The best New Year present you will ever give yourself !!

When resonant with your environment you are like a free-flowing river arriving effortlessly at your destination. If you are not resonant you are trying to swim cross-river or up-river…. A total waste of energy!


Hi All,

Hope the New Year is starting out OK for you.

Getting a large response back from clients who started using the Environmental Resonance Program over New Year.

Example…….. James , this is clearly going to change my life. Have achieved a stunning new perspective on everything around me”……….

Example……… “Hi Jim, you’ve actually done it after all these years! You’ve finally produced a program that actually works for me!  Mate, I’m delighted with these new sensations”…….

Example……… “James, What a different feeling when I wake up these mornings. Everything is now possible!!!!  Totally look forward to each new day”………..

Example……… Yo Jimbo, just thought I’d let you know my total lotto winnings are now at $4720.  Never had results like this before!”……….

And so on!! I have 16 such emails since the start of this month. I have never ever had a response as spectacular as this before. Looks like I got something dead right with this program!





……….. “Hey Jimbo, won another prize last night on Tue Oz Lotto……. 3RD Div winner  $2,894.85.  As you know this is the second large prize I have scored since I started using that resonance stuff. That resonance program certainly triggers off some accurate dowsing results. Hoping to pick up another big win this Thursday and Saturday. Apart from lotto wins I am feeling incredibly at peace with the world. Can now even laugh at my stupid ex-partners childish behavior! Am aiming for a Div 1 lotto prize sometime early this year. Hope you have a great New Year James. You have certainly helped a lot of others to a great 2018 start!!”…………

Pam Suzuki -   MELBOURNE


Oz lotto Tuesday….. 3RD Div winner  $2,894.85




20 OF James original reports all in one package!




And the comments keep coming in from clients who are experimenting over the New Year period………..


……… “Ho James, well I must say that this was the best New Year start I’ve ever had! I got your resonance system on the 22nd December and started applying it immediately. The results were almost instantaneous which has not happened before with other programs of yours. First thing was my lotto dowsing got me a 3rd division in Oz Lotto last Tuesday of  $3,717 a very handy useful payment! At the same time all my current concerns and small problems seemed to disappear, almost as if they had been cancelled. Quite a strange feeling until I realized that the ‘emptiness’ I was feeling was actually the gap caused by the sudden absence of problems. Can’t say I’ve felt anything similar before. Also at the same time life started to flow easier and I am definitely vastly more relaxed and settled. I now feel ‘in touch’ with things. I guess this is what you mean by mental resonance. But whatever it’s a darn satisfying feeling James!!!! So mate…. It works and the funny thing was I only decided at the last minute to order the program…. was going to give it a miss. That would have been a giant mistake!  So James, happy New Year to you too mate….. you’ve certainly made mine!!!

Frank Henderson BRISBANE



The best New Year present you will ever give yourself !!

When resonant with your environment you are like a free-flowing river arriving effortlessly at your destination. If you are not resonant you are trying to swim cross-river or up-river…. A total waste of energy!


Dear Friends,

There have been some strange side-effects reported from early users of this Environmental Resonance program…… none of these were expected and have come as a surprise to me. The first of these is the way it has improved dowsing accuracy…. as several lotto winners have verified. Another effect is that it is apparently improving the quality of dreams. The SETH material states that the previous night’s dreams control your mental state the following day. This has been well proven. Another reported result is the feeling of “oneness” with everything and the total lack of worry or concern. No doubt a lot more effects will be reported over the next couple of months. I will keep you informed. It seems that this will turn out to be the most effective program I have ever developed which is strange as I am retired and starting developing it as an afterthought. It is something I have had in the back of my mind for at least 10 years but have never seriously thought about it until now.

Maybe the concept was just waiting for the right timing……….





……… “Good evening James. I haven’t emailed a comment to you before, despite having bought product from you for the past 8 years. I have purchased mind related material from sources all over the world and can honestly say that your material is the most inspiring, innovative and original and also by far the lowest priced. James, you should be very proud of yourself as you have clearly helped a vast number of people world-wide. I guess I have bought at least a dozen products from you over the time and most have been highly interesting but haven’t had much effect on me. That is, they didn’t make a noticeable difference, except for two of the programs which caused a noticeable improvement. However this new environmental resonance one has had a vast effect on me. I am actually quite astounded. Life has suddenly become considerably easier and everything just appears to fall into place. It is clearly obvious that I have personally become resonant with things and situations around me. Quite a marvelous feeling really. And day by day I can notice a slight improvement. It looks like I have now found a success formula that will drive me onward into the future….. thanks to you James. I shall keep you informed. I expect to have a very pleasant Xmas and wish the same on you James”…………




