Motion-based instant

windfall wealth



By using physical activity processes… rather than mind-power methods


  The usual way to manifest a required goal is to focus on it intently, then use dedicated and focused daily mind-power techniques. There is an alternative way. This is the use of physical activity such as walking, biking or motoring or transporting yourself with a dedicated sense of urgency, instead of using the traditional mind-power programs. This is usually simpler, easier and more convenient…… and sometimes produces better results!





Strangely enough it seems to work brilliantly in gambling situations!!



Dear Fellow Gamblers,

A most extraordinary thing has happened. A very large majority of the comments from users of my Motion Goal-Manifesting program relate to gambling wins…… some of them very large.

This was totally unexpected as I never even considered the gambling angle when I originally developed this product! However the unexpected results are there for all to see.

Now unsurprisingly, I have received a number of queries from clients wanting me to present a gambling-specific motion-based program to enhance their wins. At the moment all they have is the original general purpose program. They have asked if I can present a program which will “magically” enhance their gambling wins…… no matter what type of gambling they do.

So for the past 3 weeks I have been working on this concept. All the details are below. I personally think it will create a ton of wealth for some clients. Maybe even a few brand new millionaires!!

As time goes by I will probably develop motion-based specific programs for other goal-materialisation aspects such as health and wellness.

But in the meantime, one thing at a time!  After all, I’m trying to retire!!

If you’re in to any form of gambling grab a copy of this new program, & see what it does to your wealth base!!




Here are the specific gambling programs you can apply the new motion process to-








precise detailed instructions for each of the above gambling games




(These people used the general non-specific motion program over the past 8 weeks)


Another 2nd Div winner last night

……….. “Hey James, fantastic mate!  Our little syndicate won a 2nd division last night of $11,500.  I didn’t use any specific motion based gambling program, just the general 4 part program you supplied. However I did have in the back of my mind that it would be nice if our syndicate got a prize. I sort of visualized this as I was doing the motion process. Our syndicate members are now all aware of the win and we each get just over $2000 each. We are all very happy with you James. Thanks again mate”………  B. Gaskall – Brisbane


………. “Absolutely excellent James. Had a batch of successful gambles this past 2 weeks and going to try it on the horse track this weekend.”………….


……….. “Yo James, are you aware that this motion stuff works well with the horses? Have been using it for the past 4 weekends for horse-races. I play via the local TAB. All I have been doing is picturing an end-winning result on the horses while I am doing the motion process activity. It has been causing me to select slightly different horses and this last weekend I actually selected a minor outsider as one of my choices. To my very pleasant surprise it won and I picked up a bundle. The previous 3 weekends showed me a slight profit also. As horse-racing is a bit of a passion of mine (due to a lifetime spent with horses) I find this all very satisfying. Ok James, just thought I’d let you know what I’m using the motion process for. Thank you for the concept”………  Bill McGuire - PERTH


………… “ Dear Mr. Coyle, this is so much easier than the old meditation way. I am feeling vastly better health-wise and have won a total of $170 on 4 scratchit tickets from the local newsagency for a total outlay of $11.   I am most impressed so far.”………


 …….. “ Not surprised about people using it for winning money, I have been doing just that, at moment doing targeting focusing on jackpot slot machines as i am driving, walking etc, i am also looking at doing target focusing for lotto, scratchit,  etc.  But I also do a more general  Wealth, Money, Luck Motion-Goal-Manifesting as well.”………


............ “Ho James my friend, my married daughter is pretty happy with you. She just rang to say her and hubby won a second division lotto last night of around $8000 !!!  They have been using the motion format for 2 weeks. The hubby uses it while walking the dog each morning and my daughter uses in on the bus trip to and from work. James they are totally overjoyed, thanks to you!!”………. Serge McCoy – BRISBANE


