The new Motion-Lotto program tested and completely ready  James


The brand new




By using physical activity processes… rather than mind-power traditional meditation methods

The usual way to manifest a required goal is to focus on it intently, then use dedicated and focused daily mind-power techniques. There is an alternative way. This is the use of physical activity such as walking, biking or motoring instead of mind-power programs. This is usually simpler, easier and more convenient…… and the results reported so far have at times been quite spectacular. After some detailed experimentation a way has been found to use it for enhanced lotto winnings. And the beauty is this process will work for any lotto anywhere in the world!!




………. “Hey James, thanks for that neat $1270 Xmas present!!  Captured it on a div 3 on Tattslotto last night. Very handy James as all the kids and grandkids are coming to stay again this Xssy and they always cost us $1000 or thereabouts. So they get a free holiday, thanks to you. Had two small previous prizes on the motion process but this made it all worthwhile despite the fact that my hubby didn’t want me to ‘waste’ $58 on this system. Ha ha!  He’s very quiet now. Hope you and your family have a great Xssy James and thank you for another year of totally original concepts.”……..  Christine Wilson –OZ


……… “Dear James, a very clever process my friend! I’ve entered 7 lotto games total and won small money on 3 of them which has been enough to cover the playing costs of all 7 entries. Never had this sort of success before. It all looks very promising James. Thanks – brilliant stuff!!”………. Campbell Driscoll NSW


…….. “Morning Jim,  got a copy of your motion lotto two weeks ago when you first released it. I must say that it is very different from the usual lotto programs. It covers some angles that are obvious in hindsight but not at all obvious right up front. In fact the philosophy behind it is quite ingenious. I am having continuous small successes and am slightly ahead financially which means I am basically playing for free. Quite a nice feeling for a change! Jim, I expect to do quite well in the long run and will keep you informed about my progress. Many thanks for a most interesting concept.”……….. Jack Reilly – NSW


………… “Hi James, an excellent product mate. The best lotto program I’ve seen yet and I’ve been buying this sort of stuff for around 20 years. This is a very neat way to trick the subconscious into predicting winning numbers in upcoming lottos. It’s a darn wonder nobody has ever thought of this before. You certainly generate some original stuff! I would expect this motion lotto process to replace all the other lotto methods available. It is certainly getting my subconscious into gear!  Great stuff James.”……….. Joseph Houston – CALIFORNIA USA


………. “Hi James,  been using your motion lotto for the past week and had two good results….. last night and the night before. Nothing brilliant but a total combined win of almost $600. Well worth having James!  Actually mate, your process makes a lot of sense. It’s a wonder someone hasn’t woken up to it before. It most definitely sets the PK luck component of the mind in the right direction. Also your info about entering quick-picks some days earlier makes a ton of sense. I have never read about this neat little winning trick before. Have a good feeling about this motion process. Got a lot of your previous lotto programs over the years and had some small successes. It feels to me like this new motion process might be the absolute answer. I guess time will tell James and will keep in touch.”…………..  Bill Driscoll – QLD


Note from James -   It looks to me like we might have just stumbled on a lotto processing method that actually works!! If it turns out like I think it will then we will have an absolute world first.



Two of my older daughters have been experimenting with this new Motion-Lotto in Australia and seem quite enthused with the results. Neither of them will waste time with things that don’t work so the potential outcome looks quite impressive. Here is the final email from them…….


……….. “Hey Dad, Sis and I have had a ton of fun with this new motion method of yours. It seems to work equally well for our own pre-selected numbers and also the random-number Quickpick selection method. Also it seems to work just as well online as it does when we visit a retail lotto outlet like a newsagency. Dad, we are both slightly ahead in winnings but haven’t had anything major happen yet. Then again we’ve only been using this method for 5-6 weeks. Early days yet!  We both feel that this is the most promising method of lotto playing that you’ve come up with and we’ve both tried a lot of your earlier ones. Actually we are both doubling our bets from $8 a game (for basic Sat night lotto) to $16-$20 dollars and will put this new plan into effect early next week. We don’t expect to lose money on this concept as it definitely works. etc. etc. etc.”………

(Part of the email from my two daughters in Oz.)


