse me my friend, but have you ever considered getting a life of your own?”  Then give them a long hard look without saying anything and wait for their answer. If they ask what you mean say….. “Well it’s a simple question. You do understand English don’t you?” At this point give them another hard look and if they make a further comment “snort” in disgust and turn around and walk away. (Or pretend to answer your mobile phone while walking away).

These are techniques that actually work!  I should know….. I’ve used them all.

The point is you want these mentally draining cretins out of your life and as you’ve read this far into this simple report you are probably looking for serious removal techniques.

Of course there are those who respond by trying to make you feel guilty.  Simply laugh at them. These sort of people hate being laughed at. One trick I’ve used is this:  I tell them that ever since I became a born-again Christian I am totally free from guilt and I don’t really want to associate with people who are “un-pure” and who haven’t yet been saved. I then ask if they would like to accompany me to my church on Sunday where I will arrange for them to be “saved”.  Most of them run a mile real quick!

One woman actually said to me….. “but I’ve already been saved”.

My response here was….. “Yes, but have you been saved from continually annoying other people?”

Then I turned around and walked away.


Overall the bottom line is to give these annoying individuals the “cold shoulder” and it’s absolutely vital that you maintain this stance until they fade away. Under no circumstances exhibit any “friendliness” towards them otherwise you will negate all your efforts so far.

If you don’t feel you can handle the techniques I’ve explained above then welcome to a life of misery and manipulation!

It’s all over to you. Either stand up for yourself….. or lie down and accept a life of garbage and annoying mind-numbing crap!

Good luck!



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