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James F. Coyle was the founder and CEO of the AUSTRALIAN MINDPOWER RESEARCH FOUNDATION and is the author of a brand new book -

BEYOND BELIEF;The Ultimate Mindpower instructional Manual  -  available from Amazon worldwide


He was also the founder and editor of the AUSTRALASIAN LATERAL THINKING NEWSLETTER which ran for about 12 years. His mindpower research produced some quite startling discoveries over the years and many of these were considered to be world firsts. He developed unique methods for solving everyday problems (by thinking “outside the square”) and at the request of a number of clients focused on smoking and alcohol consumption plus other human weaknesses such as constant struggle and lack of success. His reports sold worldwide and were regarded as the best of the kind on the market.







At one point earlier in my early life things went seriously wrong.

My marriage was a disaster .... my business was failing and my property investments had turned sour.......all within a  3 month period. But apart from that, everything

else went well!! I had an ex-wife and four small children to support.

Then out of the blue a policeman arrived at my door to tell me that their mother had just been killed in a car crash. That was the worst period in my entire life!

After it was all over and the dust had settled I sat down on a beach for a week, figured out what went wrong and started again. Within 2 years I was better off financially

and personally than I ever had been!

Fresh start........fresh attitude....and fresh directions!




I’ll start from the beginning and explain in detail how you can totally change your life for the better. But firstly you have to remove from your life all those individuals and situations that are dragging you down! Following are original ideas that have worked for others;



I should never have done it!

It ended up with severe embarrassment and upset my boss in a big way.

But it caused the vast majority of my fellow New Zealanders to fall about all over the parking lot laughing!


At that time I was working for the radio section of the New Zealand Post Office and was stationed at a place called Tinakori Hill overlooking Wellington City. The view was magnificent, particularly at night and it attracted young lovers who parked their cars in our small parking area who then proceeded to get on with whatever it was they were getting on with.

Unfortunately this was dead dangerous as the radio establishment we worked at was a high powered transmitter and it put out a massive RF (radio frequency) signal.  Every metal thing we touched around the area had amassed an RF charge and we got minor electrical shocks non-stop.  The boss was dead worried that these charges would ignite the petrol in one of the cars and thereby frizzle the occupants who in general would have been too occupied to notice.

So we went out at nights and told the visitors to take their amorous activities to a safer location.  This went on every night and we noticed that there was one particular car that turned up night after night despite our warnings.

I got fed up with this bloke as he was somewhat arrogant also so I devised a neat little plan to discourage him permanently.


I borrowed a set of white overalls and one of those green coloured plastic card-sharp type caps that you see people wearing around a card game in old movies.

Then I carefully selected a blue 3 foot long fluorescent tube from our storage room.

Now when you hold a standard fluorescent tube by one end in an intense RF field it lights up brightly just as if it were plugged in to the power socket. The reason for this is that the tube acts as an aerial and your body acts as an earth.  But if you slide your hand down to the center of the tube you neutralize the RF from each end and the light goes out.

So when we saw this character’s car arrive I waited 15 minutes (until they were fully occupied) then crept out of the building in my white overalls and wearing my translucent green shade cap.  I was holding the blue flouro bulb in the centre so it wasn’t lit up.

I crept up alongside this car and slowly raised my head up to the open drivers-side window and looked in.  I won’t tell you what I saw because you’d probably be so shocked you’d rush off and write to your local MP about internet pornography.

Anyway as I got into position I slowly slid my hand down the flouro so it lit brilliantly and waited for a reaction.

It wasn’t long coming!  Both these individuals hastily sat up and looked at this horrifying apparition with a green translucent face surrounded by an eerie blue glow.

They looked totally shocked and when I figured I had their undivided attention

I went “QUACK QUACK” in a very loud voice. Well that was the end of it for the female. She shrieked and promptly fainted.

The guy oscillated violently in his seat and emitted a sudden noisy bad smell from his abdominal area.

At which point I crept quietly away while sliding my hand to the center of the bulb to kill the light.