……….. “Good morning James. My husband and I have been experimenting with your motion process for 3 weeks now and have had some very interesting and positive results. My husband uses the motion process while he is travelling to work and I have successfully used it while doing housework, but putting a pressured and urgency time limit on it. The process is working for both of us. I have now had 4 Scratchit wins at our local newsagency totaling $142 and we have had three successful slot machine sessions at our local RSL club. We have never before won anything significant with slots or scratchits. There are many other little incidents also that indicate we are connecting closer to the universe. Both of us are now feeling quite positive and cheerful which hasn’t been the case for the past few years. It is obvious James that this process is vastly more effective than the old meditation process that we have used for years. Also we are both suffering less aches and pains that usually plague us during the cold winter months. I don’t know that our health has improved but we are both feeling more energetic and fit. It is obvious that this motion process is having a very positive overall effect on our daily lives. Also for some reason people are smiling a lot more at us. Everyone appears more friendly. We will keep at this motion process as it is clearly changing our lives somewhat and will let you know our progress. James, we both sincerely thanks you for introducing this rather magical life-improvement procedure”……..  Eve & Gerald Smith – MELBOURNE


……….. “Hullo James, you might be interested in what happened to my wife and I this past Sunday Night. As usual we did our weekly night out with friends at the local RSL club and enjoyed our usual cheap poker machine session. As we’re on a retired budget we allow a total of $50 between us which is not much. We had bought a copy of your motion system and as a bit of a lark I started focusing on using it on Thursday, Friday and Saturday using your motion ‘urgency’ process while I was out walking the dog on each day. I really didn’t expect any reaction as you did not mention using the process for gambling in your advertisement. My wife and I were playing a larger denomination machine as the smaller machines had given us $90 in profit. We were both flabbergasted when we got a $4400 jackpot. What a fantastic win!  The most we have ever won in the past is $185 and that was 2 years ago. James, we can only assume your motion procedure caused this win as there is really no other explanation. Obviously I will be focusing on your motion method before each trip to the RSL Club in future.  Thank you very much James”………… J&S  Shelley  -SUNSHINE COAST QLD.



This brand new manifestation process is clearly having a profound effect on users. Some people are achieving results that they have never experienced before…. after years and years of the old-fashioned meditative process. Many of these results are in the realm of gambling.

Users are finding the process much simpler and easier to use than the traditional meditation goal-manifesting process and the general overall comment is that the individuals are feeling better, are more relaxed and are noticing positive things happening around them.

No individual is an “Island”. We are all connected subconsciously to the common consciousness. Consider the 73 Island that make up our Vanuatu chain. These islands all stick up out of the ocean and look like individual land masses. But underneath the ocean they are all connected to the core of the earth. So it is with human beings…… we are all interconnected subconsciously and all interact with each other. So if one individual develops an urgent necessity for a particular manifestation then all those subconsciously interconnected tend to help, whether they realize it or not! This motion urgency process appears to speed up the manifestation result quicker than the older meditation methods.



Motion-based instant

windfall wealth



Many Years ago the famous author Earl  Nightingale wrote a spectacular book… THE STRANGEST SECRET….which  basically espoused the philosophy of…”You become what you think about all day long”. From this people started to realize that if they set a goal and focused intently on it then in due course it was likely to appear. Then the deep meditation processes such as Alpha and Theta evolved and it became the accepted and acknowledged practice to formulate the required goal then do deep meditation to manifest it.

And that has been the accepted goal-manifesting procedure for the past 50 years.

So it might come as a bit of a shock for some goal seekers to realize that there is now an alternative and much more convenient way to materialize their specific goals….. and that is by this new MOTION process. It utilises the strange impact of URGENCY  on the subconscious mind.

A lot of people have trouble evolving and maintaining a meditative state like alpha or theta but NOBODY has trouble  walking, driving, cycling, motoring, etc.

Readers who have been on my mailing lists for 10-12 years will probably recall the international furore when I discovered that luck was a personal psychokinetic event…. Then went on to discover that the individual subconscious mind fully controlled this event. These two discoveries severely ‘shook up’ the international mind-power scene and I suddenly started selling a vast number of my earlier Amazon books as my name became recognized.

Well, I have a feeling that this new Motion Goal Manifesting process might cause exactly the same ‘shake up’ as it is totally unique and appears to be brand new knowledge. At least, I can find no reference to it anywhere on the internet.

