The most successful gambling system in history - James



A rather fascinating historic success event from

somebody who “rubbished” all this mind stuff!


Dear Friends,


Quite a few years ago (around 2001)  I developed one of my earliest programs for gambling. Most of the ideas for this came from a series of dreams I was having at the time. I started experimenting at the local casino and RSL and Golf clubs and was having increasing successes. At that time I had a partner, Mike who worked a lot of marketing angles with me. However Mike was not impressed with this mind-power stuff as it was all beyond his previous experience. Fair enough! However he did pick up a copy of this new gambling program and after reading it asked if he could take the printed copy home. I said “Sure.”


Mike lived near Jupiter’s Casino on the Queensland Gold Coast and every morning went on his 2 mile walk past the casino and round the back to his home. He had been practicing the gambling protocol in my report for several days….. without me knowing. Anyway this particular morning he walked into the casino and spent $5 on the 7 number Keno games that were drawn every 3 minutes in the casino. It was several days before he remembered to go back in and check his ticket and he was (in his own language) totally stunned to find that he had won the major 7 Keno number prize ….. I seem to remember this was around $9000.


Well, that caused a change in Mike’s attitude!! He promptly set up a joint venture with me to market this magical process and we took ads Australia wide in magazines like NEXUS and multiple Sunday newspapers. We were charging $95 for this report and I recall we sold at least 1000 copies. It sold steadily for about 2 years then faded away.


Now the funny thing is I had totally forgotten about this early report which we had marketed around 19 years ago until recently, when one of my regular clients asked if I still had a copy as they had lost theirs. I searched for several hours and finally found a copy on an old CD so I was able to supply a copy of this.

At the same time I remembered all the successes that Mike, I and many clients had with this method so I took a close look at it and made some interesting modifications. (It somewhat amazes me that I had totally forgotten about this program!)


For a start it is a 3 part program…. you do one part early in the morning

….. the second part during the day….. and the final part in bed at night.

Now what I have done is replaced the middle day exercise with a MOTION style protocol. So the bottom line is that there is a simple reading process in the morning…… followed by a MOTION process during the day…..then a conventional simple meditation style process at night in bed.



And what did we call it??....


Mike’s idea was to name it -






So that is what it was sold as and that is the name I will stick with for the new hybrid MOTION-MEDITATION version of this incredible unique program.





The bottom line is this my friends, I have this brand new updated version ready using a combination of motion and meditation. If you’re into gambling at all you can basically use it for any form of gaming. It is simply a universal gambling program!


Reports from the original sales years ago indicated that it was making users “feel better” and Mike mentioned that several people had reported improved health.

In fact it improved his own health slightly and he said that his morning back and stomach pains had disappeared.


I would expect exactly the same response from this new hybrid version, particularly as this new MOTION process has drawn a lot of positive well-being comments.


So if you wish to order simply type in the subject line –



Hope to hear from you(Purchase details below)








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