James Coyle is well known in the international world of mind-power.  For the past 15 years he has produced a large

amount of original material under his pen name of Jim Francis.  His Australian research group is regarded as being

among the leaders in serious mind-effect research and they have made a number of  world first  discoveries which were

basically not properly identified before. This latest book of James is the result of over 15 years of research and will be

regarded by many as the ultimate mind-power manual!

(This book is approximately 340 pages thick in high-quality glossy cover format - published by FONTAINE PRESS -Perth - Australia)


  • Influence others in a win-win situation
  • Influence Slot Machines or Dice fall
  • Produce specific dreams to solve problems
  • Use same dream technique to solve medical problems
  • Determine luck cycle in advance for financial windfalls
  • Enhance your intuition for spectacular lifestyle enhancement
  • Use Remote Viewing to ascertain advantageous future situations
  • Learn mental pendulum to ascertain winning situations secretly
  • Learn techniques for automatically attracting good luck
  • Plus many other secret techniques  to give you the lifestyle you want


 FORWARD  (Angela Thompson - Remote Viewer - Nevada)


 Background to mind-power technology

    Chapter 1     The Hidden Secrets of Mind-Power Technology                                Chapter 2     The Spectacular world of 21st century Mind-Science

     Chapter 3     Mindsurge - the ultimate in New-Age Intuition Control                  Chapter 4     Alpha personal Mind Control

     Chapter 5     Subjective Communication                                                                     Chapter 6     The Amazing Mental Pendulum

     Chapter 7     The Extraordinary World of Remote Viewing and                             Chapter 8     Psychokinetic Problem Solving
                           Out-of-Body    experiences

     Chapter 9     Remember your Dreams….and generate the ones you want            Chapter 10   The Extraordinary World of Psychokinetics and Luck

     Chapter 11   Making your Psychokinetic Luck Tape                                              Chapter 12    Celestial Luck

    Chapter 13    Expectation and Intent                                                                            Chapter 14    How to be a winner in Life

     Chapter 15    Mental Wizardry                                                                                     Chapter 16    The Mental Pendulum Update

     Chapter 17    Remote Influencing                                                                                 Chapter 18    The mind-power Jackpot System

     Chapter 19    Unlimited Luck                                                                                         Chapter 20    Visualisation Exercise

     Chapter 21    Contact - Erotic influencing                                                                   Chapter 22    Time, Space, Matter, Energy, Consciousness & Intent

     Chapter 23    The Law of Attraction                                                                              Chapter 24     Summary

     Chapter 25     4 BONUS REPORTS
                           GROUND ZERO ---  STRUGGLE VERSUS SUCCESS ---  COME ALIVE!---
                           HOW TO HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY, every day!!

The mind does strange things at times.
Have you noticed that occasionally when you are desperate to drive to a destination in the quickest possible time that most of the traffic lights turn green to help you? Or when you're driving down town and mentally focusing on a parking spot....one just seems to materialise for you.
Or you may be thinking intently of a friend and at that very moment they telephone you.
Similarly you might be in a casino environment and you've put a whole bucket of coins through a particular slot machine, which has paid you virtually nothing. In absolute disgust you give it one more spin as you start to walk away......and it promptly gives you a substantial win.

Have you noticed how young children these days appear to be developing a higher intelligence at a young age?  When you really analyse this situation, it is not the intelligence that is improving...it is their conscious awareness. It is almost as if these young people were suddenly evolving to have a 360 degree "mental surround" vision as opposed to us adults who are stuck with the equivalent of a 180 degree mental vision....and this fades in and out at times!

Every adult individual can probably relate to the above from personal experience but until recently nobody had ever sat down and started a serious research project to find out how and why this happens.....and how to replicate these mind-effects at will.

Around 15 years ago a low key privately funded research project was instigated to search for answers. The discoveries literally stunned the small group of investigators.

If you were told that you could use your mind to influence a slot machine or dice fall....would you find this beyond belief? If you were told that you could use your mind in a telepathic manner to influence the thinking pattern of another individual or group of people......would you believe it?
Would you find it somewhat amazing if you learnt that while in the alpha/theta state you can communicate quite easily with dolphins?
And if you were further told that you could instruct your subconscious mind to produce a specific dream to help you solve a problem.....and use an unusual intuitional mechanism to decode this dream.......would you find this a helpful ability?
And if you discovered that you can use this same dream control to solve your personal medical problems would this make life easier?
But what if you were told that you could determine your luck cycle in advance so that you could use it for dollar windfall situations......would this give you a sense of personal satisfaction?
But even better still, what if you were informed that you could use an easy-to-learn mental trigger that will tell you which slot machine to play, which scratch-it ticket to buy, which colour to bet on at roulette and which likely numbers to enter in the lotto....with a possible 70-80% chance of being correct?  Then would you find all this "beyond belief?"

