ANTI -BRAINWASH PROGRAM – proving highly effective!

Stopping brainwashing influences from entering your mind


……… “Hi Jim, interesting result from this brainwash program, I now have the feeling of being in control, a feeling I haven’t experienced for many years. Quite a comfortable relaxed and pleasant  feeling. This feeling has been building slowly over the past 2 weeks. I’ve just worked out that I’ve spent around $1000 on your programs during the last 3 years and a couple have been really effective, well worth the money spent. At least you’ve woken me up to what’s possible! However I think this brainwash will end up being the most effective of the lot! Jim, please keep writing programs and don’t fully retire. Your material is not only totally unique but is a real practical benefit. Looking forward to gearing more from you”……  Jeff Castagno - LONDON UK


…….. “James I’m getting the same effect that others have mentioned. Sort of a feeling of peace and serenity and being in control. I get a bit twitchy and bad tempered at times but this problem appears to have gone. I feel more at peace and definitely find the workdays easier to handle. Very glad I got a copy of this as it seems to be filling in a few missing parts in my life. I will keep in touch and advise of progress”……….  Sam Adams - MELBOURNE


…………. “Ho Jim, well I must say over the past 6 weeks my life has changed around quite a bit. After years of basically stagnating and getting nowhere things are improving out of sight. Yesterday morning I got called into the bosses office and discovered I had been given a large promotion. I am a supervisor now but this was the senior supervisor’s job. Apparently he is retiring but none of us knew this. What a pleasant surprise. I personally doubt that this would have happened without clearing my mind with your program. Jim, this is the second time in 3 years that one of your programs has made a big difference to me. I am now much more relaxed and take things in an easy-going style, something I was never able to do before. Great stuff Jim…. You are a bit of a genius buddy!!!”……………..



(NOTE FROM JAMES – When you remove these negative incoming hypnotics it leaves your mind free to work as it was designed, hence the very pleasant feeling of being in control)


……. James, interesting side result from this program. I am feeling vastly more alert all day now and my husband reports the same thing. He didn’t want to try it but I insisted.  We both seem to be able to look at problems more objectively now, quite a satisfying feeling. Will let you know our progress in a couple more weeks”……..  J&R Robinson – WELLINGTON NZ


…….. “Yo Jim, this is much more effective than your earlier mental virus removal program. I started feeling the mental freedom results almost immediately. Jim, I’m impressed!”……….

Bob Vanovich – MELBOURNE


Hi Friends,

This new BRAINWASH program is now complete and ready for distribution.

It gives you a complete background as to how these nasty mental intrusions actually happen and supplies two separate and totally different ways to completely prevent these intrusions. Both are simple and easy to use.


Also I include a complete copy of my original mental virus defrag program at the end of the report so if you haven’t already got a copy of this then you can use it to remove existing, already installed viruses.


This new Brainwash program prevents viruses from entering your mental system…. It does not remove existing ones.  (The Mental Virus Defrag program mentioned above does this).

With the combined effect of these two programs the rest of your life should be totally free from these insidious confusing mental states. Your life should end up a much smoother and happier one!




While retired I have been fiddling with two concepts. The first was the new multiple lotto systems program (which from reported results has produced 3 x Division 2 winners plus multiple smaller wins) and also a hypnotic virus prevention program which I’m working on right now.

Some time ago I produced a program that helped remove unwanted hypnotic “viruses” already installed in a person’s mind. This was an extremely successful concept and I ended up selling it to a major American marketer.

This program however tried to remove mental viruses installed in your mind…… sometimes even from childhood. But it did not stop new hypnotic influences from entering your mental system, sometimes on a daily basis. Think of the anti-virus program installed in your computer. It is designed to totally stop known viruses from entering your computer the moment they are detected. It does not wait until they are in there……. then try to remove them.

As far as I know there is no such equivalent program available to stop these insidious mental influences from entering a mind, the moment they are detected.

This appears to be something that no one has seriously researched.

Think about this:

I have approximately 1100 names and email addresses on my main active mailing list. If you are reading this letter then you are on this list. How many of you are affected by these nasty hypnotic inputs?

Every last one of you…… including myself, my wife and my kids!

Because this is the nature of the human mind…… it was designed to be totally susceptible to hypnotic commands.

I’ve written about the following before, but I’ll mention it again because it gives a classic example of remote hypnotic influencing;

Many years ago I used to run amateur hypnotic stage shows around the Wellington area of NZ where I lived at that time. I would have a batch of people in a hypnotic state sitting in a semi-circle of chairs on the stage. I would think to myself…. “Now I’ll instruct them all to stand up.”

The moment I had that thought a few of them would stand up on this “thought” command…… I was affecting them hypnotically without a verbal or physical inducement. I was transmitting an unintentional and non-malicious command.


And this is exactly what all of us do all the time….. we unknowingly “transmit” commands to others. This is because of the universal mind concept…… all our minds are interconnected on the subconscious level. Worse still the stronger minds tend to prevail over the weaker ones!

Many of these incoming “commands” will be detrimental to your wellbeing and the only way you can prevent this constant daily occurrence is by blocking these before they enter your mind…. In exactly the same way that anti-virus programs do.


When a larger group of people are all hypnotically affected simultaneously it is called Mass Hysteria. All these interconnected minds “feed” off each other to create results that, in hindsight, are often totally irrational. The Russians carried this concept a step further and called it Brain Washing. This totally changed an individual’s personality and belief system. Their victims became a different person entirely.


And all this because the human mind is susceptible to either direct or indirect commands, either induced verbally, mentally or physically. You are under the constant influence of others. If you’re walking on a crowded footpath you tend to weave around to avoid colliding with others. They are influencing you physically. If you are driving in heavy traffic and the car in front of you slows down then so do you. That other driver is influencing you.

There is not much you can do in these situations but in the case of unwanted mental intrusions there is definitely something you can do.


You can block them !!!


And this is what I am currently researching.

Even at my advanced age and with my substantial experience with mind effects I can still notice the results of these nasty inputs at times. It occasionally gets to the point where I say to myself…..  “Now, why the hell did I do that??”

In retrospect I made a stupid decision and when I have really analysed these events I have come to the conclusion that they are caused by unwanted induced mental input.

Dammed annoying!!!!


What happens when these intrusions impact?  Things go seriously wrong for you.


·         You get stopped by a Police Breath-Testing unit.

·         You have a minor but totally inconvenient car accident on the way downtown.

·         You trip over your chair at work and spill coffee all over your computer.

·         Your wife locks herself out of the house and asks you to rush home to let her in.

·         One of your children injures an arm at school and is taken to hospital.

·         The motor on your 2 year old air conditioner fails….. just outside warranty.


ALL these apparently disconnected events usually happen within a short period of time and are connected to your subconscious via synchronicity…… most of which are triggered by these manipulative negative intrusions.


Think about it…… why else should a series of lousy things suddenly happen to you, when until recently life has gone smoothly. It’s frustrating, annoying and quite unsettling.





Price for this is $69 


Hoping to hear from you.



My email is  --  or backup email



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