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Our society is built vertically like a house of cards -  totally reliant on software

and a constant supply of electricity – an increasingly dangerous situation.

Read what happens when it all collapses and how you can save yourself and family from untold grief!


Our western society is structured vertically like a house of cards.

IT IS ON THE POINT OF COLLAPSE due to our blind-faith reliance on electricity, software and thin veneer of law and order. Any one of the following

will cause this collapse -

** proliferation of nuclear and radioactive weaponry in the wrong hands
** Increasing individual and mob violence with associated riots
** Increasing disrespect for law and order
** Increasing reliance on unreliable electricity supply and software

** A total derivatives collapse

Western society is based on software, computer hardware and the constant supply of electricity.
All of these critical factors are proving to be increasingly unreliable.

Remove the electricity component.... and we totally collapse.
It is like a vertical house of cards with each part being dependant on the support of other parts. If the bottom of this card house collapses it all comes down.
The house of cards in western society is all based on one single item....... the constant unbroken supply of electricity. We are vertically structured which is

ridiculous and dangerous, especially for those who live in large cities.

The author saw this problem arising over 10 years ago and intentionally migrated to a more horizontally structured society where software and electricity

collapses wouldn’t matter so much. He moved to the South Pacific Island of Vanuatu and includes a number of photos of the freewheeling lifestyle there.
This is the author’s history of why he did this and his reasoning behind this radical move.
He then goes on to present a likely scenario which he is positive will happen in the foreseeable future. This includes increasing violence and disregard for

law and order and probable terrorist attacks.
The evolution of our vertically structured society has peaked and is on the point of collapsing.... possibly overnight! You will go to bed one evening happy

and contented..... and wake up the next morning to find total chaos and confusion. You will be given absolutely no warning!  The author explains what you

can do to protect yourself and your family when (not "if") this situation occurs.
It has been written as a short, meaty and high impact book that should take less than 60 minutes to read. It will change the way you think about your

future! The author has kept the price very low in an effort to encourage as many readers as possible.

James F. Coyle was the founder and editor of the AUSTRALASIAN LATERAL THINKING NEWSLETTER (thinking outside the box) and the founder






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