Well, you may be somewhat stunned to learn that all of this is now possible.....plus more!!
A handful of individuals in Australia and New Zealand are using combinations of the above mind-power techniques to improve their personal lifestyle dramatically.
But you won't hear these people talk about it, because it is an in-house secret.

The book you are about to read explains in detail how these extraordinary mental manipulations are achieved. The methods can be used by any open-minded individual of average intelligence.
All that is required is the ability and willingness to look at personal mind-power in a different way and the dedication to practice these procedures, some of which can be learned in one night.

This book is not a theoretical "mumbo-jumbo" document designed to merely titillate your interest, then leave you with no practical formula to follow. It is a hands-on instructional manual which has been developed by a group of serious businessmen in a dedicated research laboratory. It is designed to take you through the various mind-power disciplines step by step so that you can understand, learn and use them.
This might well turn out to be the most practical book on personal mind-power ever written.


Around 300 years ago at the end of medieval times a series of new scientifically based  processes began to evolve and these eventually became known collectively as “technology”.
From this emerged the steam and fossil fuel engines, electricity, electrical storage batteries, aviation, metallurgy, radio followed by electronic devices and rocket propulsion systems, to name but a few.
This was the turning point in human evolution but it may well have taken a different direction.
For example, psychotronic and zero-point energy devices could have been developed which would have taken society in a totally different direction. In this case there would have been no need for steam and fossil fuel engines to have been invented.
The human race moved in one direction but it could just have easily moved in another.

On the other hand mind power technology appears to have retained the same format throughout recorded history. There have always been clairvoyants and the like but little serious scientific attention has been accorded these nebulous personal mind effects. The main reason for this is that mental phenomena such as psychokinetic effects cannot be effectively measured and indeed cannot be reliably induced under normal circumstances.
But that is rapidly changing. Major breakthroughs have occurred in the fields of psychokinetics and clairvoyance (now referred to as "remote viewing").
Individuals with impeccable scientific credentials have tackled these nebulous subjects with results that have been somewhat encouraging, to say the least.

My own personal feeling is that the field of mind power technology today is about where computers and software were.........25 years ago.
There is massive public interest in media programs and movies pertaining to mind effects. There appears to be an increasing conscious awareness of this subject as evidenced by the rapidly growing human-potential movements springing up around the world.
I'm referring here to the western materialistic world which is orientated toward conventional technology. The Eastern world and the indigenous native tribes of various countries have always been aware of these unusual mental abilities. The Australian Aboriginals for example have long been known for their astounding psychokinetic and remote viewing abilities. The Aboriginal elders consider these abilities "normal" and have traditionally used them for tribal survival purposes.

Conventional western science is only now starting to suspect that there is a little more to all this than meets the eye and as more serious scientific research is promulgated through the centres of higher learning, then we might look forward to major breakthroughs in the not-too-distant future.

When my research team started on our earlier PK experiments we had no idea at all as to where it would lead us and in looking back over that period I am stunned at how one aspect of mind science led into another and how they all interrelated to produce a literal Pandora’s-box of commercially applicable mind-science techniques.

In the earlier stages of the research we were publishing our ongoing results in the form of reports which were sold to a private subscription-only international customer base. We were operating in a small town near the eastern Australian seaboard but as various religious cults became aware of what we were doing they felt threatened and we received several serious death threats. We elected to move from Australia to nearby New Zealand and then on to another adjoining country.
The main problem we had at the time was in obtaining up-to-date information on overseas mind-power research. This was before the Internet and we had to rely on tracking down printed materials by mail, much of which was already out of date. As such we were fairly isolated and evolved our own particular research protocols and techniques. It was probably due to this forced innovative approach that we were able to obtain the results we did.

Advanced mind technology brings with it a need for responsibility and fair play.
I have observed that those who misuse these techniques tend to come unstuck, sometimes in quite a nasty way. There is an old saying "what goes around comes around" and this is particularly true when it comes to manipulative mental applications.