The Motion procedure to setting up your subconscious to manifest a specific goal is the alternative to the traditional 50-60 year old Alpha/Theta meditation process. It appears that the Motion process overcomes the subconscious mind’s reluctance to be re-programmed.

Under traditional goal manifesting methods your subconscious tends to accept the new programming for a couple of weeks then kicks it out. It can take months and months of constant programming to overcome this limitation. This is a highly annoying and frustrating situation. In fact many people tend to give up in disgust after the first temporary success burst dies away. And who can blame them?

However with this new Motion process we may have overcome this inbuilt subconscious limitation. It is starting to look as though we have found a way to “trick” the mind into permanently accepting the new programming.

With all this in mind we can look at a “Motion” way to cause the mind to increase luck levels when playing lotto by influencing the number selection psychokinetically.



In one of my earlier Motion release I explained exactly how I discovered this new process. In case you haven’t read this I have included the explanation below in blue font……

A couple of months ago our old car gave up and collapsed but instead of buying another one immediately we decided to give the local mini-bus service a try. Our neighbours had raved about this service and seldom used their car unless it was raining. The point it, we only need to walk 300 meters and we arrive at the main road into town, intersection. One of these mini-busses usually pass by every 2-3 minutes so we have a minimal wait. There are hundreds of these busses in Vanuatu and we simply wave the bus down and climb on board. These are small 8-10 seater busses so we tell the driver where we want to go and he drops us off right in front of that specific address. All this costs us a massive $1.50 per person. (Cheaper than running our car!)  Coming home is even better as we can flag down one of these busses anywhere in town and the driver will drop us off right in front of our house. Once again all for $1.50.  How’s that for a brilliant service??

Anyway, on with my “action” story……  I find that if I “amble” unconsciously up to the main road from my house I seem to be out of “sync” with the passing busses and sometimes have to wait 3-5 minutes for one to come along.

But……. If I stride in a determined and focused manner at a slightly faster speed than usual then I almost always arrive just in time to flag down an approaching bus. So…. No waiting!

Actually I have noticed this peculiar effect dozens of times now and it has never really failed me. I have exhibited intent, clarity-of-purpose and action. My subconscious mind has responded by supplying me with a rapid transport connection. Effectively I am triggering my mind to create the desired results.

Reminds me of when I lived back in Wellington in NZ many years ago. Several times a week we would accompany friends in the 20 minute drive into the city to visit one of our favourite restaurants. I would focus all the way on getting a parking spot in front of the restaurant. And it worked!!  My friends were always stunned that I scored a spot while they had to park a 5-minute walk away! I didn’t know it then but I was using intent, clarity-of-purpose and time-limited urgency to clear a space for myself.

From the above I experimented and finally evolved a workable new process which totally bypassed the traditional meditation way of goal-manifesting. It involves serious intent, dedication and motion. And it works!!!!

Clients have now been using my Motion programs for the past 4 months and there have been some totally spectacular results reported.

The latest variation is to use it for the lotto and two of my daughters in Australia have been doing the experimentation on my behalf, and under my instruction. Their reported results so far have been quite inspirational!


The actual Motion Lotto process

This involves a simple 2-step procedure. Firstly preparing the subconscious for an incoming new process…. and secondly using the simple and direct Motion process to activate the required outcome.

The first procedure is to set the subconscious mind up to the idea of using a motion process so the night before you trot down to the newsagency or go online to buy your entry you should pre-process the mind by repeating a mantra as you go to sleep at night.

The second procedure involves a specific physical mindset as you use the motion process to enter your lotto numbers.

You can use the entire Motion-Lotto process to either physically buy tickets from your local newsagency OR in conjunction with buying your entries ONLINE.


It will work just as well for either process.

There are two ways you can use this process to play the Motion-Lotto…….

Firstly you can use the Official lotto Quickpicks…. So you don’t pick the numbers…. they pick you!

Or secondly, you can preselect your own numbers and use one of my simple and cheap limited guarantee playing methods to enter your number combinations.

I supply three of these limited guarantee methods with the Motion-Lotto program.

They are:




The program is now ready to go. My daughters and I have completed our research and are all very happy with the outcome. As one of my daughters said….. “Dad, I have been playing lotto for years but this new way is very different and is definitely working”……

If you’re a serious lotto player and are at all interested in something totally different then this new methodology might just be the answer to your prayers!!!





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