It was at least 15 minutes before the vehicle shakily drove off down the hill and we all seriously hoped they didn’t crash in to anything on the way down.

The staff at the station regarded it as a hilarious joke until two days later when the boss called me into his office.  There on the front page of the newspaper on his desk was a prominent article about the irresponsible staff at the local Tinakori transmitting station. The boss was upset because the article was slanted against us and didn’t bother to mention the government-property no-parking restriction.

Worse still the girl was the daughter of the Wellington Mayor and the guy was a senior reporter from one of the two Wellington daily newspapers.

I got off with a warning not to pull a stunt like this again.

However later that morning I got a phone call from the editor of the other Wellington daily newspaper wanting a bit more detail. Apparently these two papers did not have a friendly relationship and were always sniping at each other. I took great delight in telling this editor exactly what happened and why.

And the next morning he ran a larger story in his paper which also explained the 15 minute delay in departure. According to him the driver of the car spent 15 minutes in the bushes cleaning his underwear out!

The whole article was extremely comical and as it was just on Xmas and the media were short of stories this item was reprinted in virtually every paper in the country.

Apparently NZ fell all over itself laughing!






From the day we started school we were manipulated!!

We were told what to do, where to do it and how to do it. In our earlier school years we were rewarded for getting things right. In later school years we were punished for getting things wrong. Extra homework....detention...that short of thing.

We were also manipulated by our parents, our relatives and in general, anyone who was older than us. When we started work, the manipulation took on a different form .... fear! We worried about losing our job. We worried about upsetting the boss. So we allowed ourselves to be manipulated in subtle ways. Corporate business executives are manipulated into living and breathing the company line - otherwise they're out! One of the major manipulative controls exerted upon us is guilt! We spend a major proportion of our lives doing things to avoid the feeling of guilt. Or in seeking the approval of others. By doing this, we allow our feelings, thoughts and emotions to be gently manipulated.

By becoming aware of this we can slowly remove........or negate.....this manipulation. It doesn't take a lot of time to do - only the refusal to take part in manipulative situations. We all have the inherent right to vote with our feet. That is, if we don't like something, we can walk away. However, most people will take the line of least resistance and "go with the flow".


It is human nature to want to be led. But if we are going to take control of ourselves and become a success, then we have to let others know that we will NOT be manipulated. Once people clearly understand that they cannot control you, they usually give up and pick on more gullible victims.

You'll find that a percentage of people will try to make you act in a way that they think you should act. They try to get you to do things in a certain way. When people try to pressure me to do certain things that I don't care to do, I generally ask if it would make them happy if I did this thing. If they say yes (and they eventually do) I then point out (in a very nice polite way) that I wasn't put on this planet specifically to make them happy!  And why should I increase their personal happiness at the expense of mine!

This type of reaction normally brings their mind set into line with mine (after they stop blustering) and they give up. If they don't.... I vote with my feet!


It all gets back to "being yourself". Some people have this urge to try and make you into something you're not. And if you permit yourself to be manipulated like this you may well become a "plastic" person. This type is shallow, mentally weak and unreliable. They are the "flavor of the month" people. A fair percentage of the residents of Hollywood would qualify in this category. Avoid these people. They are loyal only so long as it suits them. If you allow yourself to be manipulated, you are in danger of becoming something you're not! In other words, you're living the life of a lie!


I struck one of these types recently at a social function. When we were introduced and shook hands he made a point of rotating the handshake so that his hand was uppermost. This was supposed to give him a psychological advantage over me.

I remember thinking to myself at the time that this guy was about as ridiculous as an egg with legs!

I burst out laughing and asked if he had a dirty hand. He looked puzzled and I pointed out that he was obviously too embarrassed to show me the palm of his hand, so I assumed he hadn't washed it for a while. I made sure my voice was loud enough so that everyone in the vicinity heard. The bloke avoided me for the rest of the function.




Don't play their game! Poke fun at them and walk away! It works every time. And they'll never try to manipulate you again because .... they know you’ll probably put them down!


