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James F. Coyle was the founder and editor of the

Australasian Lateral Thinking newsletter (thinking outside

 the box) and the founder and CEO of the AUSTRALIAN





The secret of using your mind to manipulate the world around you and create massive “luck” events!

Read how the author was banned from two Aussies casinos for winning too many jackpots!

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This compact book describes three main ways to gain an advantage when playing lotto. These are tried and proven and two of the methods are based on "lateral thinking outside the box". They are likely to produce 3-4 times the number of small prizes that you normally win and radically increase your chance of capturing a major prize. They are cheap to play and will probably cost you no more than what you are spending now. Even experienced players will probably find a couple of new “angles” here that they were not aware of before. Beginners will be quite surprised at what they can achieve at no extra cost.

Your chances of capturing a major prize are dramatically enhanced using these methods.

I experimented with PK (psychokinetics) and luck cycles for years while I was running my AUSTRALIAN MIND-POWER RESEARCH FOUNDATION. We discovered that luck was in effect your personal mental resonance with your environment. We were amazed to discover that this PK/real world interaction was entirely controlled by the subconscious mind.

 That is, your subconscious totally controls the level of luck you have in life. 

With this rather profound discovery we set out to find ways to trigger the subconscious to produce bursts of good luck. You have probably noticed this while sitting in a gambling establishment and right next to you is some fortunate individual who is having a massive run of good luck, while you are not! Their subconscious mind is organizing this for them..... without their conscious knowledge. In fact very few people would be aware of the connection between their subconscious and their current luck. This was one of our major discoveries.

We further discovered that luck levels were rather cyclic and at certain times of the day your psychokinetic connection with your environment was much stronger. Most individuals would have already noticed this, particularly those who play slot machines where luck cycles are the most noticeable because of the rapid and continual interaction with the machines. You might be playing steadily for some hours with nothing much happening when suddenly you start to have a serious burst of luck (psychokinetic resonance) and this can last for an hour or more before this burst slowly dies away.  I have personally had bursts that lasted several days and everything I touched turned to good luck during this period. Some individuals have a naturally higher level of psychokinetic resonance than others and are generally regarded as “lucky” people. They seem to suffer from continual bursts of good luck. You probably know a few fortunate individuals like this.

We looked at many different types of gambling but the one that really interested us was lotto as this was where the major prize money was.

After I retired and moved from Australia to nearby Vanuatu to live I started playing the OZ lotto via the internet. I was playing 3-4 different lotto games each week and wasn’t having much luck by trying to choose my own numbers. Like a lot of others I was using my birth date numbers and was spending about $100 from my credit card every couple of weeks to keep the lotto account topped up. After a year of playing this way I concluded that I was wasting my money and figured there had to be a better way.  I was not allowing my subconscious to select possible winning numbers so I sat down one day and did some very deep thinking about it all.

I was aware that my subconscious already knew in advance which numbers were going to win. Our experiments in Remote Viewing had more or less proven that this universal knowledge was already “out there in the universal matrix.” There were occasionally reports of lucky individuals who had experienced a dream that gave them the correct numbers to select. Admittedly this was a rare event but it more or less proved that this advance knowledge was available under certain circumstances. This profound burst of knowledge had burst though from their deep subconscious to their conscious mind via a dream. It was usually so compelling that the individual rushed out and purchased lotto tickets.

My conclusion was that I was wasting my time trying to pick the winning numbers. Instead, I would let the numbers pick me!  So I started taking “Quick-Pics” in the Oz lotto which is where the lotto computers pick the numbers for me. The interesting thing that really stood out was that if I took a Quick-Pic during a peak daily luck cycle I had a vastly better chance of capturing a prize. The other good thing about Quick-Pics in Oz is that you are the only person with that specific set of numbers (or so the lotto people claim) so if you capture a major prize it is unlikely that you will have to share it with too many others.

It wasn’t long before I realized that I was winning a number of small prizes and was required to top up my account only once a month instead of once a fortnight. This was a definite improvement!  The birth date numbers were a waste of money.

Let us suppose that you’re sitting at home one Saturday watching the latest lotto draw for 20 million dollars. To your utter amazement all your selected 6 numbers are drawn and you realize that you have just won the lotto. (This is not a rare event as thousands of individuals before you have already had a similar experience). You jump up and down with excitement and ring all your family members to share the good news about your $20m win. You are too excited to sleep that night and wait impatiently for the lotto authorities to contact you on Monday morning to confirm your win. When they do.... you receive the bad news. There were 19 other winners..... all sharing your birth date........ so you receive only $1m. 

Birth dates range between 1 and 31 so these are the numbers most used in lotto tickets.

However if you win the major prize on a Quick-Pic entry there may be only one or two other players who have accidently used the same numbers, so your share of this prize will usually be much larger.

The trick here is to select your Quick-Pics in such a manner as to give you the best possible chance. I explain how to do this further on.

I also concluded, based on past experiments, that my subconscious mind was connecting psychokinetically with the lotto computer and hopefully giving me more winnable numbers but I was still running at a loss. I thought about this quite deeply for several months and suddenly had the inspirational realization that I was typically playing a Saturday night lotto by entering my tickets sometime earlier that same day. It was highly likely that all the main winning Quick-Pic had already been taken by players who entered earlier than me. So all the likely winning combinations that my subconscious wanted to give me had already been used.

I then started entering my Saturday numbers on the Thursday which was around 3 days before the draw and to my very pleasant surprise discovered I was winning double the number of small prizes. Then I found a simple way to increase my chances even more and this worked quite brilliantly. In fact I was surprised I hadn’t thought of it before........................


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