The beauty of this process is that it is so much easier to use than the traditional meditational process. It imparts a sense of urgency to your “universal goal request” that seems to evoke a much faster result. The existing traditional meditational process requires you to induce a degree of emotion or ‘deep feeling’ into the equation to make it work effectively and it is a fact that it is extremely difficult to develop a sense of emotion and maintain that feeling for a period of time.

This Motion process uses a sense of ‘urgency’ in place of emotion. This is vastly easier to mentally induce and maintain.

The normal way to activate your mind-power program is to identify clearly, that which you wish to achieve….. then do a daily or nightly specific mind-power exercise to achieve that goal. The idea of the intense mind-power is to focus on the required end result, in a determined and concentrated manner.

However, it is a fact that a percentage of individuals find this intense mind-focusing either uncomfortable, inconvenient, or simply difficult to achieve.

There is another way to direct and focus the mind toward a specific required goal and that is by using directed physical action rather than intense mind focus.


This is a very simple process and requires you to clearly identify your specific goal, then focus on that outcome while you are in physical motion, such as riding a bike, walking, running, driving, or travelling in some sort of public transport. This scenario presents a time-limited-urgency to the manifesting process as your subconscious mind accepts that you would like some results before the end of the current journey.


Basically you determine what your gambling goals are, then while in a “locomoting” state,

 apply your thoughts in a specific manner…. very easy & simple to do. In fact

vastly easier  & less mentally intensive than the usual Alpha-Theta methods.


The idea for this process came to me some years ago but I never did any serious research due to time and priority constraints. A couple of my clients have recently mentioned using a “walking” method for the manifestation of goals and this is one of the simpler “transportation” methods you can apply.

The methodology I will outline shortly uses a combination of physical motion transportation methods as mentioned above.

But first let me explain how this process more recently identified itself.

 You will clearly see how INTENT, CLARITY OF PURPOSE AND DEDICATED ACTION, when combined together with physical action, can achieve the required result.



A couple of months ago our old car gave up and collapsed but instead of buying another one immediately we decided to give the local mini-bus service a try. Our neighbours had raved about this service and seldom used their car unless it was raining. The point it, we only need to walk 300 meters and we arrive at the main road into town, intersection. One of these mini-busses usually pass by every 2-3 minutes so we have a minimal wait. These are small 8-10 seater busses so we tell the driver where we want to go and he drops us off right in front of that specific address. All this costs us a massive $1.50 per person. (Cheaper than running our car!)  Coming home is even better as we can flag down one of these busses anywhere in town and the driver will drop us off right in front of our house. Once again all for $1.50.  How’s that for a brilliant service??

Anyway, on with my “action” story……  I find that if I “amble” unconsciously up to the main road from my house I seem to be out of “sync” with the passing busses and sometimes have to wait 3-5 minutes for one to come along.

But……. If I stride in a determined and focused manner at a slightly faster speed than usual then I almost always arrive just in time to flag down an approaching bus. So…. No waiting!

Actually I have noticed this peculiar effect dozens of times now for several months and it has never really failed me. As far as I am concerned it is a permanent valid event. I have exhibited intent, clarity-of-purpose and action. My subconscious mind has responded by supplying me with a rapid transport connection. Effectively I am triggering my mind to create the desired results.

Reminds me of when I lived back in Wellington in NZ many years ago. Several times a week we would accompany friends in the 20 minute drive into the city to visit one of our favourite restaurants. I would focus all the way on getting a parking spot in front of the restaurant. And it worked!!  My friends were always stunned that I scored a spot while they had to park a 5-minute walk away! I didn’t know it then but I was using intent, clarity-of-purpose and time-limited urgency to clear a space for myself.


While you are in motion you are thinking about the end result you require, in a specific and dedicated manner.

This is basically an easy and pleasant process. There is no need to read from a lengthy written script…. You basically “make it up” as you go.


This process incidentally is NOT common knowledge among the public out there. In fact I have NEVER read anything about it ever…. So once again it may be new knowledge for you!



Motion-Based Instant Windfall Wealth Program






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