Sit down in some quiet place and think about all the things you have done in the past week. For what reason did you do them? Was it to please yourself ....or someone else! The whole trick is to be yourself! If you're wrapped up in some colorful packaging created by manipulative associates then people can't see the real you.

You are merely a reflection of what everyone else wants you to be.

Strangers pick you for something different to what you really are. At any one point in time a certain type of person will be attracted to you, depending on how you appear to them. If your personality has evolved from the manipulations of others and your act "slips" as you lose concentration on it, then your new-found acquaintance will fade away. You are no longer the person they thought you were. If your life is free of manipulative influences you will create and maintain the right impression from the word go! And attract other genuine people.

Some people mightn't like the real you but it is a fact of life that you will never be popular with everyone you meet. No matter how much you try to please some people, there will always be those who would be delighted to punch you in the nose. So, why try to please everyone? It'll save a lot of nose-bleeds!!


Which brings me to an interesting true story about a close friend who grew tired of being manipulated by a group of school-kids.

His solution was so comical that it made news around the world at that time.


He was living in Wellington on the top floor of a six story block of townhouses.

This was the highest private building in the city at that time and the owners had installed the first lift in Wellington.  The apartments were rented out as holiday rentals and as quite a few elderly people stayed there he needed a lift so that they didn’t have to creak their way up six flights of stairs.

Unfortunately the families who rented also bought their teenagers and during school holidays these kids treated the lift as a new toy and were constantly riding up and down in it.  This seriously annoyed my friend who got fed up with having to walk up and down the stairwell.

So he devised a fiendish plot to terrify these kids and stop them playing with the lift.


He went out and bought a pair of old shoes, some raw mince, a Chinese firecracker that made a hell of a loud noise when it went off …….and some dry ice.

When he was finally able to capture the lift on his top floor he jammed the door open while he prepared his “surprise”. Now the inside of this lift was fitted with mirrors so he threw handfuls of this raw mince all over the mirrors, placed the shoes in the centre of the floor and poured the dry ice into them. He then poured a small amount of water over the dry ice. This causes the ice to vaporise and covers the bottom of the lift with cloudy vapour. He then lit the fuse on the cracker and pressed the down button then hastily exited the lift.

The kids waiting at the bottom heard an almighty explosion and as the lift doors opened they were horrified to see “smoke” and a giant meaty mess all over the inside.

They knew immediately what had happened of course.

The guy in the shoes had exploded!


Apparently some of the kids were so shocked that their parents cancelled their rental and left the building.  And for some strange reason the other kids stopped riding the lift!







Self esteem you consciously and subconsciously feel about yourself!

People with low self-esteem feel that they don't deserve much in life. A person who has been fairly successful in life and who suddenly takes a tumble .... quite often has their self-esteem shattered. This can happen really quickly but can take years to recover. If your world suddenly crumbles around you - the only sensible thing to do is to treat it as a lesson in life! No more - no less!

It happens to virtually everyone at some point. You have not been personally singled out by the cosmic forces as an example. It is part of the process of living and breathing. But, some people take it to heart and retreat back into their shell, never to recover!

If this happened to you the best thing you can do is to stop and analyze why it happened. Then determine never to let it happen again!

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off.......and fire up again!


Don't let these things get to you emotionally. If everything falls down around your ears move to another locality where you are not reminded of your failure (learning experience?) by familiar faces and habit patterns......and start again. Don't give your self-esteem a chance to sag. Too many people stick around and let themselves get depressed. It helps to realize that there are many others in a far worse position than you. If you've had a happy marriage but it’s fallen apart, or had a great business and its collapsed, just remember this.......


You had the "nouse" to put it all together in the first place.

So you can do it all quicker the second time...... because you've got the runs on the board.

But move right away from negative people who will constantly point a finger at you. And when you've recovered, drive up in your new Mercedes and park in front of their shop! This doesn't really do much for anyone but it makes you feel good.

And .... it gives your self-esteem a boost! Don't let yourself get into the depression trap!


