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Many Years ago the famous author Earl  Nightingale wrote a spectacular book… THE STRANGEST SECRET….which  basically espoused the philosophy of…”You become what you think about all day long”. From this people started to realize that if they set a goal and focused intently on it then in due course it was likely to appear. Then the deep meditation processes such as Alpha and Theta evolved and it became the accepted and acknowledged practice to formulate the required goal then do deep meditation to manifest it.

And that has been the accepted goal-manifesting procedure for the past 50 years.

So it might come as a bit of a shock for some goal seekers to realize that there is now an alternative and much more convenient way to materialize their specific goals….. and that is by this new MOTION process. It utilises the strange impact of URGENCY  on the subconscious mind.

A lot of people have trouble evolving and maintaining a meditative state like alpha or theta but NOBODY has trouble  walking, driving, cycling, motoring, etc.

Readers who have been on my mailing lists for 10-12 years will probably recall the international furore when I discovered that luck was a personal psychokinetic event…. Then went on to discover that the individual subconscious mind fully controlled this event. These two discoveries severely ‘shook up’ the international mind-power scene and I suddenly started selling a vast number of my earlier Amazon books as my name became recognized.

Well, I have a feeling that this new Motion Goal Manifesting process might cause exactly the same ‘shake up’ as it is totally unique and appears to be brand new knowledge. At least, I can find no reference to it anywhere on the internet.

The beauty of this process is that it is so much easier to use than the traditional meditational process. It imparts a sense of urgency to your “universal goal request” that seems to evoke a much faster result. The existing traditional meditational process requires you to induce a degree of emotion or ‘deep feeling’ into the equation to make it work effectively and it is a fact that it is extremely difficult to develop a sense of emotion and maintain that feeling for a period of time.

This Motion process uses a sense of ‘urgency’ in place of emotion. This is vastly easier to mentally induce and maintain.

Here is a response from a user who emailed me last night - 

…….. “Ho Jimbo, mate this motion thing is a total surprise. Initially when I read about it I thought it sounded like a load of bullshit but then I sort of remembered that you have come up with some highly original stuff over the years so I purchased a copy to see what it was all about. Mate, it is ten times easier to use than all that heavy duty meditation stuff and is actually quite fun to focus on while I am travelling on the bus to work. This 30 minute journey twice a day is normally wasted time but I am now filling it with your motion process. Been using it for 9-10 days and the improvements are becoming very noticeable. I can feel and notice my goals starting to happen and I definitely feel each day was worthwhile as opposed to feeling bored shitless at the end of each day before. Mate, I think once again you have hit it on the head and I personally think that eventually this will be the standard method of goal manifesting.  Jimbo, you should be proud of yourself!!!!!”…………..Don Newsell –MELBOURNE



New Comment……."Good Morning James,  just some feedback for you about the motion goal manifesting program. I have had health, fitness, overweight and breathing problems for a couple of years. Tried meditation, multivitamins, special food, dedicated dream control, etc. with no significant improvement. I have now been using your motion based general improvement program for 9 days and the overall results so far have been very satisfying, to say the least! It is very obvious that I am now getting somewhere which is making me a lot happier. This general program dealing with fitness, wealth, health and happiness is exactly what I have been searching for. So far it hasn't improved my wealth but it's early days yet! James, I have spent literally hundreds of dollars over the past couple of years  trying to sort out my problems and your ultra cheap program has done it all in one hit! This motion procedure makes me feel good at the end of the day and is vastly easier to use than all those deep meditation mind programs at night. I've got a feeling you may be right. This motion process of goal manifesting might totally replace all previous known forms of meditation based goal achievements. I guess time will tell. James, I'll keep you up-to-date with what is happening to me. In appreciation."..... Robert Wills WELLINGTON


Previous comment........... "James, I got a copy of this new motion program a week ago when you first released it. That general purpose program to achieve 4-5 goals simultaneously looks really fascinating but for a start I thought I would apply your new process to an existing older program, the Mental Broadband program.  I started to have excellent results with this some time ago then it simply stopped progressing. I think this was because the alpha-theta meditation I was using was too mentally draining and I kept losing focus or falling asleep. Those deep meditation sessions at night are very difficult to focus on, probably something your other clients have found also. But this new motion process was vastly different. I have been using it on the Mental Broadband program and the results are very definite indeed. And there is absolutely no mental effort or strain involved. Quite a magical process really and so easy and convenient to use. In about a week or so I will use the motion process on the 4-5 way general improvement program you have presented. James, I think your new process will eventually replace all conventional goal manifesting program procedures. It seems to me you have once again made a 'quantum' breakthrough in mind-power. I will keep you informed as to my progress, but I expect it to be somewhat spectacular"....... Roger Johnson - California USA


Dear Friends,

This highly unusual goal achieving technique is drawing some Interesting comments. Here is how I “think” it works………

Normally you determine your specific goals then use dedicated focus, determination and Alpha-Theta meditation to achieve them. A lot of people find this boring, time-consuming  and rather nebulous as results are slow and not usually evident in the short term. It is a passive process. However, this motion based goal achievement is an active process and apparently is much more interesting to use. Results become evident quite quickly and sometimes happen within a couple of days. This new motion-based process adds URGENCY to the equation which the subconscious mind appears to respond to. When you program your mind to achieve a goal (or pray) your “order” goes into the universal storage warehouse for eventual delivery. But as several million people are “applying” at the same time your “order” goes into a long queue. However by stressing a ‘sense of urgency’ it appears your order may jump to the head of the queue. I have seen quite a lot of evidence for this and it has been confirmed in the past few days by some of those who are already using this motion process. When you move toward your goal with a sense of urgency it appears to add an extra “trigger” to the manifestation process. It will be interesting to see over the next few weeks how much success users are having!