………. Yo James, your mental resonance effect on the dowsing is certainly brilliant. The best I’ve had so far on lotto wins is a division 3 but last night on Tattslotto I got a major prize – A DIVISION 2 of $13,006.60. How’s that for a serious win James?  What has happened is that my dowsing accuracy has become vastly more effective thanks to that mental resonance practice. The whole program is having a very positive effect on my system and I already feel vastly better and more relaxed. Out of all the programs I have bought off you James this new resonance one is clearly going to be the best. The fact that it is improving my lotto wins is a brilliant bonus! I think James that you have really hit it on the head this time. Obviously I will let you know of any other major wins. What a great Xmas present!!!!!”………

Dick Chamberland - OZ


…….. “Morning Jim, bit of a surprise last night with Powerball. After using the resonance program for the past week have noticed that my dowsing lotto responses are much stronger and specific. Result was I captured a division 3 of $5,545.70 in last night’s Powerball. Doubt whether I would have got this without the extra reinforcement of the resonance stuff. The best I’ve ever done in lotto using your programs over the past year was around $900 so this was a pleasant surprise. I’ve scanned my ticket and attached it so you can verify my results. I’ve got a feeling things might continue to improve Jim and will be delighted to keep in touch. Thanks buddy”……..

Robert Sempleton – AUSTRALIA


NOTE FROM JAMES -  I’ve had a couple of other responses indicating that the Resonance Program has had a positive effect on dowsing accuracy so will obviously be keeping an eye on this as it is an unexpected side-effect.


……….. “Hullo James, have been experimenting with the resonance for the past 6 days and starting to get some interesting effects. I have been practicing dowsing on the internet lotto both here in Oz and in NZ to see if I can improve my accuracy with practice, so I am able to practice most nights. An interesting thing is starting to happen, my result accuracy is steadily increasing. I believe this is due to the resonance program practice because I am feeling different….. sort of  ‘mentally elevated’ (if that makes sense to you!) This appears to be affecting my dowsing which until recently has been pretty mediocre. I’ll be real keen to see where all this leads. The resonance is starting to work on me and the dowsing looks decidedly promising. I wouldn’t be surprised to have a windfall Xmas! Will let you know James……

R. Kendell - BRISBANE


Once you are totally in resonance with your immediate environmental

surroundings everything locks in with your consciousness and genuine

miracles start to happen. For most individuals this is a most extraordinary

experience like nothing they have ever “felt” before. It is awesome!!


Think of the happiest, luckiest and most satisfying day of your life. Everyone has

had at least one of these. Dwell on it….. remember how you felt. Now think how

you’d feel if this happened every day of your future life!!! Worth learning about??


Mental Resonance with your environment creates a

non-stop blissful and hassle-free existence. It is a

feeling of happiness, contentment & freedom.













Dear Friends,

Last June, at the tender age of 77,  I retired and have given up on a number of smaller projects I was helping friends with. Likewise I have reduced the amount of editing work I have been doing for fellow authors and have basically decided not to write any more Amazon books as I already have 41 of these. Each of my books has taken a massive amount  of “deep thinking” and it has proven to be quite a strenuous mental exercise to complete each one. The first one, BEYOND BELIEF, was started over 20 years ago. It took 15 years of research to complete.


Now that I have a lot of free time I’ve been able to devote some of this time to things that really interest me like lotto programs, etc.

One thing that has fascinated me for years is the way the mind resonates with the environment to create (sometimes) miraculous outcomes.

Some years ago my mind-power research group discovered that it was the individual personal psychokinetic abilities of a person’s subconscious mind that created their luck….. whether it be good or bad luck. It was totally controlled by that individual’s subconscious.

This was a totally astounding discovery and was very definitely a world first…. as far as the western world went anyway. (Some of the eastern mind practitioners may already have been aware of this).

But apart from using this knowledge to create a few gambling programs using a possible “mental resonance” component I basically spent very little time researching it further. I realized it was a very “deep” subject and considering all the other things I was involved with I was unable to actually focus on this concept.

Now we know that the subconscious creates the psychokinetic effects that manifest themselves as luck in a gambling, business or social environment. It appears to do with your subconscious “resonating” and falling in tune with your immediate environment. Without this resonance effect you will basically flounder through life achieving little….. if anything significant at all.