Having been in business some 45 years now and during this period studied human nature quite intently I have concluded that in general people can be divided into five main groups:


GROUP 1    Genuinely friendly, outgoing, helpful people who are quite happy to assist you even if it costs them time and effort.


GROUP 2     Reasonably friendly people who might offer advice but won’t go out of their way to help.


GROUP 3     Mean self-centered types who wouldn’t dream of lifting a finger to help others. Sort of God’s revenge on the human race!


GROUP 4      The well-meaning but totally confused space-cadet types who spend most of their lives flopping about all over Gawds parking lot like a tribe of demented Mexican jumping beans…….looking for the exit.


GROUP 5      This group is not only a double waste of space and an insult to Einstein’s

theory of relativity but is living proof that Darwin’s theory of evolution is a non-valid concept.


To which I might add two sub-groups;


Those who have style, class and inherent good manners…..and those who haven’t.


It doesn’t matter what the intelligence of an individual is, or their education……it is a fact that some of the most unlikely individuals will have great style, class and manners.

Long ago I had an acquaintance who was professionally involved in attempting to resurrect the lives of groups of ex-criminals.  He said he was continually dumfounded at the superb style and class of some of these people.

On the other hand I’ve met highly sophisticated successful people who wouldn’t recognize style and class if it leapt out of the bushes and squatted on them!


People who have this asset are usually very popular and very welcome among groups of people.

Where do YOU stand in this regard.

Have you got a nice style about you?

Have you got a classy look and appearance?

Have you got nice manners or do you wipe your runny nose on your sleeve?


You will get ahead much quicker if you develop these positive assets. 

Individuals with an attitude problem can’t easily attract others.


Talking about style and class my daughter had a girlfriend called Sue who had excellent style and class.  She was offered a job babysitting two young boys for a few days as she had a drivers licence and could take them to school.  Unfortunately these two kids (ages 12 and 13) had behavior problems that caused normally sane adults to run screaming into the bushes.

The first day arrived and these two miniature cretins played up terribly. They wouldn’t get organized and couldn’t make up their minds what sort of filling they wanted in their lunch sandwiches, etc. etc.

Sue picked them up from school and at home they exhibited the same behavior until bedtime. In fact they wouldn’t go to bed so the next morning they slept in and were late for school.  Now Sue had had a total gutsful of them but was smart enough to find out the foods and drinks they didn’t like.  They hated vegemite sandwiches and couldn’t stand pineapple cordial.  Sue had a bright idea!  That morning she told the kids she had prepared a “surprise” lunch for them and when they got to school late the weekly assembly had already started. There were some 400 kids standing at attention in the open courtyard while the headmaster addressed them. Sue got out of the car with the kids schoolbags in her hand and in front of the whole assembly grabbed the oldest one and kissed him full on the mouth.

The whole school was watching this as Sue had made a noisy arrival by “accidentally’ leaning on the horn.

This is the sort of stuff that brings on nightmares in a teenage boy.

And when they opened their “surprise” lunch they found vegemite sandwiches and pineapple cordial in their drink bottles.

When Sue got them home that night and they started complaining she lined them up and said…. “If you two pathetically obnoxious and insignificant little stick insects don’t start behaving I am going to arrive late at school every morning and kiss you both on the mouth. And I’m going to give you vegemite sandwiches and pineapple cordial.”


Apparently their behavior improved dramatically and Sue was able to report to their mother that the behavior was excellent and she would be delighted to baby-sit them anytime.  But the kids had other ideas and a different babysitter was employed next time.





One of the biggest problems I had in my earlier life was constant struggle!

Struggle is ....

Excessive semi-logical effort, laced with emotional desperation!

Some people seem to struggle non-stop, yet never get anywhere in life. Others, who don't appear to struggle at all, seem to "breeze" through and do extremely well! It is all to do with ..... attitude toward success!! .......................................................................................................................


CONGRATULATIONS!!  You have just struggled through the first 30% of this article.

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