By using physical activity processes… rather than mind-power methods

The usual way to manifest a required goal is to focus on it intently, then use dedicated and focused daily Alpha or Theta mind-power techniques. There is an alternative way. This is the use of physical activity such as walking, biking or motoring instead of mind-power programs. This is usually simpler, easier and more convenient…… and sometimes produces better results!


·        Easier to use than conventional mind-power methods

·        Less focusing required so less mental strain

·        No extra special time needed - use existing time while doing something else

·        Results are normally rapid – sometimes surprisingly so

·        Usually a very pleasant experience with noticeable daily improvements


The normal way to activate your mind-power program is to identify clearly, that which you wish to achieve….. then do a daily or nightly specific mind-power exercise to achieve that goal. The idea of the intense mind-power is to focus on the required end result, in a determined and concentrated manner.

However, it is a fact that a percentage of individuals find this intense mind-focusing either uncomfortable, inconvenient, or simply difficult to achieve.

There is another way to direct and focus the mind toward a specific required goal and that is by using directed physical action rather than intense mind focus.


This is a very simple process and requires you to clearly identify your specific goal, then focus on that outcome while you are in physical motion, such as riding a bike, walking, running, driving, or travelling in some sort of public transport. This scenario presents a time-limited-urgency to the manifesting process as your subconscious mind accepts that you would like some results before the end of the current journey.


Basically you determine what your goals are then while in a “locomoting” state,

 apply your thoughts in a specific manner…. very easy & simple to do. In fact

vastly easier  & less mentally intensive than the usual Alpha-Theta methods.


The idea for this process came to me some years ago but I never did any serious research due to time and priority constraints. A couple of my clients have recently mentioned using a “walking” method for the manifestation of goals and this is one of the simpler “transportation” methods you can apply.

The methodology I will outline shortly uses a combination of physical motion transportation methods as mentioned above.

But first let me explain how this process more recently identified itself. I have reproduced below an interesting time-motion-focusing experience which has happened to me recently.  I reproduced part of this in my recent MENTAL BANDWIDTH program so you may have read this part before. But it is now important that you read it thoroughly so you can understand the background to this physical transportation program.

You will clearly see how INTENT, CLARITY OF PURPOSE AND DEDICATED ACTION, when combined together with physical action, can achieve the required result:


A couple of months ago our old car gave up and collapsed but instead of buying another one immediately we decided to give the local mini-bus service a try. Our neighbours had raved about this service and seldom used their car unless it was raining. The point it, we only need to walk 300 meters and we arrive at the main road into town, intersection. One of these mini-busses usually pass by every 2-3 minutes so we have a minimal wait. These are small 8-10 seater busses so we tell the driver where we want to go and he drops us off right in front of that specific address. All this costs us a massive $1.50 per person. (Cheaper than running our car!)  Coming home is even better as we can flag down one of these busses anywhere in town and the driver will drop us off right in front of our house. Once again all for $1.50.  How’s that for a brilliant service??

Anyway, on with my “action” story……  I find that if I “amble” unconsciously up to the main road from my house I seem to be out of “sync” with the passing busses and sometimes have to wait 3-5 minutes for one to come along.

But……. If I stride in a determined and focused manner at a slightly faster speed than usual then I almost always arrive just in time to flag down an approaching bus. So…. No waiting!

Actually I have noticed this peculiar effect dozens of times now for several months and it has never really failed me. As far as I am concerned it is a permanent valid event. I have exhibited intent, clarity-of-purpose and action. My subconscious mind has responded by supplying me with a rapid transport connection. Effectively I am triggering my mind to create the desired results.

Reminds me of when I lived back in Wellington in NZ many years ago. Several times a week we would accompany friends in the 20 minute drive into the city to visit one of our favourite restaurants. I would focus all the way on getting a parking spot in front of the restaurant. And it worked!!  My friends were always stunned that I scored a spot while they had to park a 5-minute walk away! I didn’t know it then but I was using intent, clarity-of-purpose and time-limited urgency to clear a space for myself.


So what I’ve done is to work out the quickest and easiest way for users to apply this “action” programming.


I have supplied a brand new motion based manifest program called –




Covering the 4 main requirements - Fitness, Wealth, Happiness and Health

(You can add an extra one or two specific goals if you wish).

It explains a simple motion-based process to manifest your gaols with minimal effort.


In fact this new method can be used in a number of my older existing

programs and full details are given to convert 3 of these older programs

 to the motion-based process. These are - MENTAL BROADBAND program,



While you are in motion you are thinking about the end result you require, in a specific and dedicated manner.

This is basically an easy and pleasant process. There is no need to read from a lengthy written script…. You basically “make it up” as you go.


This process incidentally is NOT common knowledge among the public out there. In fact I have NEVER read anything about it ever…. So once again it may be new knowledge for you!



You apply exactly the same thought processes if you are cycling, running or riding in a bus.


This product comes with a free bonus program –




Motion-Based Goal Manifesting Program



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