You will already be totally familiar with the resonance effect. Tap an empty wine glass with a pencil and it will ring at its resonant frequency. Resonance is a part of our everyday life but for some strange reason we usually manage to ignore it. However it is becoming increasingly more important in the scientific and industrial world. Resonance was initially the basis of tuned circuits in radios and was the absolutely the most important factor in Nikoli Tesla’s extraordinary resonance based Tesla Coil. In fact Tesla felt that resonance was the most important thing in the universe!


Take a look at the people around you…… identify those who are making a success of things. These are the persons who have achieved at least some degree of mental resonance with the environment and the universe. At the same time you will notice those “unlucky” types who are total disasters in life. You will have come across plenty of those! You will notice that the “resonant” ones look happier and more cheerful, compared to the “un-resonant” types.

When you are at mental resonance with your environment life is relatively easy!

Think about this:  you arrive home after spending 8 hours at your job, which you absolutely hate, then after dinner enter your den and proceed to fiddle with your hobby. This is an activity that you absolutely love and before you know it, the clock strikes midnight….. way past your usual bedtime!

And why did this happen?  Because you were mentally resonant with your hobby to the exclusion of the outside world. The outside world simply did not exist!

Ring a bell??

Now, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could spend your entire waking life in this incredible mental resonance state…… and live a totally enjoyable and fulfilled lifestyle?

Well….. guess what?


And you probably know a few of them!

Are you capable of joining in this exotic mental resonance state?


Read on:

For a start you need to figure what triggers this resonance state off…. Here are some pointers:

1 -  Total absorption in what you are doing

2 -  Lack of awareness of the outside world

3 -  A feeling of happiness, contentment and enjoyment

4 -  No serious awareness of the passage of time

Now, sit down and think about the small events in your life that left you blissfully contented. There are probably several of these at any given time. One may be evident during a hobby activity. Another may relate to a social meeting with special friends or a close partner. Yet another situation may relate to your personal transport such as motorcycle or car where you experience total freedom and become resonant with the journey. Another resonance may happen at your workplace where you find that one particular aspect of your job is highly pleasurable.

Think back to when you were 9-10 years old and it was Xmas. You went to bed Xmas Eve in a high state of mental resonance and absolute excitement because you knew that when you woke up in the morning there would be a batch of presents on the end of your bed. This was probably the most exciting time of the year for you. The thought of Xmas presents triggered your mental resonance.


Let’s look at individual belief systems:

Until a couple of decades back “everyone knew” that an army surplus iron spoon or fork was a very solid metal object that required considerable force to bend. That is, until a well know Israeli  psychic came along and proved otherwise. He demonstrated live the bending of these solid objects by focused consciousness and eventually drew the attention of a very large and well known American Aircraft manufacturing company who apparently employed him for some months of experimentation.

This company had experienced some of their high speed jet fighters crashing after the fly-by-wire computer chip directed control surfaces apparently played up. The company wondered if mental pilot trauma was psychokinetically affecting the computer chips. (It was!!) They eventually discovered that if they got a group of people together (usually 20-40) and had them all focus on mentally bending a spoon or fork then there was usually considerable success. The lead engineer (Jack Houck) started “PK Parties” to demonstrate this effect. He invited me to one so I flew to the USA to participate. Since those early days multiple thousands of these PK Parties have been held all over the world.

Now, what is my point in telling you all this?

Simple……. Until the Israeli psychic demonstrated that the process was possible…… everyone “just knew” it was impossible to bend metal with your mind.

Since then it has become accepted in mind-power circles that focused human consciousness can have a spectacular effect on apparently solid metal. 

This particular PK knowledge always existed but was never publicly identified. Even today there are those flat-earth members who believe the process is some form of trick. With that sort of limited belief system these unfortunate individuals aren’t about to achieve much in life!

Which, by the way, is why you should keep newly discovered mind-power knowledge to yourself. There are too many uninformed “knockers” out there.

So it is with the new concept of mental environmental resonance.

It provably exists …….  but has not been commonly identified.

As far as I can see this form of resonance is the absolute key to human success, happiness and contentment.

But no-one knows what it is and how to use it…… UNTIL NOW !!

To get this process up and working we need to look at 4 main aspects:

These are:

1 - How to recognize mental environmental resonance

2 - How to practice the process

3 – How to effectively induce the effect

4 – How to profit from it by doing only those activities you resonate with.

I have developed a way for you to handle these processes so that you can experience and enjoy the benefits of mental resonance with your environment.


Price is $79

Hope to hear from you….



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