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Mental Resonance with your environment creates a non-stop blissful and hassle-free existence.

It is a feeling of happiness, contentment & freedom, with good things manifesting on a daily basis.




Dear Friends,


I’ve had some interesting emails over the years but the recent one below made me think! What do YOU think about it?

I’d welcome your feedback!


……….. “Ho James, I’ve bought a lot of your programs over the years but not the lotto or gambling as these activities don’t interest me. The one that caused me the most success was the “Mental Resonance with the Environment” program. This actually created some wondrous results until my subconscious mind woke up to it being reprogrammed and didn’t like it at all. So after a few weeks those spectacular results stopped. I’ve since tried it again with minimal but mildly noticeable results. James, I can’t help wonder if a MOTION version of this existing program might work more effectively. The point is all your previous programs are “passive” based on passive meditation whereas this new Motion process is “active”, urgent and time sensitive. This might encourage the subconscious to ‘mind its own business’ and let its owner get on with living life!!  Just a thought James. I’m fully aware that the subconscious lives in its own ‘rut’ and doesn’t like being jerked out of it with new-fangled concepts. But the subconscious is completely and entirely responsible for our success and happiness in life so I fail to understand why it can be so obnoxious when it comes to new ideas. What most people have apparently found is that if they keep ‘plugging away’ month after month (or year after year) then the required results eventually happen. But the subconscious mind is fully capable of producing these stunning results instantaneously  (like a miracle!)  and I can’t help wonder if the new active motion process is the key to this?  James, please let me know what you think. Many thanks for your originality”…….. R.M. Qld. 


REPLY FROM JAMES. --  Thanks Roger. Well strangely enough I now have 7 emails talking about exactly the same thing. However your message explained it best so that is the one I reprinted above. For the past 6 weeks I have been experimenting with exactly what you all suggested…… an Active Motion version of the Environmental Mental Resonance program. According to reports from local beta testers (my wife’s friends) this methodology appears to overcome subconscious resistance. All beta testers are reporting positive ongoing results which is causing a lot of talk among their church-group members. They all appear to be quite delighted and my wife told me last night that some members are experiencing very positive results. I must say that it all looks promising. But I guess I won’t know how effective it is until it gets out into the field…. and I receive comments back from international users.


So with this in mind I have prepared a Motion and otherwise updated version of this program. Details below -


Achieve Mental Resonance with your environment. When resonant with your surroundings you are like a free-flowing river arriving effortlessly at your destination. If you are not resonant you are trying to swim cross-river or up-river…. A total waste of energy! Think of the happiest, luckiest and most satisfying day of your life. Everyone has had at least one of these. Dwell on it….. remember how you felt. Now think how you’d feel if this happened every day of your future life!!! Worth learning about??


Mental Resonance with your environment creates a

non-stop blissful and hassle-free existence. It is a

feeling of happiness, contentment & freedom, with

good things manifesting on a daily basis.


This program will cause you to resonate with everything round you and create ongoing “bursts” of luck so that you will end up living each and every day in a perpetual state of happiness and enjoyment. This will create a feeling of contentment and wellbeing and you’ll notice that worries and feelings of stress slowly leave you. It will become obvious after a while that good things are always happening to you and you will automatically accept that this new state will continually perpetually. You will sometimes feel like you have been reborn!


The original Mental Resonance program that I wrote some years ago had quite a profound effect on some of my clients but I personally think that this new Motion-Based version will be much more powerful and produce quite an extreme effect in some cases. I expect it to seriously change a number of lives…… for the better !!!


The usual way to manifest a required goal is to focus on it intently, then use dedicated and focused daily mind-power techniques. There is an alternative way. This is the use of physical activity such as walking, biking or motoring instead of mind-power programs. This is usually simpler, easier and more convenient…… and sometimes produces better results!


The normal way to activate your mind-power program is to identify clearly, that which you wish to achieve….. then do a daily or nightly specific mind-power exercise to achieve that goal. The idea of the intense mind-power is to focus on the required end result, in a determined and concentrated manner.

However, it is a fact that a percentage of individuals find this intense mind-focusing either uncomfortable, inconvenient, or simply difficult to achieve.

There is another way to direct and focus the mind toward a specific required goal and that is by using directed physical action rather than intense mind focus.


This is a very simple process and requires you to clearly identify your specific goal, then focus on that outcome while you are in physical motion, such as riding a bike, walking, running, driving, or travelling in some sort of public transport. This scenario presents a time-limited-urgency to the manifesting process as your subconscious mind accepts that you would like some results before the end of the current journey.

Basically you determine what your goals are then while in a “locomoting” state, & apply your thoughts in

a specific manner….very easy & simple to do. In fact vastly easier  & less mentally intensive than the

usual Alpha-Theta methods.


Take a look at the people around you…… identify those who are making a success of things. These are the persons who have achieved at least some degree of mental resonance with the environment and the universe. At the same time you will notice those “unlucky” types who are total disasters in life. You will have come across plenty of those! You will notice that the “resonant” ones look happier and more cheerful, compared to the “un-resonant” types.

When you are at mental resonance with your environment life is relatively easy!

Think about this: you arrive home after spending 8 hours at your job, which you absolutely hate, then after dinner enter your den and proceed to fiddle with your hobby. This is an activity that you absolutely love and before you know it, the clock strikes midnight….. way past your usual bedtime!

And why did this happen? Because you were mentally resonant with your hobby to the exclusion of the outside world. The outside world simply did not exist!

Ring a bell??

Now, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could spend your entire waking life in this incredible mental resonance state…… and live a totally enjoyable and fulfilled lifestyle?

Well….. guess what?


And you probably know a few of them!

Are you capable of joining in this exotic mental resonance state?


So it is with the new concept of mental environmental resonance.

It provably exists ……. but has not been commonly identified.

As far as I can see this form of resonance is the absolute key to human success, happiness and contentment.

But no-one knows what it is and how to use it…… UNTIL NOW !!


To get this process up and working we need to look at the brand-new Motion-Based

procedure which you initially practice on a daily basis until the effects become automatic….

and keep rolling on !!


Over to you……





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