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Copyright James F. Coyle 2015



Many years ago I discovered, quite by accident, a very simple method of being able to look at my problems clearly, without all the associated upsetting emotions. The process left me clear-headed so that I could look at my current situation objectively. I found that they were vastly easier to solve as I could then look at them in an unconfused manner without all the associated emotional chaos.

I have used this process constantly for the past 15 years and it has saved me from a ton of emotional wear and tear. I introduced this simple process to family members and selected friends who have also reported great success as it takes the confusion and worry out of problems.

If you suddenly become aware of a serious problem, which can often arrive “out of the blue”, you are often thrown into a state of mental confusion and are temporarily unable to separate the “forest from the trees”. As such you may not handle this unexpected set of circumstances in the correct manner and later seriously regret the way you processed it. Your emotions take over and you find yourself unable to think through the situation with a clear head.

Sound familiar?

The trick is to separate your emotions from the actual problem so you can process things in a clear-headed manner.

Sound impossible?

Well, it’s not!

There is one dead simple way you can divorce your emotions and arrive at the correct solution.

Let me explain how I discovered this;

Around 15 years ago I travelled to Hawaii to attend a Kahuna course. Part of the course involved me participating in a “High Alter” event where I was lying on an elevated table and being massaged. The most amazing music was playing in the background. I started to drift off and suddenly I appeared to be “floating” above the table. I found myself looking down on this event where I could clearly see myself being massaged. This was a standard out-of-body experience induced by the massage and music. The interesting thing was that I felt totally at peace with myself and felt “divorced” from all physical reality. This was the first time I had experienced an OBE and it had a big impact on me. I remember thinking that this would be a wonderful experience to call upon whenever I felt overly stressed.

Eventually the massage finished but I was left feeling rather overawed by what happened.

Not long after that while back in Australia a problem arose that caused a batch of conflicting emotions and I wondered how I was going to be able to handle it. It wasn’t particularly serious….. just a standard business problem but nevertheless it was decidedly worrying and if I didn’t deal with it correctly I would lose several thousand dollars. I sat there pondering about what to do when suddenly that Hawaiian OBE flashed into my mind. I suddenly realized that if I could remove my emotions from this nasty little problem I might be able to come up with a decent solution. So that is what I did.

I lay back in a reclining chair I had in the office and totally relaxed. I then imagined myself floating up to the ceiling looking down on my body sitting in the chair and I said to myself…. “Now how is James going to handle this?”

(I was talking to myself here).


Within 2-3 minutes a solution popped into my head and it was breathtakingly simple. I had found the answer. I applied this solution and within 2 days the problem was totally solved.

I was able to arrive at the correct conclusion because I had successfully divorced my tangled emotions.  I was “floating” above them all and the emotions tied to this problem didn’t seem to affect me.

This was the first time I had intentionally tried this process and I personally thought the whole thing was absolutely brilliant.

Then from time to time when problems arose I would follow the exact same process and it never failed to work!

I have used this problem solving method for the past 15 years all because of this amazing experience I had in Hawaii.

It occurred to me that others would probably find this process helpful so just recently I decided to write about it.



Let us suppose a serious problem has occurred in your life. It might be to do with finance or something of a personal nature. You are emotionally disturbed and can’t think clearly, a fact that you are well aware of but don’t know how to handle it.

Try this:  Sit back in a comfortable chair (or lie down) and close your eyes. Try and visualize yourself  losing weight and floating towards the ceiling. “See” yourself  hanging up there looking downwards and say to yourself …. “How is (your name) going to handle this? This will be interesting to see! I wonder what he-she will do?”

Look downwards at yourself objectively, as if you were a totally different person and merely an observer. Because you are looking at a “different person” you will feel little if any emotion for them. This act will emotionally divorce yourself from the problem. Persevere with this for several minutes then let it go. Try it again later if a solution doesn’t immediately pop into your mind.

You may have to do this exercise several times to achieve the result you want. In fact it could take several days.

I quite often find the process to be slightly amusing. I think to myself……. “James, you’ve landed yourself in the crap so how are you going to get out of it?” I am looking down objectively at myself waiting to see what  I do.”

I have divorced myself from all the emotions and reality involved and treat my floating body as a third-party observer merely watching to see what transpires.

At some point during the day don’t be surprised if the answer suddenly appears into your mind. It may be something totally unexpected….. more of a lateral outside-the-box answer. What you are looking for of course is one of these “lateral thinking” solutions. Sort of an inspired “Aha” result.

I have had friends try this out and it usually works but sometimes can take several days. However the more they practice this simple process the speedier the future results arrive because they are training their unemotive subconscious to manifest the desired answer. They are creating a response pattern in their subconscious to create the desired solutions. This is rather like creating a new “habit.”

A friend of mine became involved in a rather serious court case which he expected to last for at least 5 days. He stood to lose his house if he lost and he approached me and asked how I would handle the stress involved. I explained this third-party “floating” concept to him and during critical times throughout the giving of evidence he “saw” himself floating objectively above the courtroom, looking down on it all in a bemused manner. As it transpired he won his case and he told me later that without this artificial objectivity his emotions would have got the better of him and he might well have lost. His lawyer told him later that he was a most impressive client as he had appeared to be emotionless. My friend was truly grateful.  Since then he has used this process regularly for the past couple of years.

The same situation can apply to many aspects of your life. If you are locked into a situation that you feel is out of control you can use this objectivity method to distance your emotional involvement. Occasionally we all get locked into something that causes severe stress so here is one effective way to handle it. Just remember time cures everything and these potentially disastrous situations usually solve themselves eventually. In the meantime if you can handle them without the emotion you will be far better off. Excess emotion can be a soul destroyer and can totally disrupt our lives if not controlled. Our jails are filled with individuals who have let their emotions take control.

Each and every individual has a different ability to handle excess stress but if you can sidestep it or artificially reduce it then you will be a much happier person. Also you will gain massive confidence in your ability to handle problems.


The other way to handle these problems is to use dream control. As you lie in bed at night waiting for sleep run the problem through your mind and say to yourself….. “Tonight I will have a dream that solves this problem for me.”

Keep repeating this message until you fall asleep. You are instructing your subconscious to work out potential answers and you might be pleasantly surprised to find that the correct solution simply “pops” into your head sometime the next day. Dream control has proven to be a highly effective method for creating positive results. It has been used successfully for all sorts of personal problems including medical ones. The original idea for this process came from the SETH books. Until then nobody knew anything about dream control until the SETH character pointed out how it could be used. It turned out to be quite a useful burst of new knowledge for the mind-power fraternity but the process is still generally unknown among members of the public.

I have written more extensively about this dream control in some of my other books so I won’t expand on it here.

This method of “floating” above your problems is quite an original concept also. Perhaps by combining both methods described above you might experience a more pleasant life.

I certainly hope so!


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