The idea behind this book is to supply mental tools that can be used to provide yourself and those you care about with a richer and more satisfying life. The ability to intentionally evoke your natural intuition and to remote view gives you tools that could prove incredibly useful in your future.
The remote viewing training course provided in this book is designed to provoke your interest and if you elect to pursue this subject further there are more elaborate commercial interactive training courses available, both for home study and in a teacher/student environment.

The real beauty about becoming involved in this new technology is that it will cost you nothing for hardware. You do not have to buy a computer or set up an expensive laboratory. You already possess all the equipment you need....your mind! In fact for many readers the total financial outlay will be the cost of this book!
However once you make a decision to learn one of the disciplines detailed in this book then you will have to persevere with the necessary practice and this, for many individuals will be hard to do. Fortunately that strange human ability known as the "novice effect" will probably manifest itself and you may have outstanding results on your first try.

Of all the disciplines explained between these covers Subjective Communication is probably the most rewarding to start with.  There is no training required and providing you follow the instructions you should experience positive results the first time you apply the process.
Another easy-to-learn process is dream control. You can basically program up a specific dream to solve any problem.  Newcomers often find this simple process quite stunning!

Perhaps the most difficult of the disciplines for beginners is the autonomous thumb twitch in the Mental Pendulum program. A few may "get it" almost immediately but for most it will require dedicated training. However the rewards associated with having your intuition available on demand will make it all worthwhile.
It is also highly satisfying for business individuals to be able to solve problems via dream control and inspiration. Business people applying the psychokinetic problem solving techniques might be amazed at the difference it makes and the sense of personal awe it evokes. After a while you realise that there is no problem that you cannot solve and this in itself imparts a feeling of supreme confidence in ones abilities.

The most nebulous of the concepts in this book is the psychokinetic luck program. Luck at the best of times is something that we normally accept as having....or not having. Most individuals realise that occasionally they have bursts of luck which usually makes them feel quite good about life in general and virtually every sane living individual would like to have more "good luck".
We have concluded that luck is your personal psychokinetic resonance with your environment and under various circumstances this resonance can be intentionally modified.

Likewise at times luck cycles can be plotted. Our research indicates that at any point the human mind is capable of altering this resonance with the environment to produce bursts of either bad or good "luck". We consider this to be quite a profound "discovery" and the implications are interesting, to say the least.
But this program is nebulous and tricky so it is important to follow the instructions carefully and not overdo your own experiments. If you are using your hard-earned cash in a gambling environment then be sensible and do not get carried away. You may experience a few spectacular wins but unless you are careful these could be followed by spectacular losses!
If you are using this PK Luck program for gambling then it is vital that you work to a specific financial plan. If necessary write this plan down before you enter the gambling environment and stick ruthlessly to it, no matter what happens. If you have a major run of "luck" be very aware of when this cycle starts to drop off.  When you stop winning then walk away and try again another day. The idea is to take your winnings home with you.

The biggest problem you will have with these leading-edge mind techniques is your own belief system. Unfortunately your current belief system has probably evolved from what your parents and peer group members believe and when you think about it they probably obtained their belief system from their parents and peer groups. In fact the average person may well discover that their basic belief system has evolved from what their grandparents thought!
That is your current belief system may have been influenced considerably by what people believed to be fact several generations ago.
The facts remain the same but it is the "belief about the facts" that is modified from generation to generation.
Around 100 years ago it was considered a "fact" that heavier-than-air flight was impossible. The fact is that it was possible, but the belief about the facts in that era was faulty.
It is the same with mind-power technology to day. A fair percentage of the population "know for sure" that remote viewing cannot be possible but when these very same individuals are forced to examine the facts then they can only conclude that it is not only possible but actually works quite well.

There are those in our society who have a natural curiosity about new things but unfortunately there is a very high percentage who find new exploratory concepts outside their personal comfort zone. To many people consciousness is a bore and they would rather put it "on hold" while they watch the latest TV soap program. Under these circumstances they are floating along in a daydream state and are quite happy about this state of affairs.
But there are others who seek conscious stimulation and who will sometimes go to great lengths to attain new knowledge.

It is likely that you are one of these people!

This book contains original material that you have probably not been aware of before.
Some of the programs not only fall into the “world first” category but have been tested thoroughly and can work for you in quite a stunning manner.

Without a shadow of doubt this material will drastically improve the lives of a significant percentage of readers!